Proceedings of BSA Conference 2019

Proceedings of BSA 2019, the Fourth IBPSA-Italy conference on “Building Simulation Applications”

19-21. June.2019, held at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

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The impact of occupancy-related input data uncertainty on the distribution of building simulation results
Christiane Berger, Elisa Primo, Dawid Wolosiuk, Vincenzo Corrado, Ardeshir Mahdavi
New tools for the hygrothermal assessment of building components: a comparison of different methodologies
Carlotta Dolzani, Martina Demattio, Marco Larcher, Ulrich Klammsteiner, Ulrich Santa
Evaluation of energy flexibility from residential district cooling
Alice Mugnini, Fabio Polonara, Alessia Arteconi
Dynamic characterisation of thermal bridges in historic balconies in Palermo
Roberta Zarcone, Maurizio Brocato
Multi-stage multi-level calibration of a School Building energy model
Ilaria Pittana, Alessandro Prada, Francesca Cappelletti, Andrea Gasparella
Dynamic modelling and control system optimization of a reversible air-to-water heat pump with heat recovery for domestic hot water production
Matteo Dongellini, Luigi Belmonte, Gian Luca Morini
Numerical Evaluation of Moisture Buffering Capacity of Different Inner Casing
Enrico Baschieri, Anne Friederike Goy
A Citysim urban energy simulation for the development of retrofit scenarios for a neighborhood in Bolzano, Italy
Fahad Haneef, Federico Battini, Giovanni Pernigotto, Andrea Gasparella
Wind and urban spaces. Evaluation of a CFD parametric framework for early‐stage design
Viola Maffessanti
Analysis Of Two Shading Systems In A Glazed-Wall Physiotherapy Center In Bolzano, Italy
Luca Zaniboni, Giovanni Pernigotto, Andrea Gasparella
Assessing solar radiation in the urban area of Bolzano, Italy, by means of SEBE simulations
Gianluca Pappaccogli, Giovanni Pernigotto, Alessandro Prada, Andrea Gasparella
Numerical And Experimental Study On The Impact Of Humidity On The Thermal Behaviour Of Insulated Timber Walls
Maja Danovska, Michele Libralato, Giovanni Pernigotto, Alessandra De Angelis, Onorio Saro, Paolo Baggio, Andrea Gasparella
Sensitivity analysis of SEBE model using different meteorological input: A case study in Bolzano, Italy
Gianluca Pappaccogli, Giovanni Pernigotto, Alessandro Prada, Andrea Gasparella
Numerical and experimental characterization of the thermal behavior of Complex Fenestrations Systems under dynamic conditions
Ingrid Demanega, Giuseppe De Michele, Martin Hauer, Stefano Avesani, Giovanni Pernigotto, Andrea Gasparella
Modelling the sound insulation of mass timber floors using the finite transfer matrix method
Federica Morandi, Marco Caniato, Olivier Robin, Luca Barbaresi, Andrea Gasparella, Patrice Masson, Noureddine Atalla
Safety at chimney-roof penetration: a numerical investigation
Manuela Neri, Leppanen Perttu, Mika Alanen, Davide Luscietti, Mariagrazia Pilotelli
Building Energy Models with Morphological urban-scale parameters: a case study in Turin
Roberto Boghetti, Fabio Fantozzi, Jérôme Kämpf, Guglielmina Mutani, Giacomo Salvadori, Valeria Todeschi
Use of the ISO 12354 standard for the prediction of the sound insulation of timber buildings: application to three case studies
Francesca Di Nocco, Federica Morandi, Luca Barbaresi, Antonino Di Bella
Testing the BIM-Ladybug Tools Interoperability: A Daylighting Simulation Workflow
Laura Pompei, Giulia Spiridigliozzi, Livio De Santoli, Cristina Cornaro, Fabio Bisegna
An attempt to rank Italian historical opera houses basing on numerical simulation
Giulia Fratoni, Rovigatti Anna, Garai Massimo
Energy and Exergy Analysis of a HVAC System having a Ground Source Heat Pump as Generation System
Paolo Valdiserri, Michael Lucchi, Marco Lorenzini
Double-layer gypsum panels: prediction of the sound reduction index using the transfer matrix method
Nicola Granzotto, Edoardo A. Piana
Static vs dynamic hygrothermal simulation for cellulose-based insulation in existing walls: a case study comparison
Matteo Bilardo, Fabrizio Giorgio, Enrico Fabrizio, Francesco Prizzon
Design and Evaluation of Extreme Moisture Reference Years for Moisture-Related Risk Assessments
Michele Libralato, Giovanni Pernigotto, Alessandro Prada, Alessandra De Angelis, Onorio Saro, Andrea Gasparella
Building integrated photovoltaic thermal collectors: modelling and experimental investigation of two novel cost-effective prototypes
Giovanni Barone, Annamaria Buonomano, Cesare Forzano, Adolfo Palombo
A psycho-acoustical experiment using a stereo dipole for spatial impression of music signals
Benedetto Nastasi, Massimiliano Manfren, Francesca Merli
On the use of 3D auralisation to evaluate room acoustic enhancement in auditorium restoration
Benedetto Nastasi, Massimiliano Manfren, Francesca Merli, Vincenzo Vodola
Acoustic comfort for spaces used by people with cognitive impairment: a starting point for the application of Acoustic Event Detection and Sound Source Recognition systems
Federica Bettarello, Marco Caniato, Giuseppina Scavuzzo, Andrea Gasparella
Acoustics and spatial sound distribution in the Theatre Comunale in Bologna, Italy
Massimiliano Manfren, Benedetto Nastasi, Francesca Merli, Vincenzo Vodola
The acoustic simulation of performing area in the auditorium: some examples in Italy
Vincenzo Vodola, Benedetto Nastasi, Massimiliano Manfren, Francesca Merli
Acoustic Refurbishment on a Temporary Auditorium: BIM design and interventions influences
Marco Caniato, Federica Bettarello, Matteo Bellè, Andrea Gasparella
Control strategies to increase the photovoltaic self-consumption of air-source heat pump systems
Maria Pinamonti, Alessandro Prada, Paolo Baggio
Sound reduction index of clay hollow brick walls
Nicola Granzotto, Edoardo Piana, Antonino Di Bella
Prediction of the acoustic and thermal performance of a multilayer partition
Manuela Neri, Mariagrazia Pilotelli, Edoardo Alessio Piana, Adriano Maria Lezzi
Implementing the Sustainable Energy (and Climate) Action Plans: quasi-steady state or dynamic modeling approach
Concettina Marino, Antonino Nucara, Giorgia Peri, Matilde Pietrafesa, Gianfranco Rizzo, Gianluca Scaccianoce
Comparison between the EN ISO 52016-1 hourly calculation method and a detailed full dynamic simulation
Giovanna De Luca, Mamak P.Tootkaboni, Ilaria Ballarini, Vincenzo Corrado
On the Thermophysical Performance Optimization of Italian Schools of the 60s: a Case Study in Ostia (RM)
Francesco Asdrubali, Luca Evangelisti, Lucia Fontana, Claudia Guattari, Ilaria Montella, Pietro Prestininzi, Ginevra Salerno, Chiara Tonelli, Valeria Vitale.
On the parasitic heat transfer between dwellings in case of individual heating: first results by simulation across the EU
Viola Iaria, Carlo Mazzenga, Vincenzo A. Spena
Analysis of the surroundings impact on the building energy performance by means of a BIM analytical model coupled with dynamic simulation
Alessia Maiolatesi, Alessandro Prada, Fabio Luce, Giovanna Massari, Paolo Baggio
Calibration of an UMI simulation model for a neighborhood in Bolzano, Italy
Federico Battini, Giovanni Pernigotto, Andrea Gasparella