Proceedings of eSim 2024: 13th Conference of IBPSA-Canada

13th eSim Building Simulation Conference June 5-7, 2024 at Edmonton, Alberta, Canadaa

Development of Granular Archetypes for Canadian Existing Commercial Office and Multi-Unit Residential Buildings in Climate Zone 5
Dana Al Jadaa, J.J. McArthur
Development of archetypes to represent a residential building stock
Michel Bernier, Michaël Kummert, Adam Neale
Recharging ground heat exchangers with mobile thermal energy storage tanks
Guillaume Ingelaere, Massimo Cimmino, Michel Bernier
Lighting and plug load energy consumption A covid 19 occupancy investigation
Monika Mikhail, Ralph Evins, Paul Parker
A visualization tool for energy disaggregation
Narges Zaeri Esfahani, Burak Gunay, Araz Ashouri, Darwish Darwazeh
An inquiry into time-series forecasting methods to quantify on-peak electricity demand savings through direct load control
Burak Gunay, Brodie Hobson, Andre Markus, Farzeen Rizvi
Neural Ordinary Differential Equations for Simulations of Residences Heated with Electric Baseboards
Gabriel Sabbagh, Massimo Cimmino, Benoit Delcroix
Approach for Developing the Proposed Operational Greenhouse Gas Emissions Levels for Part 9 of the National Building Code of Canada
Luminita Dumitrascu, Iain Mcdonald, Adam Wills, Heather Knudsen
Enhancing the Business Case for Deep Building Retrofits: A Total Cost of Building Ownership Approach
Sara Azimi, Mark Carver
Bridging Building Energy Performance Gap: A Hybrid Approach Integrating Deep Learning and First-Principles Models
Navid Shirzadi, Sara Gilani, Ali Seyd, Chris Kirney, Phylroy Lopez, Meli Stylianou
Electricity Consumption and Demand Forecasting for Office Buildings’ Electrification in Canada
Ali Syed
Lessons Learned From Modelling a Complex Residential Building Energy System in TRNSYS
Cem Kalkan, Colin Ward, Jean Duquette, Fidel Khouli, Mehmet Akif Ezan
Design of a Modular Solar Driven Multi-Effect Distillation System for Producing Clean Drinking Water in Canada’s Northern Indigenous Communities
Luka Khorbaladze, Jean Duquette
Development and validation of a TRNSYS Type to simulate the energy performance of solid-gas adsorption thermal storage tanks
Ali Shahrouzian, Jean Duquette, Ron Miller
Optimizing Energy Use and Thermal Comfort Through Model Predictive Control for Hydronic Floors: An Experimental Case Study
Grace Dhaliwal, Burak Gunay, Ian Beausoleil-Morrison
Comparative Analysis of Residential Occupants’ Interactions with Centralized and Decentralized HVAC Systems in Quebec
Zeinab Khorasani Zadeh, kathryn Kasper, Mohamed Ouf, Burak Gunay, Benoit Delcroix, Gilbert Larochelle Martin, Ahmed Daoud
Potential of cold climate air-source heat pump control strategies to mitigate the electrical demand of heating systems during high-demand periods in Canadian dwellings
Sarah Mollier, Laurence Rousseau, Justin Tamasauskas, Martin Kegel
Nudging window use behaviour through algorithmic setpoint adjustments
Ayah Hassan, Burak H. Gunay, Mohamed Ouf, Adrian Chong, Andre Markus
Quantifying Airflow Mixing of Diverse Air Distribution Systems Using Taguchi Method and CFD Simulations
Ibrahim Reda, Dahai Qi, Liangzhu Wang, Theodore Stathopoulos, Andreas Athienitis
Improving building energy performance with phase change materials: a case study in Alberta for energy-savings
Jie Ren, Lexuan Zhong
Comparison of Weather Data Sources and Their Impact on Hygrothermal Model Accuracy
Jordan McNally, Cynthia A. Cruickshank, Michael Jemtrud
Modelling and analysis of energy flexibility strategies for a residential building cluster
Megi Busho, Michaël Kummert
Adaptive Shading Systems: Evaluating Lighting, Glare, and Thermal Control in Subtropical Environments
Ryan Sharston, Jingyuan Shen
Validating the Accuracy of Low-Cost IAQ Sensors through Co-location
Noor Zaky, Tianyuan Li, Helen Stopps
Use of Imposed Boundary Conditions on Two-Dimensional Wall Assembly Models in Delphin
Robin Hilbrecht, Christopher Baldwin, Cynthia A. Cruickshank
From time to energy use: shaping high-resolution residential Canadian appliance use models
Shane Ferreira, Burak Gunay, Maya Papineau, Pedram Nojedehi
Quebec Elementary School Enclosure Retrofit Performance Study with Future Climate
Serena Kam, Konstantinos Kapsis
Impact of interactions between buildings and their outdoor conditions on the calibration of an urban building energy model
Miguel Martin, Mario Berges, Jantien Stoter, Clara Garcia-Sanchez
Characterization of Open Plenum Air Return Operation based on Field Data
Sabato Leo, Sarah R. Haines, Helen Stopps
Multi-Perspective Evaluations for Power Demand Prediction Models: Balancing Prediction Accuracy, Interpretability, and Computational Efficiency
Bowen Yang, Mustafa Gül, Yuxiang Chen
Exploring Disparities in Canadian Households’ Satisfaction with Indoor Environmental Quality
Pedram Nojedehi, Nicole Kuchurivski, Douglas Brodie, Burak Gunay, William O'Brien, Maya Papineau-Koritar
Evaluating the potential of electric thermal storage devices to manage greenhouse peak heating demand in cold climates
Mathieu Laroche, Danielle Monfet, Katherine D'Avignon
Hybrid Geometric Data Integration for Building Block Energy Modeling
Noushad Ahamed Chittoor Mohammed, Kuljeet Singh Grewal, Aitazaz Farooque
Energy Audit Data Scraping for Rapid Building Energy Modeling: A Case Study
Sudipta Debnath, Kuljeet Singh Grewal
Comparing simulations of deep energy retrofits for a community center using past and future weather scenarios
Ahmad Shoaib Amiri, Michael Jemtrud, Karine Lavigne, Daniel Chung
Parametric Probability Density Function Characterization of Single Household Peak Loads
Alexander Jordan, Yuxiang Chen
Evaluating modular parabolic solar concentrators for meeting the heating needs of Canada’s northern remote communities
Matthew Newport, Jean Duquette
Heating and cooling of an office building using distributed heat pumps connected to a two-phase CO2 thermal management system: Detailed simulation
Sepehr Gholamrezaie, Massimo Cimmino, Parham Eslami-Nejad
Energy Saving Potential of Internal Shading Devices: a Comparative Analysis in Canadian Cold Climate Zones
Aditya Chhetri, Lexuan Zhong
Evaluating Global Daylight Metrics within the Canadian Context: A Comparative Analysis
Fion Ouyang, Alstan Jakubiec
Energy and Economic Analysis of an Ice-Storage System for an Office Building Using the Time of Use Tariffs for a Major Canadian Electric Utility
Kamel Haddad, Sara Gilani, Ali Syed
Modeling and calibration of the energy systems of a high-rise building
Mohamed Sayed, Yossr Chaabene, Dahai Qi, José Candanedo
Tracking human light exposure, health and wellbeing using data-logging sensors and smartwatches—a pilot study
Nazanin Ganjehzadeh, J. Alstan Jakubiec
Characterizing heating energy for residential and commercial buildings in Canada’s remote communities
Sarah Brown, Julia Purdy, Galen Richardson, Ian Maynard, Sébastien Brideau, Alex Ferguson
Evaluation of 222 nm vs 254 nm Lamps for In-duct UVGI Air Disinfection: Irradiance Characterization, Inactivation Performance, and Environmental Implications
Jay Patel, Lexuan Zhong
Examining Moisture Reference Years and Future Weather for Hygrothermal Analysis
Daniel Chung
Building form influence on energy flexibility in different utility pricing schemes
Samson Yip, Andreas Athienitis, Bruno Lee
A CFD Investigation on the Effect of Urban Morphology on Natural Pollution Removal in Metropolitan Areas
Mahsa Torabi, Mohammad Tahsildoost, Ralph Evins
Data-Driven Modelling of Pressurized Corridor Ventilation System Performance in a Multi-Unit Residential Building
Helen Stopps, Cara H. Lozinsky, Marianne F. Touchie
Building form influence on energy flexibility in different utility pricing schemes
Samson Yip, Andreas Athienitis, Bruno Lee
Grey-box models supported by transfer learning for improving the prediction of chillers
Hongwen Dou, Radu Zmeureanu
HVAC System Characterization for Enhanced Canadian Existing Building Archetypes for Climate Zone 5
Jackson Adejoke Adebisi, JJ McArthur, Steve Kemp
Is There A “New Normal” For Building Occupancy? A Comparative Analysis Of Pre- and Post- Lockdown Occupancy in A Library Building
Muhammad Zeeshan Siddique, Mohamed M. Ouf, Mazdak Nik-Bakht, Ursula Eicker
Data-Driven Modelling of Pressurized Corridor Ventilation System Performance in a Multi-Unit Residential Building
Stopps Helen, Lozinsky Cara H, Touchie Marianne F
Experimental Validation of an EnergyPlus Model with Building Integrated Phase Change Material
Calene Baylis, Cynthia A. Cruickshank
Development of a remotely-sensed home energy labelling tool
Michael Gutland, Christian Cianfrone, M'Beth Schoenfeld, Ralph Evins
Optimizing Ventilation Strategies for Mitigating SARS-CoV-2 Transmission in Long-Term Care Facilities: A Collaborative Study with Practical Implications
Leo Wagg, Lexuan Zhong
Impact of various occupant profiles on office design decisions
Arefeh Sadat Fathi, William O'Brien
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions with Solar Energy Battery or Sensible Storage Systems
Ava Bebbington, Jordan McNally, Cynthia Cruickshank
Investigating the energy resilience performance of the old and new buildings integrated with solar photovoltaic and storage under extreme Nordic condition
Hassam ur Rehman, Vahid Nik, Rakesh Ramesh, Ala Hasan
Optimization of Building Envelope Latent Heat Storage Integration Based on Internal Surface Solar Radiation Profiles
Nathan Hay, Calene Baylis, Christopher Baldwin, Cynthia Cruickshank
Identifying Policy Barriers to Multi-Unit Residential Building Design Elements that Promote Good Indoor Environmental Quality in Canada
Thomas Park, Marianne Touchie, William O'Brien, Tony Lee, Terri Peters
Transient Model Development of a Low-energy Multi-unit Residential Building Comprising a Novel Solar-driven Space Cooling System
Colin Ward, Cem Kalkan, Jean Duquette, Cynthia A. Cruickshank
Optimizing residential mechanical ventilation against airborne infections: A computational fluid dynamics approach
Fatemeh Keramat, Lexuan Zhong
A multi-armed bandit reinforcement learning method for occupant thermal preference learning
Hussein Elehwany, Mohamed Ouf, Burak Gunay, Nunzio Cotrufo, Jean-Simon Venne, Junfeng Wen
Optimization of building-integrated photovoltaic/thermal-thermal storage systems for domestic hot water in cold climate
Jean-Christopĥe Pelletier-De Koninck, Andreas Athienitis, Hervé Frank Nouanegue
Managing humidity in greenhouses using ground air heat exchangers
Reyhaneh Nazmabadi, Behrad Asgari, Ali Hakaki-Fard
Implementing Thermal Electric Storage in EnergyPlus through an OpenStudio Measure
Houssem Eddine Younes, François Laurencelle, Katherine D’Avignon
What cooling systems can be implemented to enhance occupants' thermal comfort in highly glazed spaces?
Shengqiang Shi, Abdelatif Merabtine, Rachid Bennacer