Proceedings of eSim 2016: 9th Conference of IBPSA-Canada

Proceedings of eSim 2016, the 9ᵗʰ conference of IBPSA-Canada Hamilton, Canada, May 4-5, 2016

Dynamic performance of a forced convective direct storage system using water and PCMs for low temperature applications
HebatAllah Teamah, Marilyn Lightstone, James Cotton
Development of optimization methodology for increased energy efficiency of PV integrated curtain wall systems
Mohamed Elsayed, Caroline Hachem-Vermette
Is heat recovery cost effective in Canadian commercial buildings?
Daniel Knapp
User interface for atrium daylight and thermal performance
Mahsan Mohsenin
Stockage thermique rŽsidentiel par puits gŽothermiques
Pauline Brischoux et Michel Bernier
Calibration of EnergyPlus HVAC models using optimization
Gilbert Larochelle Martin, Danielle Monfet, HervŽ-Franck Nouanegue, Simon Sansreret, Karine Lavigne
Simplified Model For Sizing and Characterizing Natural Convection Heat Exchanger Systems
Nicholas Cramp, Stephen J. Harrison
Steady-state modelling of falling film drain water heat recovery efficiency using rated data
Ramin Manouchehri, Michael Collins
Potential for virtual daylight sensor using daylight simulation and high-resolution measurement of solar radiation
Sara Gilani, William O’Brien
Development of a thermal model for thermal mass coupled with hybrid ventilation in an institutional building
Sophie Yuan, Andreas Athienitis, Yuxiang Chen, Jiwu Rao
High-resolution residential electricity use data for improved realism in building energy simulations
Alain Joseph, Willem Paynter, James Thomson
Using building simulation software to quantify the savings of a model predictive control implementation
Trent Hilliard, Lukas Swan, Miroslava Kavgic, Zheng Qin, Simon DeWolf
Empirical model of a 11 kW (nominal cooling) R134a water-water heat pump
SŽbastien Brideau, Ian Beausoleil-Morrison, Micha‘l Kummert
Energy flow analysis on a multi-zonal building scale using Sankey diagrams
Aly Abdelalim, Zixiao Shi, William O’Brien
A Web-based interactive 3D visualization Tool for geospatial data
Zixiao Shi, William O’Brien, Aly Abdelalim
Evaluation of thermal bridges in vacuum insulation panel assemblies through steady state testing in a guarded hot box
Brock Conley, Cynthia A. Cruikshank
Numerical and experimental analysis of a demand-side heat exchanger for domestic hot water heating
Kristen Jaczko, Stephen J. Harrison
Use of heat from a snow melting installation in a parking lot surface as a heat regeneration source for underground heat storage via borehole heat exchangers
Tomasz Sliwa, Marc A. Rosen, Marek Poniedzialek
PCM-water thermal storage for BIPV/T + ASHP
Peter Dash, Alan Fung
ModŽlisation et simulation de puits gŽothermiques en sŽrie pour stockage saisonnier
Corentin Lecomte, Michel Bernier
Sensitivity of the solar heat gain coefficient of complex fenestration systems to the indoor convection coefficient
S , S , M. Foroushani, John Wright, David Naylor
An improved numerical method for predicting snow melting on photovoltaic panels
Ali Rahmatmand, Stephen J. Harrison, Patrick Oosthuizen
Developing and testing a new course for teaching the fundamentals of building performance simulation
Ian Beausoleil-Morrison, Christina Hopfe
A detailed model of multi-storey double skin facades with integrated photovoltaic panels
Zissis Ioannidis, Annamaria. Buonomano, Andreas Athienitis, Ted Stathopoulos
Urban solar reflection identification, simulation, analysis and mitigation: learning from case studies
Ryan Danks, Joel Good
A CFD study of natural convection inside a BIPV/T system
Derek Roeleveld, Rakesh Kumar, David Naylor, Alan Fung
Enviro-economic comparison of district energy systems using natural gas and waste energy resources
Behnaz Rezaie, Bale V. Reddy, Marc A. Rosen
The importance of thermal mass in predictive control. Case study: a zone with floor heating and a chilled beam
Anastasios Papachristou, Andreas Athienitis
Validation of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling of airflow infiltration through building entrance doors
Sherif Goubran, Dahai Qi, Wael F. Saleh, Liangzhu Wang, Radu Zmeureanu
A fast and accurate CFD solver for indoor airflow
Mohammad Mortezazadeh Dorostkar, Liangzhu Wang
Building zone fault detection with Kalman filter-based methods
Zixiao Shi, William O’Brien, H.Burak Gunay
Building-integrated PCM-TES for peak load reduction
Vasken Dermardiros, Andreas Athienitis
Numerical parametric analysis of hybrid thermal energy storage system using phase change materials (PCMs) under indirect sequential charging and discharging
Mohamed Abdelsalam, James Cotton, Marilyn Lightstone
Teaching a building simulation course at the graduate level
Michel Bernier, Micha‘l Kummert, Simon Sansregret, Denis Bourgeois, Didier Thevenard
Evaluation of liquid desiccant and water membrane systems for heating and humidification in cold-dry climates
Ahmed Abdel-Salam, Carey J. Simonson
Modeling of a solar driven liquid desiccant air-conditioner equipped with desiccant storage
Chris McNevin, Stephen J. Harrison
An annual model of a solar hydrogen energy storage system
Brendan McCormick, Stephen J. Harrison, Jon G. Pharoah
Modeling of photovoltaic, solar thermal, and photovoltaic/thermal domestic hot water systems
Jonathan Berger, Stephen J. Harrison
Natural ventilation of attics coupled with BIPV/T in arctic climates
Ahmad Kayello, Andreas Athienitis, Hua Ge
Assessment of green roof energy savings compared to conventional roof
Ghassem Heidarinejad, Arash Esmaili
Impact of including pre-defined objects on high resolution assessments
Jon Hand
Short term forecasting of the electric demand of HVAC system
Mathieu Le Cam, Radu Zmeureanu, Ahmed Daoud
A new algorithm for sensors verification and correction in air handling units
Nunzio Cotrufo, Radu Zmeureanu
Multiple-inlet BIPV/T: modelling and design including wind effects
Efstratios Dimitrios Rounis, Andreas Athienitis, Theodore Stathopoulos
Evaluation of the design length of vertical geothermal boreholes using annual simulations combined with Genopt
Mohammadamin Ahmadfard, Michel Bernier, Micha‘l Kummert
Energy optimization of an existing building based on a neural network and a genetic algorithm
Johannes Maderspacher, Philipp Geyer, Thomas Auer, Werner Lang
Model validation of a residential solar thermal combisystem
Anthony Rey, Radu Zmeureanu
Using TRNSYS Types 4, 60 and 534 to model residential cold thermal storage units using water and water/glycol solutions
Christopher Baldwin, Cynthia A. Cruikshank
Method for validation of statistical energy models
Miroslava Kavgic, Trent Hilliard, Lukas Swan, Zheng Qin
Validating a simplified PV model against TRNSYS model
Danilo Yu, Ragnheidur Gudmundsdottir, RŽmi Catteau, Raghad Kamel, Alan Fung, Farahnaz Mohammadi, Kaamran Raahemifar
Development of a simplified model for analyzing a heating system with STES and investigation into the effects of component efficiency on economic and environmental aspects
Stuart Self, Seama Koohi-Fayegh, Marc A. Rosen, Bale V. Reddy
Intelligent control of hybrid cooling for telecommunication base stations
Jiaqiang Wang, Quan Zhang, Yuebin Yu
The effect of hourly primary energy factors on optimal net-zero energy building design
Scott Bucking, Vasken Dermardiros, Andreas Athienitis
Investigation of design strategies for improved energy performance in supermarkets: a case study
Anders MacGregor, Caroline Hachem-Vermette
Climate change in Canada: impacts on building energy use intensity
Nathan Kegel
The influence of passive features on building energy demands for space heating and cooling
Aylin Ozkan, Ted Kesik, William O’Brien
Design and simulation workflow of an office building in New Delhi, India
Karno Widjaja, Huishan He, Rufei Wang, Palak Gadodia
Energy performance for ASHRAE 90.1 baselines for a variety of Canadian climates and building types
Randy Irwin, Jeanie Chan, Andrea Frisque
HVAC control and demand management development using smart predictive operational strategies
Nima Alibabaei, Alan Fung, Kaamran Taahemifar, Farah Mohammadi, Xavier Fernando
Evaluation of source net-zero performance for community-scale retrofit photovoltaic systems in Canadian locations
Adam Wills, Ian Beausoleil-Morrison, Ismet Ugursal
Green roof retrofits: combined simulations to assess the outdoor microclimate benefits and the energy savings
Umberto Berardi
Hybrid solar ground-source heat pump case study using TRNSYS
Lam Dang, Wey Leong, Alan Fung
Multi-criteria assessment of a mixed-mode ventilated office building
M. Mahdi Salehi, Ghazal Ebrahimi, W. Kendal Bushe, Hadi Dowlatabadi
Dynamic effect of thermal bridges on the energy performance of residential buildings in BC
Fuad Baba, Hua Ge
ASHRAE’s zero-net energy challenge – lessons learned
Liam Buckley, Nathan Kegel
Energy analysis of solar chimney assisted solarium with semi-transparent photovoltaic system
Afrooz Ravanfar, Hua Ge, Zaiyi Liao
Comparison of different mechanical systems models for a passive solar greenhouse with two thermal zones
FrŽdŽric LŽveillŽ-Guillemette, Danielle Monfet
A combined heating and cooling system for a solar community with borehole thermal storage
Farzin Rad, Alan Fung
Practical building energy simulation applications
Ralph Culham
A case study in energy modeling of an energy efficient building with gas driven absorption heat pump system in eQuest
Altamash Baig, Alan Fung
Retrofit measures to approach net zero energy status for the Canadian housing stock: air to water heat pump + PV
S. Rasoul Asaee, V. Ismet Ugursal, Ian Beausoleil-Morrison
Modelling for daylight autonomy for LEED V4 – implications for cities in northern latitudes
Marc Trudeau, Charling Li, Andrea Frisque
Solar energy potential for commercial building facade retrofit
Edvinas Bigaila, Caroline Hachem-Vermette, Mohamed El-Sayed, Andreas K. Athienitis
Occupant behaviour diversity modelling and its applications
William O’Brien, H. Burak Gunay
A toolkit for developing data-driven occupant behaviour and presence models
H. Burak Gunay, William O’Brien, Ian Beausoleil-Morrison
Detecting occupants’ presence in office spaces: a case study
H. Burak Gunay, Anthony Fuller, William O’Brien, Ian Beausoleil-Morrison
A comparison of electricity “smart meter” data with high resolution measured residential electricity loads
Dane George, Lukas G. Swan
Modeling, design and control of rooftop greenhouses equipped with semi-transparent photovoltaics
James Bambara, Andreas Athienitis
Prediction of thermal comfort, IAQ, and energy consumption in a dense occupancy environment with the under floor air distribution system
Ghassem Heidarinejad, Mohammad Hassan Fathollahzadeh, Hadi Pasdarshahri
CFD modeling of wind-driven rain wetting of building facade
Ali Khalilzadeh. Hua Ge, Hoi Dick Ng