Proceedings of BSA Conference 2013

Proceedings of BSA 2013, the 1st IBPSA-Italy conference on “Building Simulation Applications”

January 30 – February 1, 2013, Bozen/Bolzano

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Andrea gasparella

Predictive building systems control logic with embedded simulation capability
Ardeshir Mahdavi
The air energy balance equation paradox
Livio Mazzarella
BENIMPACT Suite: a tool for ZEB whole life cycle analysis
Silvia Dematt
Daylight harvesting: a multivariate regression linear model for predicting the impact on lighting, cooling and heating
Stefano Moret, Marco Noro, Konstantinos Papamichael
Derivation of meteorological reference year with hourly interval for Italy
Gianluca Antonacci, Ilaria Todeschini
The admittance method for calculating the internal temperature swings in free running buildings
Luigi Marletta, Gianpiero Evola, Maria Giuga, Fabio Sicurella
Interoperability between building information models and software for lighting analysis
Chiara Aghemo, Laura Blaso, Daniele Dalmasso, David Erba, Matteo Del Giudice, Anna Osello, Giovanni Fracastoro, Anna Pellegrino, Pablo Ruffino
Active slab design by lab tests and modelling
Stefano Avesani, Daniel Neyer, Paolo Baldracchi, Ulrich Filippi Oberegger, Roberto Lollini
Investigation of different simulation tools for solar photovoltaic modules
Francesco Frontini, Matteo Marzoli, Narghes Doust
Social and energy redevelopment of an old building
Stefano Fortuna, Paolo Neri, Fabio Peron
Extending the use of parametric simulation in practice through a cloud based online service
Emanuele Naboni, Yi Zhang, Alessandro Maccarini, Elian Hirsch, Daniele Lezzi
Dynamic modelisation of interaction between wall and indoor air
Lorenzo Moro, Piercarlo Romagnoni, Paolo Baggio
Toward an EnergyPlus decision tool for evaluation of energy performances during early-stage building design
Marco Picco, Marco Marengo
Lighting control system: energy efficiency and users
Michela Chiogna, Antonio Frattari
Quasi-steady state calculation method for energy contribution of sunspaces: a proposal for the European standard improvement
Francesco Passerini, Rossano Albatici, Antonio Frattari
Thermal performance of the building walls
Balaji N.C., Monto Mani, Venkatarama Reddy B.V.
Simulation of wind-driven ventilation in an urban underground station
Roberta Ansuini, Alberto Giretti, Roberto Larghetti, Costanzo Di Perna
Comfort and energy performance of a HVAC system under real conditions for an office block
Paolo Valdiserri, Cosimo Marinosci, Laura Pedretti
Integrated BIPV performance assessment for tropical regions: a case study for Bangalore
Gayathri Aaditya, Rohitkumar Pillai, Monto Mani
Multi-objective optimisation of external shading devices for energy efficiency and visual comfort
Gianluca Rapone, Onorio Saro, Giovanni Zemella
Procedure for buildings
Chiara Dipasquale, Matteo D
Influence of the boundary conditions on the definition of a reference residential building for the Italian context
Davide Bettoni, Matteo D
Optimisation of an HVAC system for energy saving and thermal comfort in a university classroom
Giovanni Semprini, Cosimo Marinosci, Alessandro Gober
An open access tool for building energy audits harmonizing European standards
Daniele Testi, Elena Menchetti, Eva Schito, Walter Grassi
Energy performance of shading devices for thermal and lighting comfort in offices
Anna Maria Atzeri, Giovanni Pernigotto, Francesca Cappelletti, Andrea Gasparella, Athanasios Tzempelikos
Parametrical analysis for the evaluation of the technical and economic effectiveness of different refurbishment measures
Francesca Cappelletti, Paola Penna, Piercarlo Romagnoni, Andrea Gasparella
Buildings and biomass cogeneration systems: integrated simulation approach
Dario Prando, Francesco Patuzzi, Giovanni Pernigotto, Andrea Gasparella, Marco Baratieri
On the influence of several parameters in energy model calibration: the case of a historical building
Roberta Pernetti, Alessandro Prada, Paolo Baggio
Energy simulation and design of a hot box suitable for dynamic tests of building envelope opaque components
Alessandro Prada, Davide S. Gigli, Andrea Gasparella, Marco Baratieri
The effect of material uncertainties on envelope heat transfer simulations
Alessandro Prada, Paolo Baggio, Marco Baratieri, Andrea Gasparella
Quasi-steady state and dynamic simulation approaches for the calculation of buil ding energy needs: Part 1 thermal losses
Giovanni Pernigotto, Andrea Gasparella
Quasi-steady state and dynamic simulation approaches for the calculation of building energy needs: Part 2 thermal gains
Giovanni Pernigotto, Andrea Gasparella
Improving summer energy performance of highly insulated buildings through the application of a thermal analysis by numerical simulation
Ilaria Ballarini, Vincenzo Corrado
Energy performance characterisation of vented opaque envelope through simplified methodologies
Vincenzo Corrado, Alice Gorrino, Simona Paduos
Impact of using cool paints on energy demand and thermal comfort of a residen tial building
Diana Dias, Jo
Long term evaluation of building energy performance: comparison of the test reference year and historical data series in the North Italian climates
Giovanni Pernigotto, Gianluca Antonacci, Paolo Baggio, Andrea Gasparella, Jan Hensen
Analysis of the impact of ventilated cavities on the performance of opaque components
Alessandro Prada, Marco Baratieri, Andrea Gasparella
GA-optimisation of a curtain wall fa
Debora Bogar, Gianluca Rapone, Ardeshir Mahdavi, Onorio Saro
Use of PCM materials for the reduction of thermal energy requirements in buildings
Francesco Reda, Domenico Mazzeo, Natale Arcuri, Roberto Bruno
Energy and daylighting interaction in offices with shading devices
Francesca Mazzichi, Marco Manzan
Evaluating the nature and significance of ambient wind regimes on solar photovoltaic system performance
Abhishek Rao, Monto Mani
Thermo-fluid dynamics of woody biomass flue gas in the heat accumulation stoves
Paolo Scotton, Daniele Rossi, Mauro Barberi, Stefano De Toni