Proceedings of Building Simulation 2019: 16th Conference of IBPSA

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BS 2019 2-4 September Rome

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  • Editors: V. Corrado, E. Fabrizio, A. Gasparella, and F. Patuzzi
  • ISBN: 978-1-7750520-1-2
  • ISSN: 2522-2708
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List of topics

Building acoustics

Integrated Acoustic and Thermo-Fluid Insulation Modeling of an Airflow Window with a Photovoltaic Solar Wall
Himanshu Dehra
Assessment of Reverberation Times in University Classroom: Comparison between Analytic Formulae, Software Simulations and Measurements
Fabio Fantozzi, Michele Rocca, Nicola Spinelli
Geometrical Acoustic Simulation of Open-air Ancient Theatres: Investigation on the Appropriate Objective Parameters for Improved Accuracy
Elena Bo, Louena Shtrepi, Francesco Aletta, Giuseppina Emma Puglisi, Arianna Astolfi
FEM Numerical Simulations To Predict The Vibration Reduction Index of Traditional And Lightweight Building Junctions
Arianna Astolfi, Elena Caccherano, Alessio Carullo, Antonella Castellana, Alessia Griginis, Marco Masoero, Giuseppina Emma Puglisi, Louena Shtrepi
Aeroacoustic Facade Noise Validation: A Comparison of CFD and Wind Tunnel Tests
Nathaniel L Jones, Alexej Goehring
Acoustical Analysis of Auditorium with Computer Aided Acoustic Simulation
Sumit Sanjay Gaikwad, S. Rajkumar
Innovative Approach in Acoustic Simulation of Timber Walls
Marco Caniato, Paolo Bonfiglio, Federica Bettarello, Andrea Gasparella
On The Use Of The Transfer Matrix Method To Evaluate Sound Insulation In Complex Building Partitions
Andrea Santoni, Patrizio Fausti, Paolo Bonfiglio, Marco Caniato
BIM-based Simulation for Analysis of Reverberation Time
Joonhee Lee, Mazdak Nik-Bakht
Simulation of the Transmission Loss of Curtain Wall with Mullions
Marco Caniato, Federica Bettarello, Andrea Gasparella

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

A Building Performance Indicator Ontology: Structure and Applications
Ardeshir Mahdavi, Mahnameh Taheri, Dawid Wolosiuk
Rule-Based Views and Linked Building Data for Efficient Planning Processes
Christoph Maurer, Anna Wagner, Julian Wengzinek, Uwe Rüppel, Wendelin Sprenger, Tilmann E. Kuhn
BIM to Building Energy Performance Simulation: An Evaluation of Current Industry Transfer Processes
James Thomas O'Donnell, Megan van Dessel, Tobias Maile
BIM2PHPP: A New BIM-Based Tool for Passivhaus Design With PHPP
Omar Sadeq Hamed, Tsung-Hsien Wang
Optimized Renovation Strategies of Education Building – a novel BIM/BPM/BEM framework
Ming Hu
Derive Urban Scale Occupant Behavior Profiles From Mobile Position Data: A Pilot Study
Bing Dong, Wenbo Wu, Qi Wang, Sadam Abdelmutaal, Vishnu Prakash
Reliability Of Daylight And Energy Demand Evaluations For Decision Making At The Conceptual Design Stage
Minu Agarwal, Gerald Danseux, Luisa Pastore, Marilyne Andersen
From Heritage BIM to BPS, A Computational Design-Based Interoperability Approach
Elena Gigliarelli, Filippo Calcerano, Francesca D'Uffizi, Carla Di Biccari, Giovanna Mangialardi, Massimo Campari
BIM-based Business Process Model To Support Systematic Deep Renovation Of Buildings
Letizia D'Angelo, Alessandro Piccinini, Federico Seri, Raymond Sterling, Andrea Costa, Marcus M. Keane
A Framework to Integrate Databases with Building Information Modelling for Building Energy Assessment
Danny Lobos, Eric Henríquez Jara, David Blanco, Pablo Pulgar
A BIM-based Life Cycle Cost (LCC) Method to Reduce the Operation Energy Costs in Buildings
Yussra Mohamed Rashed, Ibrahim Abdul-Rashid Nosair, Khaled Nassar, Islam Ayman Mashaly, Meshary Ghanem
Towards An Accessible Life Cycle Assessment: A Literature Based Review Of Current BIM And Parametric Based Tools Capabilities
Carmine Cavalliere, Leonardo Brescia, Gaetano Maiorano, Tiziano Dalla Mora, Guido Raffaele Dell'Osso, Emanuele Naboni
A Workflow for Automated Building Energy Performance Model Generation Using BIM Data
Georgios I Giannakis, Kyriakos I Katsigarakis, Georgios Nektarios Lilis, Dimitrios V Rovas
Space Boundary Topology Simplification for Building Energy Performance Simulation Speed-up
Georgios Nektarios Lilis, Georgios I Giannakis, Kyriakos I Katsigarakis, Dimitrios V Rovas
An Approach for the Extension of OpenBIM MEP Models with Metadata Focusing on Different Use Cases
Stefan Hauer, Aurelien Bres, Rainer Partl, Michael Monsberger
Design and Development of Energy Efficient Re-roofing Solutions
Shahryar Habibi, Esther Obonyo, Ali M. Memari
Sustainability Assistant – Supporting Sustainable Building Design In Context Of Integral Planning
Katharina Graf, Sebastian Ebertshäuser, Petra von Both
Acoustic Insulation And Building Information Modeling: A Model Of Calculation For The Code Checking In The Forecast Phase And Of Measurement The Performances.
Costantino Carlo Mastino, Roberto Baccoli, Andrea Frattolillo, Martino Marini, Chiara Salaris
Incorporating Building Performance Simulation Into a BIM Workflow
Jessica Preuss, Lukas Blattmann, Manuel Frey

Building physics

Numerical And Experimental Thermal Inertia Characterization Of An Integrated Insulation Clay Hollow Block For Buildings Thermal Comfort Applications
Jean-Baptiste BOUVENOT, Vincent Jimenez, Lucas Desport, Monica Siroux
Heat Emissions from Buildings
Tianzhen Hong, Jing Yang, Xuan Luo
Numeric Simulation of Heat Transfer Phenomena in Existing and Retrofitted Casement Windows
Shiva Najaf Khosravi, Ulrich Pont, Ondřej Šikula, Ardeshir Mahdavi
New Models for Solar Protection and Dynamic Walls in Swiss Energy Calculation Standards
Gerhard Zweifel
A Simulation Method for Measuring Building Physics Properties
Ljubomir Jankovic
Induced Infrared Thermography: Flow Visualization of the Indoor Airflow over the Heating Surface
Qing Wu, Jing Liu, Chang-an Zhu
Exergy Analysis of a Residential Building in Southern Italy: Lessons for Low-Exergy Buildings and Systems
Gianpiero Evola, Vincenzo Costanzo, Luigi Marletta
Analysis of the Energy Flexibility of Residential Buildings in the Heating and Cooling Season
Jacopo Vivian, Umberto Chiodarelli, Giuseppe Emmi, Angelo Zarrella
Energy Performance Modelling: Introducing the Building Early-stage Design Optimization Tool (BeDOT)
Ramón Bergel, Giovana Fantin do Amaral Silva, Max Tillberg, Angela Sasic Kalagasidis
Environmental Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in Historical Buildings: GeoFit Project Implementation in the Case Study of a Medieval Fortress in Perugia
Jessica Romanelli, Matteo Di Grazia, Cristina Piselli, Anna Laura Pisello, Franco Cotana
Influence of Sky Temperatures on Building Energy Needs
Francesco Asdrubali, Luca Evangelisti, Gianluca Grazieschi, Claudia Guattari
Identification of a Source Location and Emission Rate in the Multi-zone Building Using Regularization and Bayesian Approach
Xiaoran Liu, Fei Li, Jinxiang Liu, Hao Cai, Junyi Zhuang
A New Simplified Dynamic Algorithm for Energy Estimation in Buildings: Description and Validation
Daniele Testi, Michele Barbieri, Eva Schito, Paolo Conti, Paolo Signoretti
Experimental Validation of a Finite Difference Algorithm to Simulate Breathing Wall Components
Andrea Alongi, Adriana Angelotti, Livio Mazzarella
Coupled Numerical Simulations of Mitigation Measures for Local Heat Island Effect in an Urban Neighborhood
Aytaç Kubilay, Dominique Derome, Jan Carmeliet
Dynamic Thermal Performance Metrics for Adaptive Building Constructions
Ciril Arkar, Marco Perino
Modeling the Thermal Interactions between Buildings at an Urban Scale
Xuan Luo, Tianzhen Hong
Characterisation of Heat Losses of Zero Emission Buildings (ZEB) in Cold Climate
Johannes Georg Brozovsky, Niki Gaitani, Arild Gustavsen
Calibration Of An Historic Masonry Building Using Measured Temperature And Heat Flux Data
Michael Gutland
Predicting Wind-Driven Rain Catch Ratios In Building Simulation Using Machine Learning Techniques
Ioanna Vrachimi, Daniel Costola
Feature Assessment in Data-driven Models for Unlocking Building Energy Flexibility
Anjukan Kathirgamanathan, Mattia De Rosa, Eleni Mangina, Donal Patrick Finn
Numerical Modelling and Experimental Validation of Structural Laminated Glass Elements
Xavier Centelles, J.Ramon Castro, Luisa F. Cabeza
Generation and Simulation of Indoor Thermal Gradients: MRT for Asymmetric Radiant Heat Fluxes
Dorit Aviv, Eric Teitelbaum, Tyler Kvochick, Kipp Bradford, Forrest Meggers
Hygro-Thermal Implications Of The Aerogel-Based Façade Insulation Layer Position And Thickness
Samira Aien, Ardeshir Mahdavi
Generation Of Moisture Reference Years For Interstitial Condensation Risk Assessment: Influence Of The Meteorological Record Length
Michele Libralato, Giovanni Murano, Alessandra De Angelis, Onorio Saro, Vincenzo Corrado
Humidity and Temperature Variation in Building Stones: Comparing Simulation Results and Impedance Measurements
Nayara Rodrigues Marques Sakiyama, Seyedeh Bina Mohammad Hejazi, Jürgen Frick, Frank Lehmann, Harald Garrecht
Evaluation Of Ventilation Metrics For Naturally Ventilated Spaces From Flow Patterns Generated In A Water Table Apparatus
Pooja Mundhe, Rashmin Mohan Damle, Prasad Vaidya
A Simplified Method Of Calculating Daylight Autonomy Through Spatial Parameters For Atriums In Shopping Streets
Xinxin Li, Hong Jin, Jian Kang, Hupeng Wu
Reducing Simulation Performance Gap From Hempcrete Buildings, Using Multi Objective Optimization
Ataitiya Paterson Bana, Ljubomir Jankovic
Impact Of Including Hemp Concrete Hysteresis On The Modelling Of Its Hygrothermal Behavior At Wall And Room Scales
Georges Costantine, Chadi Maalouf, Tala Moussa, Guillaume Polidori, Elias kinab
An Efficient Method To Find The Most Influential Parameters of Energy Performance Building Envelopes
Ainagul Jumabekova, Julien Berger, Aurélie Foucquier
4π Thermograms : A ProjectionTo Understand Thermal Balance
Jairo Acuña Paz y Miño, Claire Lawrence, Benoit Beckers
A Simplified Zonal Model for The Evaluation of the Spatial Distribution of Air Temperature in Indoor Environments
Jean Pierre Campana, Matthias Schuss, Ardeshir Mahdavi, Gian Luca Morini
Double-Skin Facades With Semi-Transparent Modules For Building Retrofit Actions: Energy And Visual Performances
Michelangelo Scorpio, Giovanni Ciampi, Yorgos Spanodimitriou, Roberta Laffi, Antonio Rosato, Sergio Sibilio
Hygrothermal Performance Of A Building Across Different Climates Of India
Are ICFs Suitable Building Envelope Solutions For Mediterranean Climatic Conditions? A Critical Analysis Concerning Thermal Properties And Annual Energy Performances
Cristina Carpino, Roberto Bruno, Piero Bevilacqua, Natale Arcuri
Modelling and Validation of two Heat and Mass Transfer Model of Living Walls and Evaluation of Their Impact on the Energy Performance of a Supermarket in a Semiarid Climate
Mauricio García, Sergio Vera, Fabien Roualt, Waldo Bustamante
Impact of Variable Air Flow Rate in Energy Smart Window Curtains, on the Total Net Heat Gain- Analytical Solutions
Carl-Eric Hagentoft, Ali Naman Karim
Impact Of Moisture Buffering For Improving Summer Comfort In Buildings.
Clemence Legros, Monika Woloszyn, Amandine Piot, Mickael Pailha
Assessment of the Thermal Performance of Timber Walls under Nominal or Moisture and Temperature Dependent Properties
Maja Danovska, Giovanni Pernigotto, Paolo Baggio, Andrea Gasparella
Coupled Heat And Moisture Transfer Simulations On Building Components Retrofitted With A Newly Developed Aerogel-based Plaster
Stefano Fantucci, Elisa Fenoglio, Valentina Serra, Marco Perino
Numerical Investigation of Anti-Icing Road Surfaces using Hydronic Heating Pavement- Parametric Study
Raheb Mirzanamadi, Carl-Eric Hagentoft, Pär Johansson
Dynamic Hygrothermal Analysis of Moisture Bridges in Mondern Masonry Constructions
Balázs Nagy
Comparison Of Models To Identify Thermal Characteristics Of Multi-layer Building Walls Using Inverse Methods
Manon Rendu, Jérôme Le Dréau, Patrick Salagnac, Maxime Doya, Mathilde Colmet Daâge
Tempering The Temporary: Improving Thermal Comfort and Human Well-being in Relief Shelters
Shreejaya Tuladhar, Joelle Jahn, Holly Samuelson
Numerical Evaluation Of Hygrothermal Performance And Mould Growth Risk Of Multi-Layer Wall In The Hot And Humid Southern China Area
Aimin Fang, Youming Chen
Simulation of Energy Performance of Buildings with Innovative Aerogel Glazing Systems
Elisa Belloni, Fiorini Costanza Vittoria, Buratti Cinzia, Merli Francesca

CFD and air flow

CFD Analysis of Indoor Air Quality in Office Rooms Equipped with Desk Fans
Hayder Alsaad, Conrad Voelker
Optimized Window Locations of a Single Zone: for Maximizing the Wind-Driven Natural Ventilation Potential
Nari Yoon, Jung Min Han, Ali Malkawi
Improving Prediction of Dynamic Zonal Modelling for Atrium Thermal Environment
Yanyu Lu, Yan Xiang, Gang Chen, Jing Liu
Effects Of a Ceiling Diffuser On Diffuse Ceiling Ventilation (DCV) Performance
Alessandro Nocente, Tufan Arslan, Steinar Grynning, Francesco Goia
Parametric Study of Air Re-entrainment within Air-Cooled Chiller Compounds
Bryony Watson, Julien de Charentenay
Quantification Of Heat Flows Through Building Entrance Doors On A Winter Day
Daeho Kang
On the Feasibility of CFD for Transient Airflow Simulations in Buildings
Nina Morozova, Roser Capdevila, Francesc Xavier Trias, Assensi Oliva
Towards High-Resolution Annual Outdoor Thermal Comfort Mapping In Urban Design
Patrick Kastner, Timur Dogan
CFD Simulation in Naturally Ventilated Multi-Purpose Sports Hall: Effects to the Basketball and Badminton Matches
M Zofron Afif, Randy Frans Fela, Sentagi Sesotya Utami, Muhammad Kholid Ridwan, Rizki Armanto Mangkuto
Study of High-Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan Blade Design on Air Flows and Velocities in a Large Naturally-ventilated Space
Steve Kardinal Jusuf, Cheng Yang Chiam
LES Simulation of Oscillating Natural Ventilation Driven by Vortex Shedding in Isolated Buildings
Daniel Albuquerque, Mats Sandberg, Paul Linden, Guilherme Carrilho da Graça
Comparative Study on Pollution-block Performance of Ceiling-supply Air Curtain System for Commercial Building Entrance
Ran Duan, Jiagen Liu
Optimization of Workload Distribution of Data Centers Based on a Self-Learning In Situ Adaptive Tabulation Model
Xu Han, Wei Tian, Wangda Zuo, James W. VanGilder
Effect Of The Location Of An Active Chilled Beam On Thermal Comfort And Energy Efficiency: An Optimization Study
Nikhilesh Ghanta, Barry Coflan, Leon Glicksman
The Influence Of Solar–Induced Thermal Effect On Outdoor Ventilation Within Generic Urban Neighbourhood.
Guoxing Chen, Li Rong, Guoqiang Zhang
A Study on the Effectiveness of Wind-Induced Natural Ventilation and Shading Analysis on a Residential Apartment Typology
Tanvi Praskash Medshinge, Prasad Vaidya, Monisha Edwina Royan
Assessment Of Venturi Effect For Enhancing Natural Ventilation In Composite Climate Of India
Ankit Shukla, Vineet Sharma, Neeraj Kapoor, Ashish Kumar
Design Charts To Assist On The Sizing Of Natural Ventilation For Cooling Residential Apartments In India.
Luciano Caruggi de Faria, Malcolm J Cook, Dennis Loveday, Charalampos Angelopoulos, Yash Shukla, Rajan Rawal, Sanyogita Manu, Deepta Mishra, Jayamin Patel, Saranya Anbarasu
Towards Development and Validation of a Simplified Infiltration Model for Commercial Buildings
Adam Douglas Wills, Justin Berquist, Iain A Macdonald
Effective Turf Planting Layout for Heat Mitigation in Schoolyards
Noriko Umemiya
Analysis of airflow and thermal characteristics in Slim Double Skin Facade (SDSF) using CFD
Haneul Choi, Kyungmo Kang, Youngsub An, Eunjin Kim, Yungyu Lee, Taeyeon Kim
Simulation Analysis of Using Natural Ventilation Special Architectural Design in an Attic of Building Integrated with Photovoltaic Modules (BIPV)
Arash Zarmehr, Joseph T. Kider Jr.
Simulation Study Of Individual Thermal Comfort With The Integrated Personalized Fan And VAV System
Siliang Lu, Erica Cochran Hameen
Patterning Airflow: Qualitative Analysis and Design for Thermal Comfort
Christine Yogiaman, Oindrila Ghosh, Kenneth Joeseph Tracy, Pablo Valdivia y Alvarado
Effect of Staff Number on the Bacteria Contamination in Operating Rooms with Temperature Controlled Airflow Ventilation and Turbulent Mixing Ventilation
Cong Wang, Parastoo Sadeghian, Sasan Sadrizadeh
Design Optimisation Of Façade-Integrated Photobioreactors Using CFD Simulation
Jake Haskell, Matthias Frechen, Timo Sengewald
Impact Of Micro-Climate On Ventilation Availability And Indoor Thermal Comfort
Numerical Analysis Of Micro-ventilation System In A Wine Cellar
Enrica Santolini, Alberto Barbaresi, Daniele Torreggiani, Patrizia Tassinari
The Effect of Urban Geometry on Microclimate
Eleni Liapopoulou, Yeonsook Heo
Ventilation Efficiency Of Push-Pull Ventilation Systems In Residential Buildings – CFD Simulation And Validation Of The Model With Measurements In A Research Apartment
Markus Wirnsberger, Marcel Küfner, Harald Krause
Numerical Study on Safety Factor for Deflection Modulus of the Non-recirculating and Recirculating Air curtain
Sihwan LEE
Optimal Design Of An Indoor Environment Using An RNG K-Ε Adjoint Turbulence Model
Xingwang Zhao, Qingyan Chen

Commissioning and control

Commissioning of HVAC Systems in a Campus Building with Regard to Indoor Environment and Energy Performance
Chen Zhang, Adam Iversen, Anda Senberga, Andras Cedl, Liena Krastina, Vilija Matuleviciute, Evangelia Loukou, Mingzhe Liu, Anna Marszal
Flexibility Characterization of a Residential Neighbourhood With Water-to-water Heat Pumps Using Model Predictive Control
Frédéric Amblard, Parakkal Menon, Jessen Page
Dynamic Energy Model-Based Automatic Building Performance Testing for Continuous Commissioning
Muhyiddine Jradi, Na Liu, Aslak Johansen, Krzysztof Arendt, Claudio Giovanni Mattera, Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard, Christian Veje, Bo Nørregaard Jørgensen
State Estimators Applied To A White-box Geothermal Borefield Controller Model
Iago Cupeiro Figueroa, Ján Drgoňa, Lieve Helsen
On Formulation and Training of Grey-box Thermal Model for Low-rise Residential Buildings
Zixiao Shi, Guy Newsham, Ajit Pardasani, H. Burak Gunay
Development and Analysis of Simplified Control-oriented Models for a Group of Institutional Offices
Jayson Bursill, William O'Brien, Ian Beausoleil-Morrison
Model-based Fault Detection and Diagnosis for HVAC Systems Using Convolutional Neural Network
Shohei Miyata, Yasunori Akashi, Jongyeon Lim, Yasuhiro Kuwahara, Katsuhiko Tanaka
Study on Efficient Heat Interchange Control in District Heating and Cooling System with Multiple Sub-plants
HISATAKA KITORA, Yasunori Akashi, Jongyeon Lim
Advanced Control Strategies For The Modulation Of Solar Radiation In Buildings: MPC-Enhanced Rule-Based Control
Marco Savino Piscitelli, Silvio Brandi, Giovanni Gennaro, Alfonso Capozzoli, Fabio Favoino, Valentina Serra
Use Of Multidimensional Scaling For Fault Detection Or Monitoring Support In A Continuous Commissioning
Hugo GEOFFROY, Julien BERGER, Benoît COLANGE, Sylvain LESPINATS, Denys DUTYKH, Catherine BUHE, Gérard SAUCE
Verification of Control Sequences within OpenBuildingControl
Michael Wetter, Antoine Gautier, Milica Grahovac, Jianjun Hu
A Diagnostic Bayesian Network Method To Diagnose Building Energy Performance
Arie Taal, Laure Itard, Wim Zeiler
Applying Machine Learning to Automate Calibration for Model Predictive Control of Building Energy Systems
Thomas Storek, Asad Esmailzadeh, Phlipp Mehrfeld, Markus Schumacher, Marc Baranski, Dirk Müller
Characterisation and Quantification of Energy Flexibility in the Residential Sector
Adamantios Bampoulas, Mohammad Saffari, Fabiano Pallonetto, Mattia De Rosa, Eleni Mangina, Donal Finn
Assessing the Impact of Direct Evaporative Control Algorithms in Mixed-mode Building
Charalampos Angelopoulos, Malcolm J Cook, Yash Shukla, Efi Spentzou, Rajan Rawal, Luciano Caruggi-De-Fari, Dennis Loveday, Sanyogita Manu, Deepta Mishra, Jayamin Patel
Coupling of Modelica Domestic Hot Water Simulation Model with Controller
Elisa Van Kenhove, Lien De Backer, Marc Delghust, Jelle Laverge
Energy Savings of Occupancy-Based Controls in Office Buildings
Weimin Wang, Jian Zhang, Brambley Michael, Benjamin Futrell
Coupling Building System and Power Grid Models to Simulate the Building-to-Grid Integration
Yangyang Fu, Sen Huang, Yuan Liu, Thomas McDermott, Draguna Vrabie, Wangda Zuo
Impact of Realistic Controls on Building Energy Consumption and Comfort
Rohini Brahme, Aswath Mukundan, Rakesh Goel
A Simplified Building Controls Environment with a Reinforcement Learning Application
Vasken Dermardiros, Scott Bucking, Andreas K. Athienitis

Daylighting and lighting

Building Climate-based Daylighting Models Based On One-time Field Measurements
Geraldine Quek, John Alstan Jakubiec
Lighting Design For Psychophysical Wellbeing: Tools And Investigation Methods.
Sveva Mazza dè Piccioli, Gianfranco Cellai, Simone Secchi
Fast Climate-Based Glare Analysis and Spatial Mapping
Nathaniel L Jones
Modeling Daylight in Adjacent Spaces of the Courtyard under Clear Sky Conditions
Maitha Bin Dalmouk, Khaled A. Al-Sallal
Predicting Annual Equirectangular Panoramic Luminance Maps Using Deep Neural Networks
Yue Liu, Alex Colburn, Mehlika Inanici
Sensitivity Analysis on the Impact of Controlling Decisions on Daylight and Energy Simulations
Sahar Abdelwahab, Sergio Altomonte, Peter Rutherford, Mohammed Mayhoub
Simulating The Performance Of Daylight-Linked Control Systems
Laura Bellia, Francesca Fragliasso
Lighting Effects on Human Behaviour and Movements: a Correlation between Space Syntax and Modelling Index in a Museum Environment
Giacomo Salvadori, Davide Lista, Francesco Leccese, Carla Balocco
A Methodology To Model The Performance Of a Dynamic Mirror Light-shelf Based on Solar Radiant Flux Impinging on the Window
Aris Tsangrassoulis, Lambros Doulos, Antonios Kontadakis, Aikaterini Drakou
A Novel Method For Daylight Harvesting Optimization Based On Lighting Simulation And Data-Driven Optimal Control
Tullio de Rubeis, Niko Gentile, Francesco Smarra, Alessandro D'Innocenzo, Dario Ambrosini, Domenica Paoletti
Effect of Facade Thickness on Daylight Performance in a Reference Office Building
Rizki A. Mangkuto, Randy Frans Fela, Sentagi Sesotya Utami
Tri-stimulus Color Accuracy in Image-based Sky Models: Simulating the Impact of Color Distributions throughout the Sky Dome on Daylit Interiors with Different Orientations
Mehlika Inanici
A Design Method for Complex Fenestration Systems Using Forward Raytracing
Islam Ayman Mashaly, Veronica Garcia-Hansen, Gillian Isoardi, Marianella Chamorro-Koc
Evaluation of Energy Savings of Daylight-Linked Lighting Control Strategies Using Different Sky Distribution Models
Wenqiang CHEN, Danny H W LI, Shuyang LI
The Effects of Orientation, Window Size, and Lighting Control to Climate-Based Daylight Performance and Lighting Energy Demand on Buildings in Tropical Area
Randy Frans Fela, Sentagi Sesotya Utami, Rizki Armanto Mangkuto, Dwi Joko Suroso
Instantaneous and Long-term Lighting Design Metrics for Higher Education Buildings in a Tropical Climate
Zhe Kong, J.Alstan Jackubiec
A Methodology To Simulate Annual Blind Use In Large Open Plan Offices
Kieu Pham, Ayman Wagdy, Gillian Isoardi, Alicia Allan, Veronica Garcia Hansen
A New Framework for Evaluating Views throughout Open Plan Work Spaces
Irmak Turan, Christoph Reinhart, Michael Kocher
Dynamic Cubic Illuminance: An Example Of Application Of A New Paradigm For Daylight Analysis In An Ancient Pompeian Domus
Juan Manuel Monteoliva, Francesca Fragliasso, Laura Bellia, Andrea Pattini
Climate-Based Daylighting Metrics Assessment to Select among Optimum Energy Efficient Windows’ Shading Devices Solutions: case study of an office in a hot climate
Ali Alajmi, Faris Abaalkhail, Adnan Alanzi
Daylight Simulation and Compliance: Reliability of Climate Data Solar Radiation Models
Eleonora Brembilla, John Mardaljevic, Anastasia Mylona
Aperture-Based Daylight Modelling: Introducing the ‘View Lumen’
John Mardaljevic
Adapting the Residential Daylight Score for Arid, Hot, and Humid Climates
Ye Chan Park, Timur Dogan
A Method for Optimizing Facades Design for Enhancing Daylight Distribution in Exhibition Spaces
Fatma Fathy, Yasser Mansour, Hanan Sabry, Mostafa Refat, Ayman Wagdy
Subjective and Measured Evidence for Residential Lighting Metrics in the Tropics
J. Alstan Jakubiec, Thanyalak Srisamranrungruang, Zhe Kong, Geraldine Quek, Riccardo Talami
Evaluation of Daylight Performance of the New Workshop Building at CEPT University, Ahmedabad
Vasudha Sunger, Prasad Vaidya
Model Evaluation and Development for Global Luminous Efficacy Models through On-Site Measurement and Optimization Techniques
Cong Thanh Do, Hui Shen, Ying-Chieh Chan, Xiaoyu Liu
Estimation of Point Daylight Factor (PDF) Average Daylight Factor (ADF) and Vertical Daylight Factor (VDF) under various CIE standard obstructed Skies
Shuyang LI, Danny H W LI, Wenqiang CHEN
Simulating Daylighting and Energy Demand for Lighting of Buildings with Different Models and Programs: Analysis of Influencing Factors and Comparison of Results
Anna Pellegrino, Valerio Roberto Maria Lo Verso, Argun Paragamyan
Spectral Rendering with Daylight: A Comparison of Two Spectral Daylight Simulation Platforms
Priji Balakrishnan, Alstan J.Jakubiec
Color Heterogeneity Of Building Surfaces: Lean Image Processing Approach For Visible Reflectance Characterization Performance
Juan Diego Blanco Cadena, Alberto Speroni, Andrea Giovanni Mainini, Tiziana Poli
The Impact Of Window Systems On Daylighting Performance, Visual Comfort And Energy Efficiency In Patient Rooms
Nazanin Eisazadeh, Karen Allacker, Frank De Troyer
Dynamic Balancing Between Personalized Daylight Preferences And Lighting Energy Use: Implementation Of A Multi-Objective Optimization Framework
Jie Xiong, Thanos Tzempelikos, Panagiota Karava, Ilias Bilionis
An Alternative Method for the Assessment of the Typical Lighting Energy Numeric Indicator for Different Outdoor Illuminance Conditions
Benedetta Mattoni, Alessandro Mangione, Laura Pompei, Fabio Bisegna, Domenico Iatauro, Francesco Spinelli, Michele Zinzi
Multi Objective Optimization on Daylight Control System’s Qualitative and Quantitative Performance
Yun Kyu Yi, Keunhyuk Jang
The Case for Occupant-Centric Daylight Analytics: a Comparison of Horizontal Illumination and Immersive View
Siobhan Francois Rockcastle, Maria Lovisa Amundadottir, Marilyne Andresen
Generative Design Approaches to Daylight in MURBs
Terri Peters, Jacob Wolf, Brady Peters, Ted Kesik

Developments in simulation

A Frequency Domain Methodology for Design and Control of Radiant Floor Systems
Ali Saberi Derakhtenjani, Andreas Athienitis, Katherine D'Avignon
Cockroaches 0.0 Beta: Exploring The Novel Building Performance Simulation Domain Of Pest Modelling Through A Literature Review
Clarice Bleil de Souza, Pieter de Wilde
Application Of A Method Of 1-D Equivalent Wall To Multidimensional Geometries: Impact On Building Energy Performance
Julien Quinten, Véronique Feldheim
Determination Of A Short Simulation Sequence For The Multi-Criteria Optimization Of Buildings: A Case Study
Hasan Sayegh, Gilles Fraisse, Antoine Leconte, Etienne Wurtz, Ophélie Ouvrier Bonaz, Simon Rouchier
A Specific Building Simulation Tool For The Design And Evaluation Of Innovative Fenestration Systems And Their Control
Bruno Bueno, Abel Sepúlveda
A Fast Response Performance Simulation Screening Tool In Support Of Early Stage Building Design
Marco Picco, Marco Marengo
Unlocking Potentials of Building Energy Systems’ Operational Efficiency: Application of Digital Twin Design for HVAC systems
Christian Vering, Philipp Mehrfeld, Markus Nürenberg, Daniel Coakley, Moritz Lauster, Dirk Müller
Updated OpenStudio(OS) Small and Medium Office Prototype Models
Piljae Im, Joshua R. New, Yeonjin Bae
Energy Management System (EMS): The Impact of Natural Ventilation and Shading Control on Thermal Performance of University Building in Winnipeg, Canada
Ali Mohammadzadeh, Miroslava Kavgic, Ali Al-janabi
Effect of Simulation methodology on variable efficiency of Bi-directional Heat Recovery Ventilator.
Younhee Choi, Beungyong Park, Doosam Song
Real-Time Experimental Connection of an EnergyPlus Building Model with a Real Water-To-Water Heat Pump Through Functional Mock-Up Interface
Paolo Taddeo, Joana Ortiz, Ivan Bellanco, Elena Fuentes, Jaume Salom
Design Guidance From A Data-Driven LCA-Based Design Method And Tool Prototype
Thomas Jusselme, Pedro Antunes Fernandes, Emmanuel Rey, Marilyne Andersen
Near-Roof Air Temperatures: Modelling the Implications for HVAC Performance and Cool Roofs
Alan Green, Laia Ledo Gomis, Riccardo Paolini, Shamila Haddad, Georgios Kokogiannakis, Paul Cooper, Zhenjun Ma, Buyung Kosasih, Mattheos Santamouris
A Generic Micro-Cogeneration Model Adapted To Various Technologies For Building Energy Simulation Purpose
Romain Bonabe de Rougé, Pierre Picard, Pascal Stabat, Dominique Marchio
Modelling the Dynamic Thermal Response of Turbulent Fluid Flow Through Pipelines
Saleh Salavati Meibodi, Simon Rees, Dongmin Yang
Distributed Co-Simulation Applied To Urban Scale Energy Systems Design
Pablo Puerto, Bruno Ladevie, Jakob Rager
Optimisation Of Controller Parameters For Adaptive Building Envelopes Through A Co-Simulation Interface: A Case Study
Esther Borkowski, Mattia Donato, Giovanni Zemella, Dimitrios Rovas, Rokia Raslan
An Archaeological Excursion into Historic Simulation Tools
Jon William Hand
Time-series Decomposition Approach For Simulating Electricity Demand Profile
Sandhya Patidar, David Jenkins, Andrew Peacock, Peter McCallum
Surrogate Model Development for Naturally Ventilated Office Buildings
Marcelo Salles Olinger, Ana Paula Melo, Letícia Oliveira Neves, Roberto Lamberts
Quantifying Occupancy-adaptive Building Operations
Mohamed Ouf, William O'Brien, Burak Gunay, Afaf Azzouz, Philip Richard, Giuliano Todesco
Reinforcement Learning Control Algorithm for HVAC Retrofitting: Application to a Supermarket Building Model by Dynamic Simulation
Antonio Mastropietro, Fabio Castiglione, Stefano Ballesio, Enrico Fabrizio
A Critical Evaluation of Radiance as a Tool for Calculating Radiation View Factors.
Sarith Subramaniam, Sabine Hoffmann
Empirical Validation Of A Data-Driven Heating Demand Simulation With Error Correction Methods
Felix Bünning, Andrew Bollinger, Philipp Heer, Roy Smith, John Lygeros
Development And Validation Of A Low-Order Thermal Model For Building Behavior
Efficient Numerical Method For Long Term Simulation Of Insulated Wall
Madina Abdykarim, Julien Berger, Amen Agbossou, Denys Dutykh
Diagnoses Of Building Thermal Characteristics By Parameter Identification And Manual Inspection.
Tatsuya Ohira, Tatsuo Nagai
Modeling of Thermal and Optical Processes in Translucent Structures Filled with PCM Layer Using Moving Mushy Volume Approach
Tomasz Kułakowski, Dariusz Heim
Simulating the Power Load Curve at the District Scale - Introduction of a Dedicated Platform
Loïc Frayssinet, Lucie Merlier, Damien David, Jean-Jacques Roux, Frédéric Kuznik
Comparison Of Simulation Results For A Reference Office Building – Analysis Of Deviations For Different BES Tools
Mara Magni, Fabian Ochs, Paolo Bonato, Matteo D'Antoni, David Geisler-Moroder, Samuel de Vries, Roel Loonen, Alessandro Maccarini, Alireza Afshari, Toni Calabrese
Simulation-Based Design and Optimization of a Stand-Alone Power and Energy System for the High Arctic
Stéphanie Breton, Martin Kegel, Gisele Amow
A Modelling Approach to Reduce the Simulation Time of Building Stock Models
Rana Mahmoud, Eline Himpe, Marc Delghust, Jelle Laverge
Cellular Automata Simulations of Three-dimensional Building Heat Loss Field
Purvesh Bharadwaj, Ljubomir Jankovic
Comparison and Verification of the Simulation Results of DeST Based on ASHARE Standard 140-2014
Yue Jiang, Xing Shi, Xin Zhou, Xing Jin, Jingjing An, Da Yan
Building Energy Prediction for Early Design Stage Decision Support: A Review of Data-driven Techniques
Aman Batish, Avlokita Agrawal
Twenty Years of Building Performance Analysis Trends: A Topic Modeling Analysis of the Bldg-Sim Email List Archive
Clayton Miller, Matias Quintana, Jason Glazer
Quantifying Resilience of Building Facades: Moisture and Mold Risks under Future Climate Stresses
Pamela Cabrera, Holly Samuelson, Margaret Kurth
Algorithms for Modeling Multiple Air Handling Units Serving the Same Zone in EnergyPlus
Michael J. Witte
Using Python to Automate the Preparation and Execution of Thousands of Daylighting and Glare Simulations on a Cloud Parallel Computing environment for Time-efficient Simulations
Rania Labib, Juan-Carlos Baltazar
Towards a Systemic Approach For Supporting Design Process Of Deep Renovation Packages Based On Prefabricated Façade Technologies
Roberta Pernetti, Riccardo Pinotti, Babich Francesco, Lollini Roberto
Adaptive Sampling For Building Simulation Surrogate Model Derivation Using The LOLA-Voronoi Algorithm
Paul Willem Westermann, Ralph Evins
Insight Into Predictive Models: On The Joint Use Of Clustering And Classification By Association (CBA) On Building Time Series
Paul Westermann, Johanna Braun, Eamon Murphy, Joel Grieco, Ralph Evins
Use of EnergyPlus as an Analysis Tool to Test the Influence of Constructional Parameters on Mold Growth Factors
Vinicius de Castro Silveira, Fernando Simon Westphal


Teaching Building Performance Simulations by using a Control Method
Niko Gentile, Jouri Kanters, Henrik Davidsson
Use of EQuest In The Design And Analysis of HVAC Systems: Lessons From Building Engineering Courses
Radu Zmeureanu
Integrating Building Physics And Performance Simulation In Architectural Curricula: A Collaborative Effort
Christiane Berger, Ardeshir Mahdavi
Evaluation Of The Use Of Building Performance Simulation For Architectural Design Studio Projects
Veronica Soebarto
Learning Performance-driven Design. Students Approach Integrating Urban Form Studies and Building Performance Analysis
Francesco De Luca
Early Design Decision-Making Framework Based on Multi-Objective Building Performance Simulation Incorporating Energy, Carbon Footprint and Cost
Allison Bernett, Timur Dogan
Integrating Analog Design Techniques and Building Performance Simulation – From Intuitiveness to Counter-Intuitiveness in Architectural Design Process
Jihun Kim
Measuring the Effectiveness of Simulation-Based Education in the Performance-Based Design Studio
Khaled Aly Tarabieh, Nouran El Begermy

Energy storage

Numerical And Experimental Study On Thermoelectric Radiant Panel Heating Operation
Hansol Lim, Joon-Young Park, Yoo-Suk Byon, Yong-Kwon Kang, Jae-Weon Jeong
Experimental And Numerical Investigations On Optimal Phase Change Material Melting Temperature Utilized Either Alone Or With Night Ventilation
Ebrahim Solgi, Ruwan Fernando, Zahra Hamedani
Natural Ventilation Control to Enhance the Performance of Building Envelope with Integrated Phase Change Material for Passive Applications in Summer
Cristina Piselli, Alvaro de Gracia, Mohit Prabhakar, Anna Laura Pisello, Luisa F. Cabeza
Nationwide Evaluation of Potential Energy Savings and Payback of Integrated Building and Battery Energy Storage System through Model Predictive Controls
Hannah Charlene Fontenot, Bing Dong, Karen Aradillaz, Gabriela Pineda, Zhaoxuan Li, Tianhui Jiang
Simplifying The Parametrization Of The Extended Kinetic Battery Model To Calculate Voltage, Current, And A Variable Load Dependent Capacity
Christoph Banhardt, Christoph Nytsch-Geusen, Daniel Wolf
Performance Analysis and Control Strategies to Enhance Free Cooling with an Active PCM-Heat Exchanger
Navid Morovat, Jose Agustín Candanedo, Andreas K Athienitis
Quantifying the Value of Unitary Thermal Storage Systems (UTSS) - A Modeling Study
Karl William Heine, Paulo Cesar Tabares Velasco, Michael Deru, Ben Polly
Numerical Analysis and Evaluation of Large-Scale Hot Water Tanks and Pits in District Heating Systems
Abdulrahman Dahash, Michele Michele Bianchi Janetti, Fabian Ochs
Ventilation Pre-heating Effectiveness of a PCM Solar Air Collector with Ventilated Window System
Yue Hu, Per Kvols Heiselberg
Simulation-based Design Optimization of Houses with Low Grid Dependency
Zahra Mohammadi, Pieter-Jan Hoes, Jan Hensen
Demand Controlled Ventilation for Electric Demand Side Flexibility
Anthony Vautrin, Sebastian Troitzsch, Srikkanth Ramachandran, Thomas Hamacher
Strategies For The Reduction Of Electricity Consumptions In Heat Pumps: The Role Of The Thermal Inertia In Buildings Equipped With Radiant Systems
Natale Arcuri, Roberto Bruno, Piero Bevilacqua, Cristina Carpino
Controlled Natural Ventilation Coupled With Passive PCM System To Improve The Cooling Energy Performance In Office Buildings
Mohammad Saffari, Mohit Prabhakar, Alvaro de Gracia, Eleni Mangina, Donal P. Finn, Luisa F. Cabeza
The Effect of Fuel and Storage System Price on the Economic Analysis of Off-grid Renewable Energy Systems
Azin Rahimzadeh, Ralph Evins
Charging and Discharging a Coaxial Borehole Heat Exchanger as a battery
Hongshan Guo, Forrest Meggers

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Study on Thermal Isolation Efficiency for Air knife Applied to Opening between Two Temperature Difference Space
Yu-Lieh Wu, Pon-Shian Hsu, Jun-Tso Chiu
Heating Of Staircases In High-Rise Buildings
Dmitry Ivanov, Olga Yakimchuk, Ivan Pastukhov
Simulation Model for Minimal Invasive Refurbishment Approaches Through Prefabricated Multifunctional Radiant Heating Façade Elements
Michael Bayer, Markus Karnutsch, Michael Grobbauer, Matthias Gnigler, Markus Leeb
Analysis Of A Double Source Heat Pump System In A Historical Building
Angelo Zarrella, Roberto Zecchin, Francesco De Rossi, Giuseppe Emmi, Michele De Carli, Laura Carnieletto
Sensitivity Of Design Parameters On Energy, System And Comfort Performances For Radiant Cooled Office Buildings In The Tropics
Riccardo Talami, J. Alstan Jakubiec
Efficiency Increase in Low Temperature Networks with Decentralised Feed Pumps
Christoph Stettler, Artem Sotnikov
ANN Based Optimized AHU Discharge Air Temperature Control of Conventional VAV System for Minimized Cooling Energy in an Office Building
Jong Man Lee, Won Hee Kang, Kwang Ho Lee
Study Of The Heat Recovery Potential Of Water-to-air Heat Pumps In A Closed-loop System In Office Buildings
Competence of a Spray Passive Down-draft Evaporative Cooling (PDEC) System For Space Cooling
Daeho Kang, Richard K. Strand
Building Energy Modelling for Development of Active Facade Panel with Solar generation and Thermoelectric Air-conditioning Unit
Vojtěch Zavřel, Tomáš Matuška, Vladimír Zmrhal
High Resolution Model-based HVAC Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD) Considering Building Operation Uncertainty
Yifu Shi, Godfried Augenbroe
A Petri Net Model Of Heat Pump Operating Faults
Minh Toan VO, Emmanuel BOZONNET, Charles PELE
Temperature And Thermal Comfort In Office Spaces: Measurements Vs. Simulations
Nicola Lolli, Johannes Brozovsky, Alessandro Nocente, Steinar Grynning
Enhancing the Implementation of a First-order Equivalent Thermal Parameter Model to Enable Accurate and Robust Building Thermal Response Prediction
Kathryn Hinkelman, Sen Huang, Jing Wang, Jianming Lian, Wangda Zuo
Development and Implementation of a Reversible Variable Speed Heat Pump Model for Model Predictive Control Strategies
Riccardo Toffanin, Thibault Péan, Joana Ortiz, Jaume Salom
Coupled Building and System Simulations for Detection and Diagnosis of High District Heating Return Temperatures
Aurelien Bres, Christian Johansson, Roman Geyer, Paolo Leoni, Johan Sjögren
A facade-integrated Multi-Source Heat Pump in Combination with a Ventilation System for Heating and Cooling
Dietmar Siegele, Fabian Ochs
Multi-Scale Simulation Thermo-Chemical District Network
Muhannad delwati, Dirk saelens, Philipp geyer
Development of Energy Efficiency Estimation Method for Variable Refrigerant Flow Air-Conditioning System with Unbalanced Heat Load Operation
Masato Miyata, Koji Kurotori, Napoleon Enteria, Hideki Yamaguchi, Takao Sawachi, Yasuo Kuwasawa
Comparison of the Floor and Infrared Radiant Heating System in Large-Space Buildings
Lizhi Jia, Junjie Liu, Wu Xiao, Haiqiao Zhang
INDIGO Project A Simulation Based Approach To Support District Cooling Design And Operation
Andrea Costa, Raymond Sterling
The Impact Of Plants On HVAC System Performance In Cold Climate: A Parametric Study
Timothé Lalonde, Marie-Hélène Talbot, Danielle Monfet
Numerical Study of Heat Transfer in an Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger Integrated with a Thermoelectric Heat Pump
Seong-Yong Cheon, Hye-Won Dong, Yong-Kwon Kang, Soo-Jin Lee, Jae-Weon Jeong
Demand-Side-Management Potentials for Heat Pumps in Residential Buildings
Steffen Bechtel, Frank Scholzen, Sasan Rafii-Tabrizi, Jean-Regis Hadji-Minaglou
Using Modelica to Assess the Resilience of a Heat Supply System
Anne Senkel, Gerhard Schmitz
Numerical Simulation of a Magnetocaloric Heat Pump for Domestic Hot Water Production in Residential Buildings
Hicham Johra, Konstantin Filonenko, Anna Marszal-Pomianowska, Per Heiselberg, Christian Veje, Stefano Dall'Olio, Kurt Engelbrecht, Christian Bahl
Simulation and Coordinated Control of Radiant and Convective Cooling Systems with Ventilation for Multi-Zone Buildings
Christopher Laughman, Christopher Mackey, Scott A. Bortoff, Hongtao Qiao
Thermal Modelling Of Earth Air Heat Exchanger (EAHE) And Analyse Of Health Risk
Geoffroy Chardome, Véronique Feldheim
Modeling and Simulation of a Heating Mini-Grid for a Block of Buildings
Konstantin Filonenko, Krzysztof Arendt, Muhyiddine Jradi, Søren Andersen, Christian Veje
Dehumidification Performance Improvement of a Cross flow type Liquid Desiccant Dehumidifier by Dehumidifier Dimensions Modification
Hye-Jin Cho, Beom-Jun Kim, Soo-Jin Lee, Jae-Weon Jeong
Energy Saving Potentials of Organic Rankine Cycle in a Desiccant-assisted Ventilation System for Residential Buildings
Hye-Won Dong, Hansol Lim, Hye-Jin Cho, Yoo-Suk Byon, Jae-Weon Jeong
Experimental and Theoretical Energy Analysis of Two Types of Radiant Floor Heating Systems
Giulia Alessio, Angelo Zarrella, Pierfrancesco Brunello, Fabrizio Pulga, Marco Della Bianca, Michele De Carli
Combination Of A Wood-Pellet Boiler-Stove With Other Conventional And Renewable Heating System For Space Heating And Domestic Hot Water Within A Passive House In Belgium
Van Long Lê, Arnaud Candaele, Kévin Siau, Jean-Dominique Thomassin, Thomas Duquesne, Olivier Fontaine de Ghélin
Preheating Cold Supply Air To Mechanical Balanced Ventilation Using Wastewater Or Passive Geothermal Energy
Behrouz Nourozi, Qian Wang, Adnan Ploskic
Energy Consumption Evaluation and Optimization of Radiant and Personalized Cooling in Hot-Humid and Dry Climatic Zone
Crosby Paul, Basil T Kochupurackal, S. Rajkumar
Parametric Study Of The Thermal Performance Of A Single-family House Equipped With An Airflow Window Integrating A Heated Glazing
Madi Kabore, Ghislain Michaux, Jérome Ledreau, Patrick Salagnac, Rémy Greffet
Maximizing The Use Of Ductless Mini-split Systems In Residential Buildings With Existing HVAC Equipment In EnergyPlus.
Zhihong Pang, Yan Chen, Cheryn Metzger, Christopher Dymond, Zheng O'Neill, Jian Zhang
Experimental Testing and Modelling of a Variable Capacity Air-to-air Heat Pump in Cooling Mode
Gregor Strugala, Michaël Kummert, Martin Kegel
CFD Evaluation of Experimental Measurements of Oscillating Mist Fan Cooling in a Large Indoor Space
Craig Edward Farnham, Kazuo Emura, Takeo Mizuno, Md Ashraful Alam, Jihui Yuan
An Evaluation of Cold Climate Variable Capacity Air Source Heat Pumps in Canadian Residential Buildings Using an Enhanced Component Model
Stéphanie Breton, Justin Tamasauskas, Martin Kegel
Research on Energy-saving of Adjustable Ventilation Platform Doors System in subway
Yue Zhang, Xiaofeng Li, Bin Wang, Seyedehelham Sadatiseyedmahalleh
An Agent-based Dynamic Occupancy Schedule Model for Prediction of HVAC Energy Demand in an Airport Terminal Building
Kapil Sinha, Nusrat Ali, Rajasekar Elangovan
Heat Pumps In HVAC Systems: Sensitivity Study Of The Simulated Performance Of A Reference Building At Different Latitudes In Europe
Viola Iaria, Angelo Spena, Carlo Mazzenga
Simulation And Implementation Of A Self-Tuned Hvac Controller
Seungjae Lee, Jaewan Joe, Panagiota Karava, Ilias Bilionis, Thanos Tzempelikos
The Effect Of Room Temperature Control By Air- Or Operative Temperature On Thermal Comfort And Energy Use.
Bjarne W. Olesen, Haiying Wang, Ongun B. Kazanci

Human behaviour

Do Occupants Change Behaviour When Their Home Is Renovated?
Rune Korsholm Andersen, Jens Kristian Kruse Petersen, Ane Midtstraum
Right on Time - Exploring Suitable Time Discretization for Occupant Behavior Co-Simulation
Romana Markovic, Eva Grintal, Amin Nouri, Jérôme Frisch, Christoph van Treeck
Understanding Occupant Behaviour in Islamic Homes to Close the Gap in Building Performance Simulation: A Case Study of Houses in Riyadh
Mohammed Aljammaz, Tsung-Hsien Wang, Chengzhi Peng
Simulating the Impact of Occupants on Office Building Design Process: A Case Study
Tareq Abuimara, Burak Gunay, William O'Brien
A Generalized Inhomogeneous Markov Chain Occupancy Model For Open-Plan Offices Using Real Time Locating System Data
Shide Salimi, Amin Hammad
Inter-Occupant Diversity in Occupant Behaviour Models: Exploring Potential Benefits for Predicting Light Switch-on Actions
Farhang Tahmasebi, William O'Brien, Yan Wang, Samuel Stamp, Dejan Mumovic, Ardeshir Mahdavi
Bayesian Inference For Predicting An Inter-Individual Variation Of Thermal Sensation Votes
Jongyeon Lim, Yasunori Akashi, Naoki Yoshimoto
Simulation-based Approach to Assess Occupancy-adaptability of Buildings
William O'Brien, H. Burak Gunay, Mohamed Ouf
Analysis of Large Scale Air Conditioner User Behaviour in China Based on Data Mining Method
Hua Liu, Mingyang Qian, Da Yan
Study on Occupancy Prediction for Building Operation using Machine Learning Method
Yuan Jin, Da Yan, Hongsan Sun
Inhabitants’ Adaptive Strategies: A Case of Interactive Control in Residential Buildings
Vinu Subashini Rajus, Robert Woodbury
A Bottom-Up Model to Evaluate the Flexibility of French Residential Wet Appliances
Jérôme Le Dréau, Marika Vellei, Yassine Abdelouadoud
Development and Application Implications of Enabling Occupant Behaviour Modelling Within Building Performance Simulation
Joe Clarke, Andrew Cowie
Profiling Occupant Behaviour in Italian Households for enhanced building simulation input: Insights into a Survey-based Investigation
Verena Marie Barthelmes, Giulia Crespi, Maria Valentina Di Nicoli, Cristina Becchio, Valentina Fabi, Stefano Paolo Corgnati
Estimating Thermal Sensation Distribution Using Ordered Probability and Multinomial logit Models
Dayi Lai, Chuanming Chen, Ruoyu You, Chun Chen
Considering Occupant Behaviour in Building Energy Simulations along the Design Process: From a Semi-static to a Dynamic Model
Ayu Miyamoto, Karen Allacker, Frank De Troyer
Simulating The Dynamics Of Occupant Behaviour For Thermal Comfort In Social Housing
Jeetika Malik, Ronita Bardhan, Pradipta Banerji
Spatial Evaluation of the Effects of Sun Radiation and Clothing Adaptation in Indoor Comfort Simulations
Jorge Conejo Fernandez, Francesca Cappelletti, Andrea Gasparella
Comparative Analysis between Typical and Actual Occupancy Profiles on Energy Consumption and Thermal Comfort Retrofitting Measures: Case Study
Mohamed Amer, Vu Hoang, Christian Frenzel
Simulation Of Photovoltaic Production And Human Activity For Smart Building Energy Management And Sharing
Pattern Recognition And Classification For Electrical Energy Use In Residential Buildings
Martina Ferrando, Alla Marchenko, Silvia Erba, Francesco Causone, Salvatore Carlucci
Occupant Behavior Modelling to Support the Development of Adaptive Facade Control Strategies
Isabella Gaetani, Remco N.P. van Woensel, Pieter-Jan Hoes, Jan L.M. Hensen
Building Performance Implications of Occupant Mobility
Sara Gilani, Rhys Goldstein, Simon Breslav, Alex Tessier, William O'Brien
Influence Of Control And Finishing Of Internal Blinds On The Cooling Energy Consumption Of Buildings
Mateus Vinícius Bavaresco, Matheus Soares Geraldi, Bruna Faitão Balvedi, Enedir Ghisi
Modeling Decentralized Systems For Energy Savings Based On Detailed Local Thermal Comfort Calculations
Katharina Boudier, Sabine Hoffmann
Short-Horizon Probabilistic Models For Whole Home Motion Prediction Using Connected Thermostat Data
Brent James Huchuk, Scott Sanner, William O'Brien
Planning Building Rehabilitation Projects for Safe Evacuation Provisions - An ABM Approach
Roshanak Eftekharirad, Leila Rafati Sokhangoo, Abdelhadi Hosny, Mazdak Nik-Bakht
Using a Dynamic Clothing Insulation Model in Building Simulation – Impact on Thermal Comfort and Energy Consumption.
Mohamad Rida, Sabine Hoffmann
Stochastic Occupant Behavior Model Based on Activity And Occupancy Patterns
Silke Verbruggen, Marc Delghust, Jelle Laverge, Arnold Janssens
Numerical Analysis of the Sensitivity to the Occupant Window Opening of the Yearly Energy Consumptions and of the Indoor Thermal Comfort Conditions in a Series of Reference Cases
Jean Pierre Campana, Gian Luca Morini
Activity Modelling for All National Population based on Population Census and Time Use Data
Yohei Yamaguchi, Hideaki Takenaka, Ken T. Murata, Yuka Kambayashi, Takeshi Okada, Ayako Taniguchi-Matsuoka, Yuto Shoda, Yoshiyuki Shimoda
Semi-automated Simulations: Know Your Schedules.
Nilesh Bakshi, Michael Donn, Emily Newmarch
Characterization of Occupant Behaviour Models for Simulation Engineers and Architects
Marcel Schweiker, William O'Brien, Burak Gunay
On The Development of an Iot Infrastructure to Perform Behavioural Change Towards Low Energy Habits
Alfonso P. Ramallo-González, Aurora González-Vidal, Pedro J. Fernandez-Ruiz, Antonio F. Skarmeta-Gómez
Data Preparation to Address Heterogeneity in Time Use Data Based Activity Modelling
Takeshi Okada, Yohei Yamaguchi, Yoshiyuki Shimoda
An Approach For Obtaining And Extracting Occupancy Patterns In Buildings Based On Mobile Positioning Data
Xuyuan Kang, Da Yan, Hongsan Sun, Yuan Jin, Peng Xu
‘Inside the Box’: A Cooperative Game for Co-creating Energy Efficient Retail Spaces
Elli Nikolaidou, Yang Yu, Robert Schmidt-III, Andrew Dainty, Malcolm Cook, Ksenia Chmutina, Dashamir Marini
Online Building Energy Model to Evaluate Heating and Cooling-related Behavior Changes for Eco-feedback in a Multifamily Residential Building
Sang woo Ham, Panagiota Karava
Benefits of the Inclusion of Occupant Behaviour Profiles in the Simulation of the Energy Performance of Buildings
Davide Calì, Dirk Müller, Henrik Madsen
Simulation Of Indoor Thermal Environment Control Considering The Probability Of Submitting Discomfort Sensations From Room Occupants With Different Temperament Types
Fulin Wang, Dianshan Han, Rui Yan
Impact Of Window Opening Behaviors On Cooling Load Of High-Rise Residential Buildings In Hong Kong
Jia Du, Wei Pan

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

Evaluation of Improved Indoor Environmental Quality during Renovation by the new IV20 Tool
Tine Steen Larsen, Lasse Engelbrecht Rohde, Henrik N. Knudsen, Kim Trangbæk Jønsson, Rasmus Lund Jensen
Experimental Validation of a CFD-based Air Quality Sensor Placement Strategy for the Localization of Indoor Source Emissions
Julien Waeytens, Sophie Durand, Sara Sadr
Annual Radiation Discomfort: A New Climate-Based Framework For Modeling Short-Wave Solar Radiation In Indoor Spaces
Andrea Zani, Henry David Richardson, Alberto Tono, Stefano Schiavon, Edward Arens
Dynamic Simulation Of A Lighting System Based On The Hue-Heat Hypothesis
Laura Bellia, Francesca Romana D'Ambrosio Alfano, Francesca Fragliasso, Boris Igor Palella, Giuseppe Riccio
Smart Passive System for Dehumidification, Cooling, and Heating Utilizing Renewable Energy in Detached House
Haksung Lee, Akihito Ozaki, Wanghee Cho, Myonghyang Lee
Evaluating Dynamic Thermal Comfort under Demand Response Events: a Novel Model Compared against Fanger's PPD Model
Marika Vellei, Jérôme Le Dréau
Historical Development of IEQ in Danish Dwellings – Has Energy Efficiency Requirements Inhibited Positive IEQ Developments?
Lasse Rohde, Tine Steen Larsen, Rasmus Lund Jensen, Evangelia Loukou, Kim Jønsson
Influence of Physiological Variability on Thermal Comfort: A Numerical Evaluation
Edouard Walther, Asit Kumar Mishra, Vincent Forcadell
Exploring Thermal Comfort Band for Healthcare Workers in Remote Clinics in Hot and Arid Climates: An Approach for Building Performance Improvement
Samuel Urom Udom
Heat Stress In Residential Buildings As a Result Of Deficient HVAC System
Mayuri Rajput, Godfried Augenbroe
Efficient Indoor Design in Slum Rehabilitation: A Systematic Simulation for Optimized Energy and experiential Indoor Environmental Quality (e-IEQ)
Ahana Sarkar, Ronita Bardhan
Modelling and Mapping Thermal Comfort Conditions with Solar Radiation: Comparison of Steady-State and Dynamic Indexes
Jorge Conejo Fernandez, Francesca Cappelletti, Andrea Gasparella
Energy And Financial Evaluation Of Thermal Comfort. The Case Study Of The Hotel Residence L’Orologio
Cristina Becchio, Marta Carla Bottero, Stefano Paolo Corgnati, Federico Dell'Anna, Valentina Fabi, Carola Lingua
Urban Heat Stress Survivability Simulation under Climate Change Scenarios
Norhan Magdy Bayomi, Tarek Rakha, John E. Fernandez
Implementing Volatile Organic Compounds In CONTAM For Assessment Purposes: A Review
Klaas De Jonge, Jelle Laverge
Impact Of Thermally Activated Furniture System On Thermal Comfort
Rajan Rawal, Vishal Garg, Satish Kumar, Bhargav Adhyaru
Gaussian Process Regression for a PMV Prediction Model using Environmental Monitoring Data
Young Ran Yoon, Sun Ho Kim, Jeong Won Kim, Hyeun Jun Moon
Metamodeling of Summer Thermal Comfort in a Non-Air-Conditioned Building
Issa Jaffal, Christian Inard, Nesreen Ghaddar, Kamel Ghali
Simulation Assisted Energy Optimization of Abandoned Facilities: An Adaptive Reuse Approach
Rudina Breçani, Rudina Belba, Sokol Dervishi
Humidifying Without Adding Humidity: Psychrometric Shifts in Humidity from Air Temperature Setbacks Enabled by Radiant Heating or Cooling
Forrest Meggers, Hongshan Guo, Eric Teitelbaum
Simulation based Indoor Environmental Quality Analysis Of Existing Windows Used In Tropical Office Space
Kwabena Abrokwa Gyimah, Samuel Amos-Abanyie, Christian Koranteng

New software development

A2B: A Toolkit for Computing Circulation Metrics in Buildings
Arash Naderpour, Brian Johnson, Alex Anderson
On the Scalability of Equation-Based Building and District Simulation Models
Per Sahlin, Patrik Skogqvist, Alexey Lebedev, Lars Eriksson, Pavel Grozman
Building Performance Simulation Supporting Typical Design Activities: The Case Of ‘Reference Pictures’
Steffen Petersen, Pil Brix Purup
New Method of Solar Energy Representation for Environmental Analysis Software
Jung Min Han, Ali Malkawi, Krzysztof Gajos
Renewable Energies in Historical Buildings (REHIB project)
Alvaro de Gracia, Joan Tarragona, Anna Laura Pisello, Franco Cotana, Xavier Rodríguez, Josep Maria Burgués, Luisa F Cabeza, Cèsar Fernández
Large-Scale Transfer Learning For Data-Driven Modelling Of Hot Water Systems
Hussain Kazmi, Johan Suykens, Johan Driesen
Energy Transition in Rural Areas – Supporting Local Energy Planning by the Development of an Online-Tool for Identification and Promotion of Energy-Efficiency and the Use of Renewables.
Uwe Caemmerer-Seibel, Andrea Lück, Ammar Osman, Gerd Kiesel, Conrad Völker, Hans Wilhelm Alfen, Daniel Cebulla
Improving the Collaboration between Architects and Energy Consultants through Design-integrated early BIM-tools
Alexander Hollberg, Matthias Götz, Thomas Lichtenheld, Philipp Hollberg, Galimshina Alina, Guillaume Habert
A New Tool For The Hygrothermal Simulation Of Building Components: ProCasaClima Hygrothermal
Marco Larcher, Alexandra Troi, Martina Demattio
FMI-Based Co-Simulation Using Multi-Agent Models Of Occupants Utilizing Modelica Building And HVAC System Models
Torsten Schwan, René Unger, Tom Eckhardt
A new MATLAB Simulink Toolbox for Dynamic Building Simulation with B.I.M. and Hardware in the Loop compatibility
Dietmar Siegele, Eleonora Leonardi, Fabian Ochs
A New BIM To BEM Framework: The Development And Verification Of An Open-source gbXML To EnergyPlus Translator For Supporting Building Life Cycle Performance Analysis
Weili Xu, Adrian Chong, Khee Poh Lam, Haopeng Wang
A Comparison of CSE and EnergyPlus for Residential Energy Calculations
Neal Kruis, Matthew Larson, Bruce Wilcox, Charles S. Barnaby
Detailed Thermal Comfort Analysis from Preliminary to Final Design
Nathaniel L Jones, Ingrid Chaires, Alexej Goehring
Omegalpes: An Optimization Modeler as an Efficient Tool for Design and Operation for City Energy Stakeholders and Decision Makers
Camille Pajot, Lou Morriet, Sacha Hodencq, Vincent Reinbold, Benoit Delinchant, Frédéric Wurtz, Yves Maréchal
Automatic Simplification Of Complex Building Geometry For Whole-building Energy Simulations.
Luis Santos, Simon Schleicher, Luisa Caldas
Nature 4 Cities: Nature-Based Solutions And Climate Resilient Urban Simulation with Greenpass® Tool And On Site Validation. A Case Study In Segrate/Milano/IT
Mohamed Elagiry, Florian Kraus, Bernhard Scharf, Andrea Costa, Roberto Delotto
An Innovative Energy Representation Tool for Air Conditioning That Enhance Energy Savings and Improve Energy Literacy on Users
Roberto García-Manzano, Alfonso P. Ramallo-González, Ramón Sanchez-Iborra
A Simplified Method For Estimating Cooling Energy Savings Due To Passive Strategies For Indian Cities
Arjun Desai, Prasad Vaidya, Sanchi Pathela, Maaz Barin Dixit
Advances And Challenges For Scalable Cloud-based Infrastructure For Building Data Analysis And Simulation
Thibaud Nesztler, Michael Georgescu
BESP: An Integrated Platform for Building and Environment Simulation
Prototyping The BOPTEST Framework For Simulation-Based Testing Of Advanced Control Strategies In Buildings
David Blum, Filip Jorissen, Sen Huang, Yan Chen, Javier Arroyo, Kyle Benne, Yanfei Li, Valentin Gavan, Lisa Rivalin, Lieve Helsen, Draguna Vrabie, Michael Wetter, Marina Sofos
Daylight Study from Early to the End of Architectural/Urban Design Process by Developing an Add-in for Revit
Majid Miri, Elmira Ashtari


From Data Collection To Multi-objective Optimization Of An Existing Solar Thermal Combisystem
Anthony Rey, Radu Zmeureanu
Iterative Building Optimization via Sequential Local Optimization Operations on Distinct Attribute Clusters of Design Variants
Ardeshir Mahdavi, Shirdel Hamidreza
An Approach of Model-based Predictive Control For Energy Consumption at a Community Level fo
Mathieu Brugeron, Riederer Peter, Frederic Wurtz, Marechal Yves
Multi-Objective Model Predictive Control Framework for Buildings
Krzysztof Arendt, Anders Clausen, Claudio G. Mattera, Muhyiddine Jradi, Aslak Johansen, Christian T. Veje, Mikkel B. Kjærgaard, Bo N. Jørgensen
MShoot: an Open Source Framework for Multiple Shooting MPC in Buildings
Krzysztof Arendt, Christian T. Veje
Optimization of Design and Construction Process of Heat Source System Utilizing BIM
Kazuki Yajima, Yasunori Akashi, Jongyeon Lim, Masahide Fukui
Optimal Heat Pumps Operation For Demand Response of Residential Buildings At District Scale
Camille Pajot, Nils Artiges, Benoit Delinchant, Yves Maréchal
Design Optimization of Energy Flexibility for Residential Buildings
Alice Mugnini, Fabio Polonara, Alessia Arteconi
Building Performance Optimization for Operational Rule Extraction
Burak Gunay, Mohamed Ouf, Guy Newsham, William O'Brien
Electric Energy Consumer Characterization, Classification and Demand Forecasting using Convolutional Neural Networks
Ignacio Aguirre, Stepan V Ulyanin, Jose R Vazquez-Canteli, Zoltan Nagy
Impact of Building Form on Energy Performance in New School Models
Meriem Rahmani, Khaled A. Al-Sallal
Model predictive control applied to a heating system with PV panels and thermal energy storage
Joan Tarragona, Cèsar Fernández, Luisa F. Cabeza, Alvaro de Gracia
Existing Energy Performance and The Potential of Role of Simulation in School Building Design – A Review
Ming Hu
Model Free Optimal Control of Two Whole Buildings using Deep Q-Learning
Ki Uhn Ahn, Jae Min Kim, Youngsub Kim, Cheol Soo Park, Kwang Woo Kim
Optimising Conservation Of Artworks, Energy Performance And Thermal Comfort Combining Hygrothermal Dynamic Simulation And On-Site Measurements In Historic Buildings
Francesca Frasca, Cristina Cornaro, Elena Verticchio, Anna Maria Siani
Development of a Framework for Model Predictive Control (MPC) in a Large-Sized Office Building Using Modelica Grey-Box Models
Svenne Freund, Gerhard Schmitz
Multi-Actor Modelling For MILP Energy Systems Optimisation: Application To Collective Self-Consumption
Lou Morriet, Gilles Debizet, Frédéric Wurtz
Inverse Design of Built Environment by a Fast Fluid Dynamics-based Genetic Algorithm
Yu Xue, Wei Liu
Energy Efficient Design and Energy Sharing Potential of Urban-Community
Ali Syed, Caroline Hachem
Identification Of Energy, Environmental And Economical Optimal Refurbishment Scenarios For Hotels In The Alps
Marie-Lise Pannier, Hervé Boileau, Catherine Buhé
Optimization of Cold and Heat Storage Volumes of a Thermal-energetic System with IDA ICE
Marco Borer, Moritz Zwahlen, Manuel Frey
Why we need a Testbed for Black-Box Optimization in Building Simulation
Christoph Waibel, Thomas Wortmann, Georgios Mavromatidis, Ralph Evins, Jan Carmeliet
Embedding Sensitivity Analysis into PSO for Building Energy Optimization
Dan Hou, Wei Yan, Gang Liu, Zhen Han
Energy Saving Potentials of a Centralized Hybrid Heating System via Adaptive Model Predictive Control in a Northern Italy Residential Building
Ettore Zanetti, Rossano Scoccia, Silvia Garone, Marcello Aprile, Mario Motta, Livio Mazzarella
Evaluation of Post Processing Analysis to determine Optimal Thermo-Optical Properties for Adaptive Glazing Systems with Quick Adaptation Speed
Martina Pelle, Francesco Causone, Fabio Favoino, Francesca Contrada, Andrea Kindinis
A Multi-Stage Framework for Building Energy Optimization: Key Factors and Prototypes
Dan Hou, Wei Yan, Gang Liu, Xiaoqian Li
Model Predictive Control of Building Energy System including Thermal Energy Storage
Doyun Lee, Ryozo Ooka, Shintaro Ikeda, Wonjun Choi, Younghoon Kwak
Multi-Objective Optimisation of Passivhaus Buildings in a Social Housing Context
Joseph Forde, Christina Hopfe, Rob McLeod, Ralph Evins
Optimizing Energy Conservation Measures in a Grocery Store using Present and Future Weather Files
Arfa N Aijazi, Rob Best, Stefano Schiavon
Metaheuristic Optimization of External Shading Devices and Glazing Properties for Energy Saving and Indoor Environmental Comfort in Office Rooms
Lorenzo De Donatis, Ryozo Ooka, Claudio Del Pero, Wonjun Choi, Fabrizio Leonforte, Shintaro Ikeda
Simulation of Precooling Strategies in Office Buildings: Deriving Demand Side Management Potentials
Jonas Müller, Ulrich Reiter, Martin Jakob
Constructing and Exploring School Building Massing Design Spaces Considering Multiple Performance Objectives
Roya Rezaee, Marionyt Tyrone Marshall, Marcelo Bernal, Nirvik Saha, John Haymaker
Simultaneous Feature Extraction and Non-linear Clustering of Building Energy Profiles Encoded as Images
Stepan Ulyanin, Jose Vazquez-Canteli, Zoltan Nagy
Coupling Parametric Design and Robotic Assembly Simulation to Generate Thermally Responsive Brick Walls
Sherif Morad Abdelmohsen, Khaled Aly Tarabieh, Islam Ibrahim Salem, Yomna Saad El-Ghazi, Rana Bahaa El-Dabaa, Asmaa Gamal Hassan
Reliability-Based Optimization For Energy Refurbishment Of A Social Housing Building
Marco Manzan, Giorgio Lupato, Amedeo Pezzi, Alberto Clarich, Paolo Rosato
Scenario-based HVAC Energy Cost Optimizer for Heterogeneous Heat-source Systems of Real-life Hospital Building
SungHo Park, Ki Uhn Ahn, Seungho Hwang, Sunkyu Choi, Cheol Soo Park
Applying Desirability Functions To Preference Modelling In Low-Energy Building Design Optimization
Elaine Robinson, Christina J. Hopfe, Michael Emmerich, Iryna Yevseyeva, Jonathan A. Wright
Hydronic Optimization Of Hybrid Heating Systems: A Methodology Based On Base Circuits
Freek Van Riet, Roel Vandenbulcke, Jonas Cleiren, Ivan Verhaert
Optimization of Building Form and Fenestration for Current and Future Climate Scenarios
Two-Step Optimization of Envelope Design for the Reduction of Building Energy Demand
Alberto Barbaresi, Giulia Menichetti, Enrica Santolini, Daniele Torreggiani, Patrizia Tassinari
Influence Of Window To Wall Ratio On Global Energy Consumption Of Nzeb Kindergartens In Italy
Cecilia Ciacci, Frida Bazzocchi, Vincenzo Di Naso, Andrea Rocchetti
Data-based Modeling of Building Consumption Profile for Optimal Flexibility: Application to Energy Intensive Industry
Camille Pajot, Quang Hung Nguyen, Benoit Delinchant, Frédéric Wurtz, Yves Maréchal, Stéphane Robin, Benjamin Vincent, François Debray
Building Energy Use Surrogate Model Feature Selection – A Methodology Using Forward Stepwise Selection and LASSO Regression Methods
Erica C. Barnes, J.J. McArthur
Simplified Methods For Shading Device Optimization Processes: A Comparison Between Radiance And EnergyPlus For Daylighting Analysis Capabilities
Natália Queiroz, Fernando Simon Westphal, Fernando Oscar Ruttkay Pereira
Optimal Vehicle Selection in the Design of Urban Energy Systems: An Integration of the Private Transport and Building Energy Sectors
Portia Murray, Kristina Orehounig, Jan Carmliet
RNN-based Forecasting of Indoor Temperature in a Naturally Ventilated Residential Building
Kui Weng, Monjur Mourshed
Model Development for Robust Optimal Control of Building HVAC
Saman Mostafavi, Robert Cox, Benjamin Futrell
Early-Design Optimization of Target Ventilation Rates for Hybrid Buildings Using Single-Node Analytical Model
Alpha Yacob Arsano, Carlos Cerezo Davila, Christoph Reinhart
Adaptive Parametric Algorithm for Optimizing Non-Conventional Solar Screens for South-Oriented Office Façades in Cairo, Egypt
Asmaa Hassan, Sherif Ezzeldin, Ahmed Abdin

Simulation at urban scale

Outdoor Thermal Environment of High-rise Residential Area
Meng Zhen, Dian Zhou
Urban Energy Models Validation in Data Scarcity Context: Case of the Electricity Consumption in the French Residential Sector
Thomas Berthou, Bruno Duplessis, Pascal Stabat, Philippe Rivière, Dominique Marchio
Impact Of Retro-reflective Materials As Urban Coating: A Theoretical And Parametric Study Through Simulations
Mattia Manni, Gabriele Lobaccaro, Francesco Goia, Andrea Nicolini
How To Perform An Efficient Learning Process For A Combined POD And PGD Soil Urban Thermal Model? Application To Canyon Streets.
Marie-Hélène AZAM, Sihem GUERNOUTI, Marjorie MUSY, Philippe POULLAIN
MicroGrid Energy Management Optimization - A Common Platform For Research, Development And Design Tools
Patrick Beguery, Peter Pflaum, Carl Mugnier
Automatic and Rapid Calibration of Urban Building Energy Models
Yixing Chen, Tianzhen Hong
Application Of Intelligent Algorithms For Residential Building Energy Performance Rating Prediction
Usman Ali, Mohammad Haris Shamsi, Cathal Hoare, Fawaz Alshehri, Eleni Mangina, James O'Donnell
The Effect of Changeable Urban Albedo on Solar Radiation Incident on Vertical Facade
Dominika Knera, Dariusz Heim
Comparing Community Energy Assessment Approaches for UK and India
David Paul Jenkins, Sandhya Patidar, Peter McCallum, Andrew Peacock
Building Energy Simulations at Urban Scale Based on Standardized Data Models Using a Transparent Enrichment Process
Andreas Geiger, Joachim Benner, Karl-Heinz Häfele, Veit Hagenmeyer
Exploring the Integration of Simulation and Deep Learning Models for Urban Building Energy Modeling and Retrofit Analysis
Alex Nutkiewicz, Rishee K. Jain
The Effects of Reflective and Permeable Pavements on the Urban Microclimate
Andrea Ferrari, Aytac Kubilay, Dominique Derome, Jan Carmeliet
An Integrated Tool For The Energy And Seismic Diagnosis And Refurbishment Of Buildings At Urban Scale
Lorenzo Belussi, Ludovico Danza, Matteo Ghellere, Giulia Guazzi, Italo Meroni, Francesco Salamone, Michele Palermo, Tomaso Trombetti, Sandra Deisvaldi, Paolo Piazza
The Simulation of Mean Radiant Temperature in Outdoor Conditions: A review of Software Tools Capabilities
emanuele naboni, marco meloni, chris makey, jerome kaempf
A Co-simulation Framework for Assessing the Interaction between Heat Pumps and the Low Voltage Grid on a District Scale
Jalomi Maayan Tardif, Jaume Salom, Martin Kegel, Francisco Díaz-González, Alaia Sola
Economic and Ecologic Evaluation of Low Temperature Waste Heat Integration Into Existing District Heating
Dominik Hering, André Xhonneux, Dirk Müller
Urban-Scale Energy Building Simulation: A Development Of A Novel Method For Parsimonious Modelling – The Example Of Solar Irradiation Calculation
Enora Garreau, Thomas Berthou, Bruno Duplessis, Vincent Partenay, Dominique Marchio
Co-simulation of a Rooftop Greenhouse and a School Building in London, UK
Melanie Kiren Jans-Singh, Rebecca Ward, Ruchi Choudhary
Improving FEM Computations For The Simulation Of Thermograms At The Urban Scale
José Pedro Aguerre, Raphael Nahon, Eduardo Fernández, Benoit Beckers
Nailing the Peak: City-Scale, Building-Specific Load Factor and Contribution to a Utility’s Hour of Critical Generation
Mark Adams, Eric Garrison, Joshua New, Wiliam Copeland, Brian Smith, Andy Campbell
Modeling Outdoor Thermal Comfort in Urban Canyons: Presentation and Validation of a Novel Comprehensive Workflow
Buildings’ Performance Simulations For Urban Scale Energy Demand Modelling In The Interreg Projects Idee And Ueb
Massimiliano Condotta, Tiziano Dalla Mora, Giovanni Borga, Fabio Peron
A Comparison of Bottom-up and Top-down Modelling Approaches in Urban Energy Simulation for the Assessment of City District Data Models
Anja Willmann, Lara Katscher, Thomas Leiser, Conrad Voelker
The Impact of Using Typical Weather with Spatial Variations on Thermal Mass Design for Reducing the Mortality Risk and Building Peak Load in India
Woong June Chung, Francesca Cecinati, Chunde Liu, Elangovan Rajasekar, David Coley, Sukumar Natarajan
Modelling And Developing A Neighbourhood Low Carbon System For Five Dwellings In The U.K.
Xiaojun Li, Shan Shan Hou, Joanne Patterson, Emmanouil Perisoglou, Miltiadis Ionas, Huw Jenkins, Phil Jones, Simon Lannon, Ester Coma Bassas
Evaluating Energy and Flexibility Performance of Building Clusters
Ilaria Vigna, Ina De Jaeger, Dirk Saelens, Marco Lovati, Roberto Lollini, Roberta Pernetti
Simplified Mathematical Model for Analyzing the Effects of Urban Heat Island by using WRF and Building Thermal Simulations
Ivan Oropeza-Perez
Individual Domestic Hot Water Profiles for Building Simulation at Urban Scale
Verena Weiler, Ursula Eicker
Impact of Residential Energy Consumption on Urban Heat Island Effect in Tainan
Feng-Yi Lin, Ruey-Lung Hwang, Tzu-Ping Lin
A Review of the Status of Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis in Urban Building Energy Models
Pamela Jane Fennell, Paul A Ruyssevelt, Érika Mata, Martin Jakob
Microclimate Data For Building Energy Modelling: Study On ENVI-Met Forcing Data
Agnese Salvati, Maria Kolokotroni
Information Mining for Urban Building Energy Models (UBEMs) from Two Data Sources: OpenStreetMap and Baidu Map
Chao Wang, Yanxia Li, Xing Shi
Development Of A Modeling Framework For Refined Residential Occupancy Schedules In An Urban Energy Model
Diba Malekpour Koupaei, Farzad Hashemi, Vinciane Tabard-Fortecoëf, Ulrike Passe
Handeling 3D Model Of A Street For An Urban Thermal Study With The Finite Element Method
Nicolas Duport, Jairo Acuña Paz y Miño, Benoit Beckers
Linear Discriminant Analysis for Classification of a Large Virtual Smart Meter Data Set With Known Building Parameters
Adam Neale, Michaël Kummert, Michel Bernier
Proper Choice Of Urban Canopy Model For Climate Simulations
Zahra Jandaghian, Umberto Berardi
Classifying Urban Geometry Impact on Solar Radiation
anas m.hosney lila, simon lannon
Modelling Of Non-Residential Building Stocks Based On End-Use Energy Consumptions And Bayesian Calibration
Deuk Woo Kim, Dong Hyuk Yi, Cheol Soo Park, Yu Min Kim, Seoung-Eon Lee
A Simulation Approach For The Optimization Of Distributed Energy Supply Systems Based On Energy Demands In Business Area.
Takahiro Ueno, Kentaro Takahashi, Daisuke Sumiyoshi
Parametric Study of the Different Level of Detail of CityGML and Energy-ADE Information for Energy Performance Simulations
Avichal Malhotra, Maksim Shamovich, Jérôme Frisch, Christoph van Treeck
Development of Energy Demand Estimation Model of Japanese Commercial Building Considering Diversity of Energy Conservation Measurement
Takuya Kitamura, Yohei Yamaguchi, Bumjoon Kim, Kotone Akizawa, Yoshiyuki Shimoda
Restorative Design of Urban Brownfields, an Interdisciplinary Approach Interconnecting Nature-Based Solutions, Heritage Requalification and Human Wellbeing. A Case Study in Rome
Maria-Beatrice Andreucci, Luciano Cupelloni, Marco Delli Paoli, Silvia Coccolo
An Overview Of Urban Building Energy Modelling (UBEM) Tools
Martina Ferrando, Francesco Causone
A Multi-Scale Consideration of Daylight in a Real Urban Context
Antoine Bugeat, Eduardo Fernández, Benoit Beckers, José Aguerre
Sustainable Urban Community Eco-Feedback through Simulation-enabled Performance Dashboards
Tarek Rakha, Elena Echarri, Elizabeth Krietemeyer, Jason Dedrick
Determining The Most Appropriate Form Of Urban Building Energy Model For The City Of Ahmedabad
Pamela Jane Fennell, Paul A Ruyssevelt, Rajan Rawal, Veeren Poola
Simulation of Hourly Energy Needs at Urban Scale: A Methodology of Adapted Modeling
Eui-Jong KIM, Martin GARCIA PEREZ, Frédéric KUZNIK, Jean-Jacques ROUX
Dynamic Simulation Of Bidirectional Low-Temperature Networks - A Case Study To Facilitate The Integration Of Renewable Energies
Tobias Blacha, Michael Mans, Peter Remmen, Dirk Müller
Urban Green and Blue Infrastructure Simulation in a Changing Climate from Microclimate to Energy Consumption: A Case Study in Alexandria, Egypt
Ahmed Ayad, Mohammad Fahmy, Wael Kamel
On The Design Of An Urban Modeling Platform And Its Application For A New York District Analysis
Ursula Eicker, Juergen Schumacher, Verena Weiler, Reiner Braun
A CBA-based Model To Evaluate The Retrofit Of A Reference District
Cristina Becchio, Marta Carla Bottero, Stefano Paolo Corgnati, Federico Dell'Anna, Chiara Delmastro, Elisa Pesce, Giulia Vergerio
Evaluating The Potential Energy Savings Of An Urban Green Infrastructure Through Environmental Simulation
Massimo Palme, Daniele La Rosa, Riccardo Privitera, Giacomo Chiesa
Using Model Calibration To Improve Urban Modeling
Louis Leroy, Samuel Letellier-Duchesne, Michaël Kummert
High Resolution Bottom-up Residential Electrical Model For Distribution Networks Planning
Simon Sansregret, Karine Lavigne, Brice Le Lostec, Laurencelle Francois, Frederic Guay
Simplified Heat Load Profile Generation
Clemens Felsmann, Peter Stange
Evaluation of Energy Performance of Smart Community Considering Occupant’s Behavior
Yuki Kitagawa, Monica I. C. Gondokusuma, Yoshiyuki Shimoda
Assessing The Impact Of The Climate Change In German Building Stocks
Yuchen Yang, Vahid Nik
Towards a DESTEST: a District Energy Simulation Test Developed in IBPSA Project 1
Dirk Saelens, Ina De Jaeger, Felix Bünning, Michael Mans, Alessandro Maccarini, Enora Garreau, Øystein Rønneseth, Igor Sartori, Annelies Vandermeulen, Bram van der Heijde, Lieve Helsen
Hybrid Model for Energy Consumption Forecasting in Buildings Stocks at Tropical Regions
José Antonio Bello Acosta, Hugo Franco, Jimeno Fonseca
A Novel Approach to Evaluate the Impacts of Urban Form on the Micro-climate in the Dense Areas
Kavan Javanroodi, Vahid M. Nik
Campus Energy Use Prediction (CEUP) Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Study Climate Change Impacts
Soheil Fathi, Ravi Srinivasan, Robert Ries
Energy Performance Comparison Of A High Density Mixed Use Building To Traditional Building Types
Wesley Bowley, Ralph Evins
Evaluating Buildings’ Solar Energy Potential Concerning Urban Context Based On UAV Photogrammetry
Yunsong Han, Yongjie Pan, Tianyu Zhao, Cheng Sun
Clustering As A Simplification Tool For The Decision-Making Process On Building Stock Renovation
Mathieu Rivallain, Sergei Agapoff, Pierre Boisson, Aurélie Foucquier, Yunseok Lee
Primary-energy Based Optimization of a New Building District through Simulations on Flat, Building, Block and District Level
Georgios Dermentzis, Fabian Ochs, Alexander Thuer
Quantifying Uncertainty Propagation For The District Energy Demand Using Realistic Variations On Input Data
Ina De Jaeger, Glenn Reynders, Dirk Saelens
Optimal Design Strategies to Improve Evacuation Safety of Community with Large-Scale Blocks
Yanyu Wang, Cheng Sun, Le Fan
Complete Numerical Evaluation of the BIPV’s Production and Envelope Temperatures in Urban Areas.
Blaise Raybaud, Philippe Thony, Jean-Jacques Roux, Vergnault Etienne, Merlier Lucie
Delivery of Contracted Energy Flexibility from Communities
Rami El Geneidy, Bianca Howard
Speed Optimization of Simulation Models for Rapid Performance Evaluation of Heating and Energy Management Systems
James Allan, Max Boegli, Andrew Bollinger, Pierre-Jean Alet, Matthias Wiget
Building Energy Modeling at District Scale Through BIM Based Automatic Model Generation – Towards Building Envelope Optimization
Mathias Bouquerel, Sébastien Bermes, Adrien Brun, Hassan Bouia, Régis Lecussan, Benoît Charrier
District-level Energy Matching Tool For Carbon-free District Concepts
Ari Laitinen, Francesco Reda, Ala Hasan
Local Energy Mapping for Enabling Area-Based Energy Reductions
Rajat Gupta, Matt Gregg
Co-simulation Workflow for the Dynamic Modelling and Simulation of Large-scale District Energy Systems
Peter Nageler, Gerald Schweiger, Thomas Mach, Richard Heimrath, Hermann Schranzhofer, Lisa Marie Fochler, Christoph Hochenauer, Ingo Leusbrock, Jürgen Fluch, Christian Fink
Required Specification of Residential End-use Energy Demand Model for Application to National GHG Mitigation Policy Making - Case Study for the Japanese Plan for Global Warming Countermeasures
Quantifying the Impact of Urban Microclimate in Detailed Urban Building Energy Simulations
Georgios - Evrystheas Kyriakodis, Emmanuel Bozonnet, Peter Riederer
A Novel Hybrid Technique For Building Demand Forecasting Based On Data-driven And Urban Scale Simulation Approaches
Giovanni Tardioli, Ruth Kerrigan, Michael Oates, James O'Donnell, Donal P. Finn
From Urban Climate to Building and Material Scale: a Multiscale Modelling Approach
Dominique Derome, Aytaç Kubilay, Jonas Allegrini, Andrea Ferrari, Jan Carmeliet
Intelligent Cosimulation To Consider Urban Climate In Building Energy Simulation
Adrien Gros, Nathan Mendes, walter mazuroski, Ricardo C. L. F. Oliveira
Optimal Retrofitting Measures For Residential Buildings At Large Scale: A Multi-Objective Approach
Portia Murray, Mathias Niffeler, Georgios Mavromatidis, Kristina Orehounig
Standardized Representation Of Typological Data As Common Input For Urban Performance Simulation
Sebastian Ebertshäuser, Petra von Both
Water Cycle Impacts of Residential Water Demand in an Aquifer-based Municipal Water Supply and Treatment System: Model Development, Implementation, and Case Studies
Shirley Morque, Mansour Sodaghari, Robert John Ries
Energy Consumption of Institutional Buildings Considering the Urban Climate in Rome
Massimo Palme, Carola Clemente, Serena Baiani, Claudia Calice, Agnese Salvati
Impact Of Urban Microclimate On The Energy Performance Of Riad-type Buildings
Urban-scale Building Energy Consumption Platform: A Case Study and An Interface for Wuhan
Chao Ding, Wei Feng, Qin Tian
Analysis of Urban Heat Island Phenomenon and Mitigation Strategies for Tirana, Albania
Vilma Picari, Sokol Dervishi
CFD Simulations Of Cross Natural Ventilation Through An Apartment With Modified Inflow Boundary Conditions
Sumei Liu, Wuxuan Pan, Xiaorui Lin, Ke Qing, Weizhen Zhang, Zhengwei Long, Qingyan Chen

Simulation to support regulations

Improving the Energy Performance of Existing Buildings: Search for Opportunities for Social Housing Companies
Els Van de moortel, Karen Allacker, Frank De Troyer, Luc Stijnen, Erik Schoofs
Dynamic Simulations for Inhomogenous Components
Giorgio Baldinelli, Francesco Bianchi, Agnieszka Lechowska, Jacek Schnotale
Forming a Unitary Envelope Thermal Performance Index for Office Buildings in Taiwan
Ruey-Lung Hwang, Ming-Chin Ho, I-Ting Lai, Kuo-Tsang Huang
An Atlas for Residential Earth Building Thermal Performance in Australia Climates
Dong Chen, Zhengen Ren
A Density-Based Spatial Cluster Analysis Supporting The Building Stock Analysis In Historical Towns
Elena Lucchi, Valentina D'Alonzo, Dagmar Exner, Pietro Zambelli, Giulia Garegnani
Simulation of the Annual Energy Demand of Buildings through Averaged Monthly and Hourly Calculation Methods: a Comparative Analysis
Fabio Fantozzi, Carlo Romeo, Giacomo Salvadori, Francesco Leccese, Federico Gazzarri
The Dynamic Model of EN ISO 52016-1 for the Energy Assessment of Buildings Compared to Simplified and Detailed Simulation Methods
Ilaria Ballarini, Andrea Costantino, Enrico Fabrizio, Vincenzo Corrado
Effect Of Grid Tariffs On Demand-side Management In All-electric Buildings In Norway
Sophie Schönfeldt Karlsen, Stian Backe, Mohamed Hamdy
Benchmarking Building Energy Consumption Using Efficiency Factors
Mahnameh Taheri, Parag Rastogi, Colin Parry, Alan Wegienka
A Comparative Analysis Among Standard Load Profiles for Natural Gas Consumption Simulation at Urban Scale
Laura Canale, Gino Cortellessa, Marco Dell'Isola, Giorgio Ficco, Andrea Frattolillo, Fabrizio Zuena
CFD Analysis Of Airflow In Voids For Better Cross Ventilation In Midrise Buildings In Hot And Humid Climates
Nikhil Kumar, Tetsu Kubota, Ronita Bardhan, Yoshihide Tominaga
Evaluating Building Energy Code Compliance and Savings Potential through Large Scale Simulation with Models Inferred by Field Data
Yulong Xie, Mark Halverson, Rosemarie Bartlett, Yan Chen, Michael Rosenberg, Todd Taylor, Jeremiah Williams
A Methodology to Quantify the Impact of Building Energy Code Upgrades on Building Energy Savings: A Case Study on Small Offices
Yunyang Ye, Kathryn Hinkelman, Jian Zhang, Yulong Xie, Wangda Zuo
DC Power Distribution in Buildings - Reliability and Flexibility Simulation
YI BAO, Wei Feng, Huijie Xue, Rich Brown, Bruce Nordman, Daniel Gerber, Jie Wang, Fulin Wang, Bin Hao, Yutong Li
Test Of ISO 52016-1 Energy Performance Of Buildings Calculation Procedure
Clemens Felsmann, Alf Perschk, Richard Franke
Impact of Building Energy Code at City Level Energy Consumption – A Study in the Context of Ahmedabad, India
Rajan Rawal, Kartikay Sharma, Himani Pandya
Reference Model for the Analysis of Energy Consumption Characteristics in Accommodation and Cultural Facilities
Suhyun Lee, Hyejin Son, Doun Kim, Jeong-A Kang, Young-Sun Jeong, Sun-Hye Mun, Jung-Ho Huh, Younghoon Kwak
Weather Data for Building Simulation: Grid Resolution for Climate Zone Delineation
Renjith Jayapalan Nair, Eleonora Brembilla, Christina Hopfe, John Mardaljevic
Application of A Housing Technology Assessment Simulation Platform in Regulation R&D
Rasoul Asaee, Alex Ferguson, Adam Wills
Dynamic Simulation to identify Cost-Optimal Energy Requirements for the Italian Building Stock
Vincenzo Corrado, Ilaria Ballarini, Giovanna De Luca, Elisa Primo
Climatic Zoning Methodology Based On Data-Driven Approach
Leonardo Mazzaferro, Rayner Maurício E Silva Machado, Ana Paula Melo, Roberto Lamberts
Energy Performance of Desiccant and Evaporative Cooling-assisted 100% Outdoor Air System Combined with a Thermoelectric Module and Organic Rankine Cycle
Soo-Yeol Yoon, Joon-Young Park, Seongyong Cheon, Su Liu, Jae-Weon Jeong
Evaluating Daylight Factor Standard through Climate Based Daylight Simulations and Overheating Regulations in Estonia
Francesco De Luca, Martin Kiil, Raimo Simson, Jarek Kurnitski, Rein Murula
Development of RETV (Residential Envelope Transmittance Value) Formula for Cooling Dominated Climates of India for the Proposed Energy Conservation Building Code for Residential Building (ECBC-R)
Prashant Kumar Bhanware, Pierre Jaboyedoff, Sameer Maithel, Ashok Lall, Saswati Chetia, Vernica Prakash Kapoor, Satyendra Rana, Salil Mohan, Saurabh Diddi, Abdullah Nisar Siddiqui, Anju Singh, Anand Shukla
Comparative Analysis of Fenestration Systems: A Life Cycle Energy Based Approach
Akriti Singh, Avlokita Agrawal, Aman Batish
Heatwave Vulnerability Assessment of Nursing Homes Based on Dynamic Simulations
Dóra Szagri, Balázs Nagy, Zsuzsa Szalay
The Effect of Using Locally Defined Thermal Conditions on Energy Demand in Hot-Arid Regions
Saif Rashid, Oliver Kornadt, Conrad Voelker
Energy And Fire Safety Performance Of Atrium Ventilation In High-rise Buildings
Haohan Sha, Dahai Qi
Building Performance Simulation in Brazil: A systematic review
Adriano Felipe Oliveira Lopes, Caio Frederico e Silva
Developing Envelope Trade-off Coefficients Using Annual Energy Simulations and Multiple Linear Regressions
Mayank Bhatnagar, Hisham Ahmad, Tanmay Tathagat, Sourabh Diddi, Piyush Varma
Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps with Energy Storage: Evaluating the Impacts of a Carbon Reduction Strategy for New England
Bryan Urban
The Effect of Dynamic Primary Energy Factors On Building Energy Performance
Kjartan Van den Brande, Sam Hamels, Jelle Laverge, Michel De Paepe, Arnold Janssens, Marc Delghust
A Thermal Performance Labelling System For Windows In Brazilian Residential Buildings
Fernando Simon Westphal, Fabiola Deckert Arndt, Martin Ordenes
Automating Baseline Models for Code Compliance with Energy Conservation Building Code of India
Nikunj Shukla, Mayank Bhatnagar, Piyush Varma, Hisham Ahmad, Gurneet Singh, Tanmay Tathagat, Anurag Biswas, Robin Jain
Designing to TEDI, TEUI, and GHGI Performance Metrics
Jeanie Chan, Andrea Frisque, Anika Jang
EN ISO 52016-1: The New International Standard To Calculate Building Energy Needs for Heating And Cooling, Internal Temperatures And Heating And Cooling Load
Dick van Dijk

Simulation vs reality

Modeling and Performance Simulation of a Retail Store as a Smart Grid Ready Building
Muhyiddine Jradi, Henrik Engelbrecht Foldager, Rasmus Camillus Jeppesen, Jakob Hviid, Mikkel Ask Rasmussen, Mikkel Kjærgaard
Pre Design Renovation Measurements And Efficient Decision-Making. Danish Case Study
Hagar Elarga, Christina Thomsen, Rune Korsholm Andersen, Carsten Rode
Building Simulation to Measure Indoor Microclimate in Heritage Buildings
Kristian Fabbri, Marco Pretelli, Anna Bonora
Remote Sensing For Building Energy Simulation Input – A Field Trial
Philip Gorzalka, Jacob Estevam Schmiedt, Joachim Göttsche, Bernhard Hoffschmidt, Magdalena Linkiewicz, Dhruvkumar Patel, Stefan Plattner, Christian Schorn, Dirk Frommholz
Study on Management and Control of a District Heating and Cooling Plant
Toshiki Doyama, Michihiro Kondo, Hiroshi Imaoka, Daisuke Sumiyoshi, Hiroki Kitayama, Jongyeon Lim, Yasunori Akashi
Comparison of Energyplus Simulation Results of Double Skin Facade System with CFD and Experiment Data
Junghyon Mun, Jongik Lee, Brian Baewon Koh
A Comparison Study Of Simulation-Based Prediction Tools For Air Temperature And Outdoor Thermal Comfort In A Tropical Climate
Elif Esra Aydin, J. Alstan Jakubiec, Steve Kardinal Jusuf
Data-driven Approach for Modeling the Thermal Dynamics of Residential Buildings Using a PieceWise ARX Model
Mohammed Hichem BENZAAMA, Lala RAJAOARISOA, Stéphane LECOEUCHE, Balsam AJIB
Exploring The Sky Longwave Radiance Distribution In The French Basque Country
Raphaël Nahon, Jairo Acuña Paz Y Miño, Benoit Beckers
The Digital Twin As A Base For The Design Of Building Control Strategies
Christoph Nytsch-Geusen, Werner Kaul, Jörg Rädler, Visvesh Shenoy, Pruthviraj Balekai
Towards Assessing Houses Robustness Against Thermal Stresses Using Temporal Sensitivity Analysis
Léa Gondian, Jeanne Goffart, Monika Woloszyn, Etienne Wurtz, Catherine Buhé, Philippe Maréchal
The Construction of Minimum Variables Set for Energy Prediction Models of Office Buildings
Mingya Zhu, Yiqun Pan, Zhizhong Huang
Dynamic Simulation of existing buildings: considerations on the Model Calibration.
Adriana Angelotti, Micol Ballabio, Livio Mazzarella, Cristina Cornaro, Gianmarco Parente, Francesca Frasca, Alessandro Prada, Paolo Baggio, Ilaria Ballarini, Giovanna De Luca, Vincenzo Corrado
Validated Simulation of Low Cost Thermal Envelope Upgrades for Slum Housing
Nadir Bonaccorso, Nuno R. Martins, Guilherme Carrilho da Graça
Development Of A Reduced Order Model For Standard-Based Measurement And Verification To Support ECM
Alessandro Piccinini, Letizia D'Angelo, Federico Seri, Conor Deane, Raymond Sterling, Andrea Costa, Alberto Giretti, Marcus M. Keane
Bayesian Network for Predicting Energy Consumption in Schools in Florianópolis – Brazil
Matheus Soares Geraldi, Mateus Vinicius Bavaresco, Enedir Ghisi
PV Optimized Control of Modulating Heat Pumps regarding PV Self-Consumption
Christina Betzold, Arno Dentel
Explicit Representations of Common Artefacts in Simulation
Jon William Hand
Overview Of A Large Scale Monitoring Project Of Energy Efficient Houses: Complementarity Between Simulations And Measurements.
Jeanne Goffart, Monika Woloszyn, Xavier Faure, Frederic Wurtz, Léa Gondian, Catherine Buhé, Thomas Recht, Laurent Mora, Bruno Peuportier, Patrick Schalbart, Manar Aymari, Stéphane Ploix, Patrice Schneuwly, Etienne Wurtz
Identification of Dwelling-specific Energy Saving Benchmarks from Building Stock Models
John Allison, Joe Clarke
Improvement in Accuracy of Heat Load Calculation for Irregularly used Rooms
Yuki Ebihara, Tatsuo Nagai
Model and Validation of a Multi-family Building ‘Haus M’ Using Modelica
Josué Borrajo Bastero, Eline Himpe, Martin Ménard, Anne Caminade, Jelle Laverge
Forecasting Indoor Temperatures During Heatwaves: Do More Complex Models Provide Better Predictions?
Matej Gustin, Rob S. McLeod, Kevin J. Lomas
Energy Modelling of Livestock Houses: the Results from the EPAnHaus Project
Andrea Costantino, Enrico Fabrizio
Comparison Between Two Energy Dynamic Tools : the Impact of Two Different Calculation Procedures on the Achievement of nZEBs Requirements
Laura Pompei, Fabio Nardecchia, Benedetta Mattoni, Fabio Bisegna, Alessandro Mangione
Revisiting the Comfort Parameters of ISO 7730: Measurement and Simulation
Mark B Luther, Tarek MF Ahmed
A Robust Unsupervised Framework for High-resolution Building Energy Consumption Profiling
Sicheng Zhan, Adrian Chong
A Data-Driven Load Shape Profile Based Building Benchmarking: Comparing Doe Reference Buildings With A Large Metering Dataset
June Young Park, Clayton Miller, Zoltan Nagy
CFS Model Improvement based on Measured Data of a 1:1 Scale Test Mock-up
Marion Hiller, Martin Gut, Holst Stefan
Predicted And Measured Performances Of Near Zero-Energy Houses: A Comparison Methodology
Thomas Recht, Jeanne Goffart, Laurent Mora, Monika Woloszyn, Catherine Buhe
Predicting Speech Intelligibility In University Classrooms Using Geometrical Acoustic Simulations
Giulia Fratoni, Dario D'Orazio, Domenico De Salvio, Massimo Garai
Resilient Design and Adaptive Thermal Comfort in the Tropics
Daniel Zepeda-Rivas, Jorge Rodríguez-Álvarez
Comparison of Predicted Energy Performance Using Three Software Packages and Measured Building Performance Evaluation Results
Filbert Musau, Andrew Evans
Accuracy Of HVAC Load Predictions: Validation Of EnergyPlus And DOE-2 Using An Instrumented Test Facility
Philip Haves, Baptiste Ravache, Andres Fergadiotti, J. Christian Kohler
The Use Of Infrared Thermography And Thermoaeraulic Simulation To Approach The Real Performance Of Existing Buildings
Create and Validate Hybrid Ventilation Components in Simulation Using Grasshopper and Python in Rhinoceros
Hoda Barzegar Ganji, Dennis Michael Utzinger, David E Bradley
Evaluation and simulation of neighborhood energy consumption: Case study in Guayaquil, Ecuador
Luis Godoy, Catalina Vallejo, Francis Vásquez, Geovanna Villacreses, Andrea Lobato, Karl Heinz Gaudry
Daylighting Performance In Schools Between Simulation Predictions And Field Verifications – A Factor of Reality Analysis
Ihab Elzeyadi, Belal Abboushi
Annual Energy Consumption Evaluation Of Naturally Ventilated Double Skin Façade In Hot Summer And Cold Winter Zone
Cong Li, Youming Chen, Yanjin Wang

Solar systems

Simulation Examination about Heat Balance of Detached House with the Air-based Solar Heating System
Youngjin Choi
Energy Performance And Occupancy-Based Analysis Of Visual And Thermal Comfort For Transmittance Level And Layout Variations Of Semi-Transparent Photovoltaics
Giorgia Chinazzo, Adrien Legrain, Giuseppe Peronato, Jan Wienold, Marilyne Andersen
The Influence of Convection on the Behaviour of a Ventilated BIPV Module: A Sensitivity Analysis
Juliana E. Gonçalves, Twan A. J. van Hooff, Dirk Saelens
Simulation of Unglazed Solar Thermal Systems Integrated into Façade & Combined with Ultra-Low Temperature District Heating
Mikel Lumbreras, Roberto Garay
PVT Systems: Effect of Both Storage Features and Load Configuration
Laura Cirrincione, Cristina Malara, Concettina Marino, Antonino Nucara, Giorgia Peri, Matilde Pietrafesa
Applied Strategy Using Reflectors to Improve Electricity Generation of Photovoltaic Panels on Buildings
Khalid Osman Abdulkadir, Moon Keun Kim
Using Clustering Techniques to Optimize Panel Grouping for Large PV Arrays with Non-uniform Orientation and Shading Obstructions.
Andy McNeil
Early Design Tool For PV+Battery Sizing: An Approach To Maximize The Economic Outlook Of BIPV By Increasing Self-Consumption
Mattia Dallapiccola, Marco Lovati, Jennifer Adami, David Moser
Modeling and Performance Optimization of the Glass Evacuated U-tube Solar Collector
Xiaomeng Chen, Fang Guo, Xudong Yang
Dynamic Performance of a Solar Hybrid Heating Network Integrated with a Micro-Cogeneration Unit Serving a Small-Scale Residential District including Electric Vehicles
Antonio Rosato, Antonio Ciervo, Giovanni Ciampi, Michelangelo Scorpio, Francesco Guarino, Sergio Sibilio
Modeling of Partially Shaded BIPV Systems With BPS Tools – Towards Model Complexity Selection for Early Stage Design Support
Ádám Bognár, Roel Loonen, Jan Hensen
Thermal and Electric Storage Optimization for Solar-Assisted Heat Pump Systems in Residential Buildings
Maria Pinamonti, Paolo Baggio
Using Rhinoceros Plugins Grasshopper And Ladybug To Assess BiPV Façades In Brasília.
Jader de Sousa Freitas, Joára Cronemberger, Raí Mariano Soares
A New Method to Evaluate Environmental Conditions for Appropriate Sizing of PV-Battery Systems
Alfonso P. Ramallo-González, Roel Loonen, Jan Hensen
Investigation Of The Flow Between A PV Panel And Building’s Outer Skin Comprising A Naturally Ventilated BIPV System
Soteris Kalogirou

Validation, calibration and uncertainty

Reliability And Sensitivity Of Building Performance Simulation Tools In Simulating Mechanically Ventilated Double Skin Facades
Adrienn Gelesz, Elena Catto Lucchino, Francesco Goia, András Reith, Valentina Serra
A Comparative Study of Various Sensitivity Analysis Methods in Building Application
Zhihong Pang, Zheng O'Neill
Uncertainty Quantification In Predictive Modelling Of Heat Demand Using Reduced-order Grey Box Models
Mohammad Haris Shamsi, Usman Ali, Fawaz Alshehri, James O'Donnell
Empirical Validation of Building Energy Modeling using Flexible Research Platform
Piljae Im, Joshua R. New, Jaewan Joe
Calibration of a Hybrid Heat Pump System and Application of an Energy Manager in Building Performance Simulations
Philipp Mehrfeld, Martin Steinbach, Markus Nürenberg, Moritz Lauster, Dirk Müller
Accuracy Of The Most Popular Building Performance Simulation Tools: Experimental Comparison For A Conventional And A PCM-Based Test Box
Domenico Mazzeo, Piercarlo Romagnoni, Nicoletta Matera, Giuseppe Oliveti, Cristina Cornaro, Livio De Santoli
Deploying Building Simulation To Enhance The Experimental Design Of A Full-Scale Empirical Validation Project
Eirini Mantesi, Konstantinos Mourkos, Christina Hopfe, Rob McLeod, Paraskevi Vatougiou, Matthias Kersken, Paul Strachan
Municipal Heating Grid Load Predictions for Improved Control of Heating and Cogeneration Plants
Aneta Strzalka, Jacek Kalina, Rafal Strzalka, Ursula Eicker
A Robust Approach For The Calibration of the Material Properties in an Existing Wall
Alessandro Prada, Andrea Gasparella, Paolo Baggio
A Framework For The Continuous Calibration Of Building Energy Models With Uncertainty
Adrian Chong, Song Chao
Developing Equivalent Surface Heat Transfer Input Parameters for Updated Standard 140/BESTEST Thermal Fabric Test Cases
Joel Neymark, Michaël Kummert, Ron Judkoff
Development of Test Procedure for the Evaluation of Building Energy Simulation Tools - Phase II Expansion of Evaluation Targets and Results of Simulation Trials -
Eikichi Ono, Sei Ito, Harunori Yoshida
A Framework for Understanding the Uncertainty Across Energy Model Stages and Methodologies
Patrick Alan Pease, Nada Tarkhan, Chan Mi Hwang
Calibrated simulation of a NZEB: The Solar Decathlon China 2018 SCUTxPoliTo Prototype
Ciro Lisciandrello, Maria Ferrara, Alessio Messina, Enrico Fabrizio
Method For Building Model Calibration Based Upon On-Site Temperature Data To Simulate Overheating Risk In A Passive House In Summer
Pauline Abrahams, Philippe André, Marie Lang, Claudia Falzone
Now It Looks More Real – A Study of Metrics and Resolution for the Calibration of Building and HVAC Simulation
Aurelien Bres, Frédéric Amblard, Jessen Page, Stefan Hauer, Anna Shadrina
Validation and Application of a Numerical Code for Estimate Energy Performance of Complex Glazing Systems Based on Semi-transparent Organic Photovoltaics Elements
Santiago Riquelme, Nathan Mendes, Luís Mauro Moura
Calibrating Energy Performance Model of a Hospital Building: Dealing with Practical Issues of Data Availability and Granularity in a Case Study Building in the UK.
Nishesh Jain, Esfand Burman, Dejan Mumovic, Michael Davies
Verification of Probabilistic Building Energy Models
Qinpeng Wang, Godfried Augenbroe
Uncertainty Analysis of the Representation of Air-Handling Unit with Terminal VAV Boxes in EnergyPlus
Qinpeng Wang, Godfried Augenbroe
Modelling the Influence of Layout On Overheating Risk of London Flats
Andrea Lorena Vallejo Espinosa, Phil Symonds, Giorgos Petrou
Characterization Of Building Foundation In Building Energy Models
Germán Ramos Ruiz, Vicente Gutierrez González, Eva Lucas Segarra, Germán Campos Gordillo, Carlos Fernandez Bandera
Identifiability Of The Heat Transfer Coefficient In Buildings With Unheated Spaces
Sarah Juricic, Peder Bacher, Jeanne Goffart, Simon Rouchier, Aurélie Foucquier, Gilles Fraisse
Hygrothermal Simulations Comparative Study: Assessment of Different Materials Using WUFI and DELPHIN Software
Bina Hejazi, Nayara Rodrigues Marques Sakiyama, Jürgen Frick, Harald Garrecht
Refinement of Dynamic Non-Residential Building Archetypes Using Measurement Data and Bayesian Calibration
Peter Remmen, Julian Schäfer, Dirk Müller
A Framework to Quantify Data Informativeness in Risk-Conscious Building Performance Simulation Applications
Qi Li, Godfried Augenbroe, Jason Brown
Development and Validation of PCM Models Integrated Into the High Order Building Model of Modelica Library – Aixlib
Akbar Halimov, Moritz Lauster, Dirk Müller
Uncertainty Propagation of Internal Heat Gains for Building Thermal Behavior Assessment: Influence of Spatial Distribution
Jordan Gauvrit, Antoine Caucheteux, Stéphane Lecoeuche
Calibration for Stochastic Existing Building Stock Model for Energy Simulation
Hye-Gi Kim, Sun-Sook Kim
Empirical Validation of Single-Room Heat Transfer Models under Uncertainty
Qi Li, Ralph Muehleisen, Baptiste Ravache, Philip Haves
Characterization Of HVAC Operation Uncertainty In EnergyPlus AHU Modules
Di Sui, Yuna Zhang, Godfried Augenbroe
Evaluating Input Influence in Grey-box models for Demand Response in Buildings
Harald Taxt Walnum, Karen Byskov Lindberg, Igor Sartori


Urban climate – Impact on energy consumption and thermal comfort of buildings
Urs Grossenbacher, Jan Remund
Utilization of Satellite-based Remote-sensing for the Representation of External Boundary Conditions in Building Energy Modelling
Pelin Firat Ors, Milena Vuckovic, Ardeshir Mahdavi
On the Prediction of Ground-Reflected Solar Radiation and its Relevance in the Context of Building Performance Simulation (BPS)
Luminita Dumitrascu, Ian Beausoleil-Morrison
A New Approach to Model the Effect of Climate Change on the Building Sector: a Climate Models Data Fusion
Giovanni Tumminia, Francesco Guarino, Daniele Croce, Sonia Longo, Ilenia Tinnirello, Marco Ferraro, Marina Mistretta, Maurizio Cellura
Testing Typical Indian Buildings Under Different Extreme Temperature Conditions
Francesca Cecinati, Woong J. Chung, Sukumar Natarajan, David A. Coley
A Projection And Clipping Method To Calculate Direct, Diffuse, And Reflected Irradiation
Jacob Estevam Schmiedt, Björn Schiricke
Architect-friendly Analysis Tool For Bioclimatic Design In Hot Humid Climates
Shady Attia, Theo Lacombe
Creation Of Future Probabilistic Hot Event Years For Assessing Building Resilience To Heatwaves
Chunde Liu, Woong June Chung, Coley David
Should We Be Using Just ‘Typical’ Weather Data in Building Performance Simulation?
Drury Crawley, Linda Lawrie
Integration Of Convection Permitting Climate Models By Means Of Typical and Extreme Years in Building Energy Simulations In A Context Of Climate Change
Delphine Ramon, Karen Allacker, Nicole P.M. van Lipzig
Nowcasting Methods For Optimising Building Performance
Hu Du, Carlos Fernández Bandera, Lei Chen
Assessing Building Energy Performance via Selection of Representative Simulation Days
Yan Chen, Saptarshi Bhattacharya, Zhihong Pang, Deepak Sivaraman, Sen Huang, Draguna Vrabie
Clustering of European Climates and Representative Climate Identification for Building Energy Simulation Analyses
Giovanni Pernigotto, Angélica Walsh, Andrea Gasparella, Jan LM Hensen
Climate Zone Classification of India Using New Base Temperature
Mayank Bhatnagar, Jyotirmay Mathur, Vishal Garg
Using Satellite-Derived Solar Radiation to Create Weather Files of Unprecedented Accuracy and Reliability
Yu Joe Huang


Sensor Selection and Control Strategy Development Support for Automated Solar Shading Systems Using Building Performance Simulation
Samuel De Vries, Roel Loonen, Jan Hensen
A Comparative Study on the Energy Performance of Movable Insulation and Triple-Glazed Windows
Zhaoyun Zeng, Jason Brown, Godfried Augenbroe
Actuation Of Changeable Optical Properties By A Construction Node Temperature – An Example Of PCM-Window
Anna Wieprzkowicz, Dariusz Heim
Modelling The Performances Of An Innovative Shading Device Integrating PV
Emanuele Piccoli, Alessandro Dama
Seasonal Optimization of Dynamic Thermo-Optical ETFE Façade System
Jung Min Han, Daekwon Park
Modeling a Ventilator with Multiple Modes of Ventilation and Air Filtration
Facheng Li, Tengfei Zhang, Shugang Wang
A Comparison Of The Latest Window Modeling Methods In EnergyPlus
J. Christian Kohler, Peter Lyons, Robert G. Hart, D. Charlie Curcija
Occupant-Centred Control Strategies For Adaptive Facades: Preliminary Study Of The Impact Of Shortwave Solar Radiation On Thermal Comfort
Alessandra Luna Navarro, Juan Diego Blanco Cadena, Fabio Favoino, Mattia Donato, Tiziana Poli, Marco Perino, Mauro Overend
Artificial Neural Network Based Model Predictive Control Vis-à-Vis Simple On-Off Control Of Windows Opening Position For Mixed-Mode-Operated Building
Brijesh Pandey, Rajat Pungaliya, Rangan Banerjee
Modelling Of Complex Fenestration Systems – Application Of Different Toolchain Approaches On Real Case Scenarios
Martin Hauer, Giuseppe De Michele, Francesco Babich, Daniel Plörer, Stefano Stefano
A Fast GPU Algorithm for Complex Fenestration Systems Optimization
Ignacio Decia, Eduardo Fernández, Pablo Ezzatti
Energy Performance of Offices Buildings in Brazil using Insulated Glass Units
Mônica Martins Pinto, Fernando Simon Westphal
Comparative Analysis of Three Calculation Models to Simulate Energy Performance of Aerogel Glazing System
Dongmei Zheng, Youming Chen, Yaling Xiao, Yang Liu, Yupeng Li, Siqian Zheng, Bin Lu

Zero Energy Buildings (ZEB)

Simulation-assisted Optimization of NZE Multi-family Buildings
Fabian Ochs, Georgios Dermentzis, Monteleone William
The Contribution Of Geothermal Heat Pumps In Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs)
Robustness of Building Design Integrating Phase Change Materials in Nordic and Mediterranean Climates
Juan Manuel Cruz, Francesco Goia, Albert Castell
Design of a Low Energy Consumption Office Building using Dynamic Simulations
Tiberiu CATALINA, Guillaume MENEGALDO, Catalin LUNGU, Valentin GAVAN, Gheorghe ILISEI
Social Housing In Italy: Energy Audit And Dynamic Simulation Towards A nZEB Policy
Alice Lorenzati, Ilaria Ballarini, Giovanna De Luca, Vincenzo Corrado
Energy Efficiency and Grid Flexibility through Building To Vehicle To Buildings Approach: Modelling and Simulation
Giovanni Barone, Annamaria Buonomano, Cesare Forzano, Gaetano Galano, Adolfo Palombo
A Simulation Study of Typical Green Houses in Beijing: PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) Performances and Energy Consumption
Yang Wang, Jiangtao Du, Daoliang Li
Green vs Traditional Roofs: Assessing their Actual Benefits through an Integrated Indicator Developed for Cool Roofs
Maria La Gennusa, Concettina Marino, Antonino Nucara, Giorgia Peri, Gianfranco Rizzo, Gianluca Scaccianoce
Sensitivity Analysis of Glazing Parameters and Operational Schedules on Energy Consumption and Life Cycle Cost
Mohamed Amer, Waqas Ahmed Mahar, Guirec Ruellan, Shady Attia
Retrofit Scenarios for Emissions Reduction in Italian Hotels Towards a Post-Carbon City
Giulia Crespi, Cristina Becchio, Stefano Paolo Corgnati
Optimized Solutions For Thermal And Visual Comfort In The Design Of A Nearly Zero-Energy Building
Giovanna De Luca, Ilaria Ballarini, Argun Paragamyan, Anna Pellegrino, Vincenzo Corrado
Combining design and operational optimization of a NZEB: The Solar Decathlon China 2018 SCUTxPoliTo Prototype
Alessio Messina, Maria Ferrara, Ciro Lisciandrello, Enrico Fabrizio
Investigating the Energy and Thermal Implications of Installation of an Air Curtain and an Automatic Door in Convenience Stores in Wales
Shan Shan Hou, Joanne Patterson, Xiaojun Li, Emmanouil Perisoglou, Phil Jones
Simulation-based Methodology For Comparison Of nZEB Requirements In Different Countries Including Results Of Model Calibration Tests
Carsten Wemhoener, Lukas Rominger, Simon Buesser, Mara Magni, Fabian Ochs, Christina Betzold, Thomas Dippel
Evaluating the Potential of High Performance Concrete 3D-Printed Affordable Zero Energy Homes
Paola Sanguinetti, Khaled Ali Almazam, Omar Abdulmughni Humaidan, Joe James Colistra
Investigation of the Model Structure for Low-Order Grey-Box Modeling of Residential Buildings
Xingji Yu, Laurent Georges, Michael Dahl Knudsen, Igor Sartori, Lars Imsland
Moving Towards Net Zero - Improving Thermal Comfort and Energy Performance of Prototype Supermarket Stores in India
Vaibhav Rai Khare, Maaz Akbar Khan, Hisham Ahmad, Tanmay Tathagat, Rohan Parikh
Potential of Mid-Rise Social Residential Buildings to Reach Net Zero Energy Building Standard in Two Different Climates of Chile
Felipe Tori, Sergio Vera, Waldo Bustamante, Pablo Sills
Rooftop Greenhouses: Energy And Environmental Synergies Of Bidirectional Integration With The Building.
Joan Muñoz-Liesa, Mohammad Royapoor, Elisa López-Capel, Eva Cuerva, Santiago Gassó-Domingo, Alejandro Josa
Ultra-Low Carbon Technologies for Building Retrofits
Samantha Alyce Lane, Randy Irwin, Andrea Frisque, Jeanie Chan