Proceedings of BSO Conference 2012

Proceedings of, the First IBPSA-England conference on “Building Simulation and Optimization”.

10-11 September 2012, held at Loughborough University in association with CIBSE

Acceleration of Building Design Optimisation Through the Use of Kriging Surrogate Models
Es Tresidder, Yi Zhang, Alexander I. J. Forrester
Multi-Objective Optimization of the Ventilation System Design in a Two-Bed Hospital Ward with an Emphasis on Infection Control
M Amirul I Khan, Catherine J Noakes, Vassili V Toropov Pathogen
Robust Multi-Criteria Design Optimisation in Building Design
Christina J Hopfe, Michael T.M. Emmerich, Robert Marijt, Jan Hensen
Comparison of EPC, DEC and Dynamic Thermal Simulation Results at Birmingham Airport
James Parker, Michael Oates, Paul Cropperand Li Shao
Performance Gap and Thermal Modelling: a Comparison of Simulation Results and Actual Energy Performance for an Academy in North West England
Esfandiar Burman, Dan Rigamonti, Judit Kimpain, Dejan Mumovic
The European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive: Comparison of Calculated and Actual Energy Use in a Danish Office Building
Steffen Petersenand Christian Anker Hviid
Simulation Experiments with Birmingham Zero Carbon House and Optimisation in the Context of Climate Change
Ljubomir Jankovic and Halla Huws
Calibration of Whole Building Energy Simulation Models: Detailed Case Study of a Naturally Ventilated Building Using Hourly Measured Data
Daniel Coakley, , Paul Raftery, Padraig Molloy
A Calibrated Whole Building Simulation Approach to Assessing Retrofit Options for Birmingham Airport
James Parker, Paul Cropperand Li Shao
The Samples of Energy Modelling for Energy Efficient Green Building Design in Turkey
Ece Kalaycıoğlu, A. Zerrin Yılmaz and Alpay Akgüç,
Evaluation of Thermal Energy Performance of the Dunas Community Hall in the City of Pelotas, RS, Brazil: Verification of the Building Envelope Performance
Alexandre Espindola de Felippe, Jaqueline Peglow, Stífany Knop, Viviane Ritter, Eduardo Grala da Cunha
Problems for Energy Certification of Complex Buildings Through Simplified Methods
Gözde Gali, A. Zerrin Yılmaz
Uncertainty-Weighted Meta-Model Optimization in Building Energy Models
Bryan Eisenhower, Vladimir Fonoberov, Igor Mezic´
Variable Convergence in Evolutionary Optimization and its Relationship to Sensitivity Analysis
Jonathan Wright, Mengchao Wang, Alexander Brownlee, Richard Buswell
An Optimization Methodology and Sensitivity Analysis of Existing Building Retrofits
Sean N. Murray, D.T.J. O’Sullivan,
Modelling Buoyant Thermal Plumes in Naturally Ventilated Buildings
Faisal Durrani, Malcolm J Cook, James J McGuirk
Solar-Assisted Ground Coupling for a Naturally Ventilated School Building
Malcolm Orme, Agnieszka Isanska-Cwiek
Investigating the Effects of Resistance Pathways on Air Flow Through Naturally Ventilated Buildings
David Cunningham
Modelling of Heat Emitters Embedded Within Third Order Lumped Parameter Building Envelope Model
Joshua Fong, Chris Underwood, Jerry Edge, y Tindale, Steve Potter
CFD-Free, Efficient, Micro Indoor Climate Prediction in Buildings
Lars Eriksson, Grigori Grozman, Pavel Grozman, Per Sahlin, Mette Havgaard Vorre, Lars Ålenius
On the Integration of Wood Stoves for the Space-Heating of Passive Houses: Assessment Using Dynamic Simulation
Laurent Georgesand Vojislav Novakovic
Better Carbon Saving: Using a Genetic Algorithm to Optimise Building Carbon Reductions
Christopher Pountney
Multi-Objective Optimisation of a Modular Building for Different Climate Types
Ralph Evins, Philip Pointer, Stuart Burgess
Implementation of Pareto-Archive NSGA-II Algorithms to a Nearly-Zero-Energy Building Optimisation Problem
Mohamed Hamdy, Matti Palonen, Ala Hasan
Daylighting Metrics: Is There a Relation Between Useful Daylight Illuminance and Daylight Glare Probability?
J. Mardaljevic, M. Andersen, N. Roy and J. Christoffersen
User-Based Evaluation of an Interactive Expert System for Full-Year Daylighting Design Support
Jaime M.L. Gagne, Marilyne Andersen,
Daylight Visualizer and Energy & Indoor Climate Visualizer, a Suite of Simulation Tools for Residential Buildings
Peter Foldbjerg, Thorbjørn Færing Asmussen, Nicolas Roy, Per Sahlin, Lars Ålenius, Henrik Wann Jensen, Claus Jensen
A Probabilistic Approach to Decision Making in Conceptual Design
Roberta Ansuini, Alberto Giretti, Massimo Lemma
Analysis, Classification and Simulation of Energy Efficiency of Commercial Typologies Downtown Pelotas City
Jaqueline da Silva Peglow, Eduardo Grala da Cunha
Performance Prediction of Advanced Building Controls in the Design Phase Using ESP-R, BCVTB and Matlab
P. Hoes, R.C.G.M. Loonen, M. Trčka, J.L.M. Hensen
Dynamic Optimization of Integrated Operation Strategies for the Building VAV System and Night Ventilation Using the Simultaneous Collocation Method: a Case Study
Rongpeng Zhang, Yisu Nie, Khee Poh Lam
ANN Application to Modelling and Control of Small Absorption Chillers
Jerko Labus, Ivan Korolija, Ljiljana Marjanovic-Halburd, Yi Zhang, Alberto Coronas
What Guidance Will Building Modellers Require for Integrating Future Climates Into Building Performance Simulation?
Maria Shamash, Dr Anastasia Mylona, Gerry Metcalf
Correlating Probabilistic Climate Projections with Cooling Demand in an Office Building
Sandhya Patidar, David P. Jenkins, Gavin J. Gibsonand Phil F.G. Banfill
Climate Change Adaptation Study for the Cooperative Head Office, Manchester
Mei Ren, Neil Shankland, Nigel Holden, Katie Hague, Jim Webster
A Unit of Space for Uk Urban Energy Modelling
Simon Taylorand Mark Rylatt
Evaluation and Optimization of a Swedish Net ZEB – Using Load Matching and Grid Interaction Indicators
Björn Berggren, Joakim Widen, Björn Karlsson, Maria Wall
An Approach to Visualising the Operational Mix of Renewable Generation Technologies Needed to Achieve Zero-Carbon Emissions From Compact Urban Dwellings
L.A. Steijger, R. A. Buswell, Vincent Smedley, S.K. Firth, P. Rowley
Visual Data Exploration in Sustainable Building Design
Ralph Evins, Daniel Knott, Philip Pointer, Stuart Burgess
Model for Retrofit Configuration Selection Using Multiple Decision Diagrams
Niall P. Dunphy, James Little, Roman van der Krogt
Solution Analysis in Multi-Objective Optimization
Alexander Brownlee, Jonathan Wright
Embedding Building Simulation Constructs Within Focused Applications
Clarke J A, Cockroft J, Hand J W, Samuel A, Strachan P A, Tuohy P
The Social Component of Building Performance Simulation: Understanding Architects
Sara Alsaadaniand Clarice Bleil De Souza
A Data Model for Integrated Building Performance Simulation
Clarke J A, Hand J W, Kelly N, Malik A, Samuel A, Strachan P A, Tuohy P
Reliability of Co-Heating Measurements
Ir.-arch. Geert Bauwens, Dr. Ir.-arch. Piet Standaert, Ir. Frédéric Delcuve, Prof. Dr. Ir.- arch. Staf Roels
Comparing Transient Simulation with Thermography Time Series
Matthew Fox, David Coley, Steve Goodhewand Pieter de Wilde
Influence of User-Behavior on the Performance of the Building and the Energy Supply System: Investigation of Heating
Usman Ijaz Dar, Laurent Georges, Igor Sartori, Vojislav Novakovic
Combined Energy Simulation and Multi-Criteria Optimisation of a LEED-Certified Building
Markku Salminen, Matti Palonen, Kai Sirén
Facade Renovation for a Public Building Based on a Whole-Life Value Approach
Qian Jin, Mauro Overend
Evolutionary Algorithm with Three Different Permutation Options Used for Preliminary HVAC System Design
Magdalena Stanescu, Stanislaw Kajl, Louis Lamarche
Developing Strategies to Achieve Zero Carbon in a Food Factory
Jeremy Owen, Dr Mahroo Eftekhari
Energy Simulations for Energy Efficiency Improvement of an Existing Private Clinic in North Italy
Marco Picco, Marco Marengo
Evaluation of the Thermal Performance of Historic Building with New Use in the City of Pelotas
Stífany Knop, Eduardo Grala da Cunha
Thermal Zoning in Speculative Office Buildings: Discussing the Connections Between Space Layout and Inside Temperature Control
Clarice Bleil De Souza, Sara Alsaadani
Hybrid Modeling for Energy Saving in Subway Stations
Roberta Ansuini, Roberto Larghetti, Massimo Vaccarini, Alessandro Carbonari, Alberto Giretti, Sara Ruffini, Hongliang Guo, Sian Lun Lau
Modeling and Simulation of Building Economizer and Energy Recovery Systems for Optimum Performance
Stephen Treado, Xing Liu