Proceedings of BSO Conference 2016

Proceedings of the 3rd IBPSA-England Conference BSO 2016

Great North Museum, Newcastle, 12th-14th September 2016

Daylighting In Renovated School Building
Hasim Altan, Jitka Mohelnikova, Petr Hofman
Pdec Tower Cooling Energy Performance Assessment Using Specific Enthalpy Calculation Methodology
John P Brittle, Mahroo M Eftekhari & Steven K Firth
Toward A Tool To Optimize The Daylighting Into The Process Of Architectural Design –Reverse Approach–
Ahmed Motie Daiche, Said Mazouz, Safa Daich, Mohamed Yacine Saadi
The Impact Of Climate Change On The Energy-Efficient Refurbishment Of Social Housing Stock In Italy
Leone Pierangioli, Gianfranco Cellai
Automatic Calculation Of A New China Glare Index
Yi Chun Huang, Tsung-Hsien Wang
Iea Annex 60 Activity 2.3: Model Use During Operation, Approach And Case Studies
Raymond Sterling, Thorsten Mueller, Ando Andriamamonjy, Alberto Giretti, Marco Bonvini, Zheng O’Neill, Michael Wetter, Mats Vande Cavey, Andrea Costa, Gesa Boehme, Wangda Zuo, Ralf Klein, Bing Dong, Marcus M. Keane
Evaluation And Comparison Of Building Performance In Use Through On-Site Monitoring And Simulation Modelling
Elena Cuerda, Olivia Guerra-Santin, Fco. Javier Neila, Natalia Romero
Assessment Of Daylight In Relation To The Agitation Levels Of People With Dementia
Kenji Nagari, Neveen Hamza
Optimal Design Of Energy Conversion Units And Envelopes For Residential Buildings
Thomas Schütz, Lutz Schiffer, Hassan Harb, Marcus Fuchs, Dirk Müller
Validation Of Atmospheric Boundary Layer CFD Simulation Of A Generic Isolated Cube: Basic Settings For Urban Flows
Rawand Khasraw Bani
Three-Dimensional High-Resolution Urban Thermal & Mechanical Large Eddy Simulation Interactive Physics Between Buildings, Land Cover And Trees
Mohammed Bakkali, Atsushi Inagaki, Yasunobu Ashie, Manabu kanda, Mike Davies, Philip Steadman, Siegfried Raasch
A Holistic Modelling Framework For Retrofitting Hard-To-Treat Homes In London: Energy, Comfort, Cost And Value Propositions
Ram Joshi, Anna Mavrogianni
Teaching Building Performance Simulation: Ever Done An Autopsy?
Ian Beausoleil-Morrison, Christina J Hopfe
Hybrid Approach For Building Envelope Optimisation Using Genetic Algorithms And Simulated Annealing
Piyush Varma, Bishwajit Bhattacharjee
Numerical Modelling Of Thermal Comfort In Non-Uniform Environments Using Real-Time Coupled Simulation Models
Francesco Babich, Malcolm Cook, Dennis Loveday, Paul Cropper
Performance Of Personal Ventilation Systems In A Multi-Bed Maternity Ward
Thomas A Corbett, Malcolm J Cook, Dennis L Loveday
Hybrid Discret-Continuous Multi-Criterion Optimization For Building Design
Abbass RAAD, Van-Binh Dinh, Jean-Louis Coulomb, Benoit Delinchant, Frederic Wurtz
Integrating Architectural And Energy View Point For A Multi Objective Optimization During Early Design Stage
Sudip Kumar Pal, Atsushi Takano, Kari Alanne, Kai Siren
Energetic Performance And Economic Feasibility Of Onsite Generation Technologies In A Nearly Zero Energy Building
Benjamin Manrique Delgado, Sunliang Cao, Ala Hasan, Kai Sirén
Investigating The Impact Of Modelling Uncertainty On The Simulation Of Insulating Concrete Formwork For Buildings
Eirini Mantesi, Christina J. Hopfe, Jacqueline Glass, Malcolm Cook
Influence Of High Performance Façade On Heating/Cooling Load In Office Buildings In London And Hongkong
Wei Wang, Chanakya Arya
The Importance Of Derivatives For Simultaneous Optimization Of Sizing And Operation Strategies: Application To Buildings And Hvac Systems
Van-Binh Dinh, Benoit Delinchant, Frederic Wurtz
Multi-Mode Model Of An Air Handling Unit For Thermal Demand Calculations In Modelica
Philipp Mehrfeld, Moritz Lauster, Kristian Huchtemann, Dirk Müller
CityGML Import And Export For Dynamic Building Performance Simulation In Modelica
Peter Remmen, Moritz Lauster, Michael Mans, Tanja Osterhage, Dirk Müller
The Potential Of Predictive Control In Minimizing The Electricity Cost In A Heat-Pump Heated Residential House
Behrang Alimohammadisagvand, Juha Jokisalo, Kai Sirén
Investigating The Potential Impact Of Stakeholder Preferences In Passivhaus Design
Elaine Robinson, Christina J. Hopfe, Jonathan A. Wright
An Advanced Tool To Visualize Results Of Parametric Analyses
Mattia Donato, Roberto Caria, Toby Clark, Gianluca Rapone, Giovanni Zemella
Simulation-Based Optimization On Window Properties Based On Existing Products
Julian Wang, Luisa Caldas, Lei Huo, Yehao Song
Placing User Needs At The Center Of Building Performance Simulation (Bps) Tool Development: Using ‘Designer Personas’ To Assess Existing Bps Tools
Clarice Bleil de Souza, Simon Tucker
Using Interpolation To Generate Hourly Annual Solar Potential Profiles For Complex Geometries
Christoph Waibel, Ralph Evins, Jan Carmeliet
A Simulation Based Optimization Approach For Determining The Optimum Energy Saving Solutions For Buildings
Aslihan Senel Solmaz, Fahriye Hilal Halicioglu, Suat Gunhan
Investigation Of The Effective Parameters In Square Unit Based Shading Systems; A Scope Of Achieving Balance Between Daylight And Thermal Performance
Mohamed Saad, Mostafa Atwa
Optimal Planning Tool For Nearly Zero Energy District
Genku Kayo, Ala Hasan, Ivo Martinac, Risto Lahdelma
Study On District Energy Consumption Prediction Model Of Office Blocks In Cold Region, China With Simulation And Regression Analysis
Sun Cheng, Zhang Ran
Modelling And Calibration Of A Domestic Building Using High-Resolution Monitoring Data
Dashamir Marini, Candy He, Richard Buswell, Christina Hopfe, Dru Crawley
Placing User Needs At The Centre Of Building Performance Simulation: Transfering Knowledge From Human Computer Interaction
Simon Tucker, Clarice Bleil de Souza
Exhaustive Search: Does It Have A Role In Exploratory Design?
Jonathan Wright, Elli Nikolaidou, Christina J. Hopfe
Assessment Of Indoor Visual Environments Using Dementia-Friendly Design Criteria In Day Care Centres
María Carmen Carballeira Rodríguez, Neveen Hamza
Cost-Effective Measures For Energy Improvement Of 1980’S Detached Houses In Cold Climate
Tuomo Niemelä, Risto Kosonen, Juha Jokisalo
Multi Objective Optimisation For The Minimisation Of Life Cycle Carbon Footprint And Life Cycle Cost Using Nsga Ii: A Refurbished High-Rise Residential Building Case Study
Simona Vasinton, Rokia Raslan
Development And Analysis Of A Predictive Control Algorithm For Embedding In A Microprocessor Controller
Ljubomir Jankovic
Influence Of Design Conditions On The Distribution Of Optimal Window-To-Wall Ratio For A Typical Office Building In Japan
Liwei Wen, Kyosuke Hiyama
Bridging The Performance Gap: Information Delivery Manual Framework To Improve Life-Cycle Information Availability
So Young Hyun, Ljiljana Marjanovic-Halburd, Rokia Raslan, Dimitrios Rovas
Performance Comparison Between Knn And NGSA-II Algorithms As Calibration Approaches For Building Simulation Models
Shadi Basurra, Ljubomir Jankovic
An Open IFC To Modelica Workflow For Energy Performance Analysis Using The Integrated District Energy Assessment By Simulation (Ideas) Library
Ando Andriamamonjy, Ralf Klein, Dirk Saelens
New Profiles Of Occupancy Driven Loads For Residential Sector Energy Demand Modelling
Dane George, Lukas Swan
Implications Of A Decarbonised Grid Electric System For Building Emissions Calculation
Paul French
New Extension Of Morris Method For Sensitivity Analysis Of Building Energy Models
Kathrin Menberg, Yeonsook Heo, Godfried Augenbroe, Ruchi Choudhary
A Generative Performance-Based Design For Low-Cost Brickwork Screens
Sahar Abdelwahab, Yomna Elghazi
Thermal Analysis Of A Multifunctional Floor Element
G.P. Lydon, J. Hofer, Z. Nagy, A. Schlueter
Integrated Refurbishment Of Collective Housing And Optimization Process With Real Products Databases
Boris Brangeon, Emmanuel Bozonnet, Christian Inard
Optimum Atria Type In Terms Of Thermal Comfort For High Rise Office Buildings In The Semi-Arid Climate Of Middle East
Marveh Jaberansari, Hisham Elkadi
Optimising The Urban Environment Through Holistic Microclimate Modelling – The Case Of Beirut’s Pericenter
Hiba Mohsena, Rokia Raslanb, Ibtihal El- Bastawissi
Multivariable Optimization For Zero Over-Lit Shading Devices In Hot Climate
Mohamed Amer, Ayman Wagdy
Parametric Analysis Of Solar Shading Parameters In Intermediate Orientations Located In Desert Climates
Ayman Wagdy, Sarah Mokhtar, Amira Abdel-Rahman
Data Driven Bottom-Up Approach For Modelling Internal Loads In Building Energy Simulation Using Functional Principal Components
Rebecca Ward, Ruchi Choudhary, Yeonsook Heo, Serge Guillas
Optimization Of Office Building Façade To Enhance Daylighting, Thermal Comfort And Energy Use Intensity
Mahmoud Gadelhak, Werner Lang
Real World Complexity In Reflectance Value Measurement For Climate-Based Daylight Modelling
Eleonora Brembilla, Nafsika Drosou, John Mardaljevic
Low-Rise Commercial Buildings Optimization – Energy Performance And Passive Cooling Potential In France
Emmanuel Bozonnet, Remon Lapisa, Marc Abadie, Patrick Salagnac
Ecodesign Of A ’Plus-Energy’ House Using Stochastic Occupancy Model, Life-Cycle Assessment And Multi-Objective Optimisation
Thomas Recht, Patrick Schalbart, Bruno Peuportier
Automated Optimum Geometry Generation Of A Building For The Minimization Of Heating And Cooling Energy Demands
Ala Hasan, Teemu Vesanen, Nusrat Jung, Riikka Holopainen
BIM Enabled Building Energy Modelling: Development And Verification Of A GBXML To IDF Conversion Method
Vanda Dimitriou, Steven K. Firth, Tarek M. Hassan, Farid Fouchal
Evaluation Of Energy And Indoor Environmental Performance Of A Uk Passive House Dwelling
Xinxin Liang, Mohammad Royapoor, Yaodong Wang, Tony Roskilly
A Parametric Study Of The Impacts Of Pitched Roofs On Flow And Pollution Dispersion In Street Canyons
Hui Wen, Liora Malki-Epshtein
Comparison Of Dynamic Thermal Simulation Results With Experimental Results: Trombe Wall Case Study For A Cyprus Test Building
M. Ozdenefe, M. Rezaei, U. Atikol
Performance Implications Of Fully Participating Furniture And Fittings In Simulation Models
Jon Hand
Modelling And Monitoring Tools To Evaluate The Urban Heat Island’s Contribution To The Risk Of Indoor Overheating
Rochelle Schneider dos Santos, Jonathon Taylor, Mike Davies, Anna Mavrogianni, Phil Symonds
BIM Based Clash Detection Applications: Potentials And Obstacles
Mohamed Magdy Nour
Second-Level Space Boundary Topology Generation From CityGML Inputs
G.N. Lilis, D.V. Rovas, I. Prieto
Data Reasoning In The Evaluation Of Domestic Thermal Energy Use
Chris Fishlock, Keerthi Rajendran, Mohammad Royapoor, Anthony P. Roskilly
Dynamic Simulation Methods Of Heat Pump Systems As A Part Of Dynamic Energy Simulation Of Buildings
Tuomo Niemelä, Mika Vuolle, Risto Kosonen, Juha Jokisalo, Waltteri Salmi, Markus Nisula
Building Performance Simulation Of Advanced Energy Technologies To Achieve Net Zero Energy Dwellings In UK
Rajat Gupta, Matt Gregg
Measuring Light Through Trees For Daylight Simulations: A Photographic And Photometric Method
Priji Balakrishnan, J. Alstan Jakubiec
Performance Evaluation Of Mixed-Mode Ventilation Incorporating An Optimal Control
Xuyang Zhong, Hector Altamirano-Medina
Correlation Between Retrofitting Building Envelope And Thermal Improvement On Social Housing In Hot-Arid Climate
Ali Sedki, Neveen Hamza, Theo Zaffagnini
Application Of An Optimisation Approach For The Calibration Of High-Fidelity Building Energy Models To Support Model Predictive Control (MPC) Of Hvac Systems
Gordon Aird, Daniel Coakley, Ruth Kerrigan
Using Parametric Design To Optimize Building’s Façade Skin To Improve Indoor Daylighting Performance
Aya Elghandour, Ahmed Saleh, Osama Aboeineen, Ashraf Elmokadem
Energy Performances Of Future Dynamic Building Envelopes
Julian Wang, Liliana Beltran