Proceedings of eSim 2022: 12th Conference of IBPSA-Canada

12th eSim Building Simulation Conference will be on June 22-23, 2022 at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada

AHU Doctor: An inverse model-based software platform for commissioning controls hardware and sequences in VAV AHU systems
Burak Gunay, Darwish Darwazeh, Narges Torabi, Scott Shillinglaw
Development of a virtual metering visualization tool to characterize energy flows in variable air volume air handling unit systems
Darwish Darwazeh, Burak Gunay, Jean Duquette
Physics- and Statistics-Based Quality Control of Weather Files
Florent Herbinger, Michaël Kummert
Implications of COVID-19 for Electricity Use in Commercial Smart Buildings in Canada – A Case Study
Hadia Awad, Araz Ashouri, Farid Bahiraei
Numerical Simulation of Fire Spread in a Compartment Fire: Modelling and Validation
Monireh Aram, Dahai Qi, Yoon Ko
FRAMeWORK: A multi-source web-based application for identifying suboptimal energy use management
Andre A. Markus, Brodie W. Hobson, H. Burak Gunay, Scott Bucking
GenEPJ: A Flexible Python-based EnergyPlus templating library
Scott Bucking, Milad Rostami
Multi-objective optimization of a net-zero tiny home using resiliency, cost and energy indicators
Scott Bucking, Milad Rostami
Potential of sensible thermal storage systems with or without heat pumps for reducing peak and annual electrical demand for space heating and hot water heating in Canadian homes
Sebastien Brideau
Comparing the energy performance of different controlled environment agriculture spaces using TRNSYS
Marie-Hélène Talbot, Timothé Lalonde, Arnaud Beaulac, Didier Haillot, Danielle Monfet
Adjustments of Analytical Simplified Methods to Estimate the Effective Thermal Resistance of Masonry Walls
Maysoun Ismaiel, Yuxiang Chen
Prediction of HVAC System Parameters Using Deep Learning
Sirine Maalej, Zoubeir Lafhaj, Jean Yim, Pascal Yim, Colin Noort
Computational fluid dynamics modelling of the indoor environment of a small-scale high-density controlled environment agriculture (CEA-HD) space
Gilbert Larochelle Martin, Danielle Monfet
Developing occupant-informed household archetypes in Canada
Mohamed Osman, Mostafa Saad, Mohamed Ouf, Ursula Eicker
Impact of typical-year and multi-year weather data on the energy performance of the residential building
Amir Moradi, Miroslava Kavgic
Hygrothermal performance of a new composite sandwich panel alternative to gypsum drywall
Sepideh Shahbazi, Miroslava Kavgic, Reza Foruzanmehr
Fault detection in residential buildings using sub-hourly meter data
Gilbert Larochelle Martin, Benoit Delcroix, Simon Sansregret, Ahmed Daoud
Using Fan Depressurization Test Data in Building Detailed Air Flow Network Models: Approach and Impacts
Adam Douglas Wills, Justin Berquist, Iain Macdonald, Carsen Banister
CFD simulations and experiments for fire smoke and ventilative cooling performance in a high-rise atrium
Haohan Sha, Xin Zhang, Dahai Qi
Virtual energy metering of whole building cooling load from both airside and waterside measurements
Etienne Saloux, Kun Zhang
Data-driven Approaches for Predictive Thermal Modelling in Small and Medium Commercial Buildings
Brent Huchuk, Farid Bahiraei
Evaluation of Data-driven Models for Short-term Electrical Load Forecasting in Office Buildings
Farid Bahiraei, Hadia Awad, Araz Ashouri
Cluster-Based Surrogate Modelling Approach to Remote Building Characterization
Shane Ferreira, Burak Gunay, Brent Huchuk, Scott Shillinglaw, Farzeen Rizvi
Identifying the minimum CO₂ sensing infrastructure required to enable demand-controlled ventilation: A preliminary analysis
Brodie W. Hobson, H. Burak Gunay, Scott Shillinglaw
Inverse model-based characterization of green roof thermal performance
Peter Alexander Gunn, H. Burak Gunay, Paul J. Van Geel
BIM to BEM Processes in the Centre Block Rehabilitation
Adrian Soble, Selena McRae, Daniel Knapp, Martin Sing
A testing procedure for software calculating heat gain and heat loss using CSA F280-12
Jérémie Léger, Dara Boswer, Anil Parekh
Lessons Learned from Laboratory-Specific Optimization Technologies for Existing, Heritage and New Facilities
Larissa Resende Ide, Melanie Chatfield, Afaf Azzouz
An Analysis of the Hybrid Internal Mass Modeling Approach in EnergyPlus
Zhelun Chen, Jin Wen, Steven T. Bushby, L. James Lo, Zheng O'Neill, W. Vance Payne, Amanda Pertzborn, Caleb Calfa, Yangyang Fu, Gabriel Grajewski, Yicheng Li, Zhiyao Yang
Assessing Freeze-Thaw and Moisture Damage Risks for Heritage Buildings and Unique Constructions
Larissa Resende Ide, Shahrzad Pedram
Designing a Net Zero Carbon Building in Northern Canada
Jeanie Chan, Craig Trischuk, Pertti Laitinen
Energy modelling and emissions analysis of indoor-grown produce for Arctic Canada
Carsen Jeffrey Banister, Adam Douglas Wills, Koreen Legaspi, Travis Moore
Crowdsourcing Building Occupant Complaints to Aid Fault Detection and Diagnosis
Pedram Nojedehi, Burak Gunay, William O’Brien
Quantification of teleworking impact on energy consumption and thermal comfort in residential buildings
Melina Sirati, William O'Brien, Cynthia A. Cruickshank
Resilience to climate change in buildings: Rethink the role of building enclosure to alleviate cold stress in warmer climate
Mikk Maivel, Donghwan Kim, June Young Park
A comparison of machine learning functions for time-series prediction in buildings
Blair Birdsell, Ralph Evins
Parametric study and thermal performance evaluation of a sub-slab horizontal ground heat exchanger coupled with a heat pump
Luminita Dumitrascu, Ian Beausoleil-Morrison
Data-driven evaluations of building operational settings: Lessons learned from the development of a user-focused tool
Connor Brackley, Mohamed M. Ouf, William O’Brien
Modelling Houses for the Future in Canada
Remi Charron
A Modelica-based Simulation Study for Dynamic HVAC System Performance Degradation: A Case Study of Fouling Faults
Mengyuan Chu, Xing Lu, Yangyang Fu, Zheng O'Neill, Jin Wen
Development of a Framework for the Analysis of Decarbonisation Paths for Existing Canadian Houses
Rasoul Asaee
Development of a Dynamic PV/T Driven Combined Cooling, Heating and Power System Model for Use in the Canadian Residential Sector
Cem Kalkan, Jean Duquette, Fidel Khouli, Amer Keblawi, Mehmet Akif Ezan
Modelling Waste Heat Recovery for Renewable Thermal Energy
Daniel J Knapp, Michael Michalak, Martin Sing
Analysis of saving potential of occupancy detection for commercial building operations - case study
Sara Azimi, William O’Brien
Building Carbon Neutral Portfolios with Energy Planning Tools
Jeanie Chan, Calum Thompson, Austin Gallagher, Craig Trischuk, Anoja Wijayasri
The influence of time horizon on energy hub sizing
François Lédée, Curran Crawford, Ralph Evins
Simulating the Impact of Deciduous Trees on Energy, Daylight, and Visual Comfort: Impact Analysis and a Practical Framework for Implementation
Jessie Pan, J. Alstan Jakubiec
Evaluation of modelling conditions imposed for simulation of building-integrated phase change materials
Calene Treichel, Christopher Baldwin, Cynthia A. Cruickshank
Spatially stochastic geometry and material properties in hygrothermal models
Michael Gutland, Mario Santana Quintero, Scott Bucking
The applicability of simplified whole-building energy model for energy-efficiency retrofit analysis
Yasaman Dadras, Miroslava Kavgic
Improvement of the hempcrete-phase change material wall performance during the heating season using temperature control strategies
Yaser Abdellatef, Miroslava Kavgic
Continuous sensing to quantify spatial and temporal variability in thermal environment
Jake Gu, Dixon Leung, Joyce Kim
Comparison of Sensible Thermal Storage and Battery Storage for Excess PV Generation
Jordan McNally, Christopher Baldwin, Cynthia A. Cruickshank
Using a Convolutional Neural Network to Determine the Thermal Characteristics of a Building
Liam Jowett-Lockwood, Ralph Evins
Energy performance and GHG emissions reduction potential of natural gas driven heat pumps in Canada
Heike Schreiber, Edward Vuong, Mariana Barssoum, Carsen Banister
Multi-objective optimization of building retrofit strategies using staged GHG emission targets
Mohammad Derakhti, Wiliam O'Brien, Scott Bucking
Buildings in space! To boldly model what no building physicist has modelled before
Sarah Brown, Ian Beausoleil-Morrison, Marie-Josée Potvin
Hygrothermal component models for greenhouse simulation in TRNSYS
Clémence Lavigueur, Michaël Kummert
Towards A New Methodology for Rapidly Modelling Existing Buildings in EnergyPlus
Kayle Campbell-Templeman, Mohammad Derakhti, William O'Brien
Predicting the thermal performance of a sand-based seasonal thermal storage
Rebecca Ingrid Pinto, Ian Beausoleil-Morrison
Investigation of Residential Building Envelope Airtightness on Operational Performance
Adam Douglas Wills, Patrique Tardif, Iain Macdonald, Heather Knusden
Electrochromic Windows in Western Canadian Climates: Impacts on Building Energy Consumption, Thermal Comfort and Daylighting
Milad Mahmoodzadeh, Merriam Vahidi, Edlyn Garica La Torre, Voytek Gretka, Geoffrey Yamasaki, Phalguni Mukhopadhyaya
An LCA Framework to Prioritize Carbon-Sensitive Measures in Residential Building Design
Mahsa Torabi, Ralph Evins
In-situ energy performance analysis and prediction of a hybrid heating system
Wanrui Qu, Yuxiang Chen
A clustering framework to identify non-residential building archetypes using subsystem-level targeting
Rajeev Kotha, François Lédée, Mohammad Haris Shamsi, Ralph Evins
Modeling household energy retrofits through data-driven archetype formulation
Rachel Annamaria Barton, Mohammad Haris Shamsi, Mahsa Torabi, Yongheng Zou, Ralph Evins