Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2010

4th Conference of IBPSA-USA

New York City, New York, USA August 11-13, 2010

Daylight Nomographs Revisited
Rohit Manudhane, Christoph F. Reinhart
Impact of Different Daylighting Simulation Results on the Prediction of Total Energy Consumption
Ana Paula Melo, Roberto Lamberts
Solar Heat Surplus and Solar Heat Scarcity: The Inclusion of Solar Heat Gain in a Dynamic and Holistic Daylight Analysis
Siân Kleindienst, Marilyne Andersen
Methodology for Quantifying the Performance Implications of Intelligent Shade Control in Existing Buildings in an Urban Context
William O'Brien, Konstantinos Kapsis, Andreas Athienitis, Ted Kesik
Real-Time Monitoring of Building Energy Behavior: A Conceptual Framework
Alexandre Nassiopoulos, Frédéric Bourquin
Validation of a Low-Energy Whole Building Simulation Model
Graziano Salvalai, Jens Pfafferott, Dirk Jacob
Development of a Calibration Methodology for the Energy Simulation of an Existing Building from 1969
Tobias Leibing, Claudius Reiser, Oliver Baumann
Energy Modeling at Each Design Phase: Strategies to Minimize Design Energy Use
Kendra Tupper, Caroline Fluhrer
Analysis of Procedures and Workflow for Conducting Energy Analysis Using Autodesk Revit, gbXML, and Trace700
Shariq Ali
Modeling Protocol for Early Energy Design Assistance
Chris Baker, Prasad Vaidya, Alan D'Souza
Enumerating a Diverse Set of Building Designs Using Discrete Optimization
Elaine T. Hale, Nicholas L. Long
Using DOE Commercial Reference Buildings for Simulation Studies
Kristin Field, Michael Deru, Daniel Studer
A Building Simulation Sustainability Analysis to Assess Dwellings in a New Cairo Development
Wael Sheta, Steve Sharples
The Coupling of ESP-r and GenOpt: A Simple Case Study
Leen Peeters, Michael Wetter, Alex Ferguson, William D'haeseleer
Multi-Objective Facade Optimization for Daylighting Design Using a Genetic Algorithm
Jaime M. L. Gagne, Marilyne Andersen
Optimizing Building Energy Simulation Models in the Face of Uncertainty
Dirk Jacob, Sebastian Burhenne, Anthony R. Florita, Gregor P. Henze
VisualEPlus: A Chinese Interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI) for EnergyPlus
Yiqun Pan, Qiqiang Li, Hui Zhou, Zhizhong Huang, Zongjian He, Joe Huang
Reconciling Differences in Residential DX Cooling Models in DOE-2 and EnergyPlus
Nathanael Kruis
EnergyPlus vs DOE-2: The Effect of Ground Coupling on Heating-Cooling Energy of a Slab-On-Grade House
Simge Andolsun, Charles H. Culp, Jeff Haberl
Space Load and System Load Comparison Using Energy Modeling Software
Cassie Waddell, Shruti Kaserekar
Experimental and Numerical Comparison of Heat Transfer in a Naturally Ventilated Roof Cavity
Adrien Brun, Etienne Wurtz, Daniel Quenard
Beyond Arrows: CFD Modeling of a New, Naturally Ventilated Double-Skin Facade Configuration in a Chicago High Rise Office Building
Mona Azarbayjani, Jim Anderson
A Comparison of Window Modeling Methods in EnergyPlus 4.0
Peter Lyons, Justin Wong, Mahabir Bhandari
A New Model for Calculating the Convective and Radiant Impact of Radiators and Baseboards in EnergyPlus
Daeho Kang, Richard K. Strand
Dynamic Modeling of Mechanical Draft Counter-Flow Wet Cooling Tower with Modelica
Xiao Li, Yaoyu Li, John E. Seem
Modeling of the Single Coil, Twin Fan Air-Conditioning System in EnergyPlus
Clayton Miller, Chandra Sekhar
Towards the Application of Distributed Simulation in Whole Building Heat, Air and Moisture Performance Engineering
M. Mirsadeghi, D. Cóstola, B. Blocken, J. L. M. Hensen
Heat Flow Modeling of HVAC Systems for Fault Detection and Diagnosis
Gerhard Zimmermann, Yan Lu, George Lo
Thermodynamics of the Microclimate: Effects of External Elements on Internal Heat Gains
Anupam Jain, Aran Osborne
Optimizing the Effect of Vegetation for Pedestrian Thermal Comfort and Urban Heat Island Mitigation in a Hot Arid Urban Environment
Akram Rosheidat, Harvey Bryan
Quantification of Available Solar Irradiation on Rooftops Using Orthograph and LiDAR Data
Chanikarn Yimprayoon, Mojtaba Navvab
Thermal Behavior of Urban Canyons Using Numerical Modeling, CFD Simulation and GIS Mapping
Rafael Silva Brandão, Marcia Peinado Alucci
Customizing the Behavior of Interacting Occupants Using Personas
Rhys Goldstein, Alex Tessier, Azam Khan
Window Opening Behavior in a Naturally Ventilated School
Spencer Dutton, Li Shao
Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation of Individual Building Occupants
Gerhard Zimmermann
Going Beyond a RESNET Certification for Code-Compliant Simulations: A Comparison of Detailed Results of Three RESNET-Certified, Code-Compliant Residential Simulation Programs
Zi Liu, Hyojin Kim, Mini Malhotra, Jaya Mukhopadhyay, Juan-Carlos Baltazar, Jeff Haberl, Charles Culp, Bahman Yazdani, Cynthia Montgomery
Simulating Building Energy Performance of Single-Family Detached Residences Designed for Off-Grid, Off-Pipe Operation
Mini Malhotra, Jeff Haberl
What Does It Take for the Residential Building Sector to Reach Net-Zero Energy?
Kevin Otto, Russell Taylor, Rohini Brahme, William Sisson
On the Use of Integrated Daylighting and Energy Simulations to Drive the Design of a Large Net-Zero Energy Office Building
Rob Guglielmetti, Shanti Pless, Paul A. Torcellini
Integrating Advanced Daylight Analysis into Building Energy Analysis
John An, Sam Mason
Animated Building Performance Simulation (ABPS): Linking Rhinoceros/Grasshopper with Radiance/Daysim
Kera Lagios, Jeff Niemasz, Christoph F. Reinhart
Tool for Generating Realistic Residential Hot Water Event Schedules
Robert Hendron, Jay Burch, Greg Barker
Implementation of a Model for a Wind Turbine System in EnergyPlus
Daeho Kang, Richard K. Strand
Integrating Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic Systems in Whole Building Energy Simulation
Soolyeon Cho, Jeff S. Haberl
Energy Efficiency Code in Brazil: Experiences in the First Public Building Labeled in Brasilia
Cláudia Naves David Amorim, Milena Sampaio Cintra, Caio Frederico e Silva, Júlia Teixeira Fernandes, Larissa Olivier Sudbrack
Modeling Energy Demand for Heating at a City Scale
Aneta Strzalka, Ursula Eicker, Volker Coors, Jürgen Schumacher
Estimating Material Usage of Road Infrastructure in US Cities
David Quinn, John E. Fernández
Proactive Energy Management for Next-Generation Building Systems
Victor M. Zavala, Jianhui Wang, Sven Leyffer, Emil M. Constantinescu, Mihai Anitescu, Guenter Conzelmann
Dynamic Modeling and Consistent Initialization of System of Differential-Algebraic Equations for Centrifugal Chillers
Pengfei Li, Yaoyu Li, John E. Seem
Comparison of Building Load Performance Between First Principle Based Shading Algorithm and Implementable Shading Control Algorithm
Rui Zhang, Khee Poh Lam
Dynamic Radiance: Predicting Annual Daylighting with Variable Fenestration Optics Using BSDFs
Mudit Saxena, Greg Ward, Timothy Perry, Lisa Heschong, Randall Higa
The Daylighting Dashboard - A Simulation-Based Analysis for Daylit Spaces
Christoph F. Reinhart, Jan Wienold
Uncertainty Analysis in Building Simulation with Monte Carlo Techniques
Sebastian Burhenne, Dirk Jacob, Gregor P. Henze
Using Statistical Methods to Investigate the Mapping from Initial Values to the Multiple Steady States in Complex Building Simulation Problems
Jinchao Yuan, Leon R. Glicksman
Decomposing Building System Data for Model Validation and Analysis Using the Koopman Operator
Bryan Eisenhower, Tobias Maile, Martin Fischer, Igor Mezić
Use of Building Simulation Software TAS to Investigate the Dynamic Thermal Performance of a School Building with Installation of a Monodraught Natural Ventilation and Cooling System
Naghman Khan, Yuehong Su, Saffa B. Riffat, Nick Hopper
Toward Zero Energy Buildings: Optimized for Energy Use and Cost
Carrie Brown, Leon Glicksman, Matthew Lehar
Development of a Dedicated Outdoor Air System Module for a Whole Building Annual Simulation Program
Young Tae Chae, Richard K. Strand
Influence of Supply Air Temperature on Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) System Energy Performance
Tom Webster, Kwang Ho Lee, Fred Bauman, Stefano Schiavon, Tyler Hoyt, Jingjuan Feng, Allan Daly
Model-Based Thermal Load Estimation of Buildings
Zheng O'Neill, Satish Narayanan, Rohini Brahme
Analysis of the Energy Savings Potential in K-5 Schools in Hot and Humid Climates: Application of High Performance Measures and Renewable Energy Systems
Piljae Im, Jeff S. Haberl
An Introduction to the CFD Capabilities in CONTAM 3.0
Liangzhu Wang, W. Stuart Dols, Qingyan Chen
Robust Eddy Viscosity Turbulence Modeling with Elliptic Relaxation for External Building Flow Analysis
Mirza Popovac
CFD Simulation Enhances the Optimization of a Data Center's Expansion Process
Gang Tan, Kevin S. Venerable
Performance-Based Incentive Program for New Buildings: Report from the Field
Maria Karpman, Mike Karpman, Shelley Beaulieu, Tom Rooney, Dan Cogan
Pushing the Limits of Simulation Complexity: A Building Energy Performance Simulation Exhibition Center in the U.A.E.
Marcus Jones, Stephan Ledinger
Is Real-Time Pricing Right for Solar PV?
Jeffrey Perlman, Andrew McNamara, Da-Wei Huang, Lindsay Audin
Improvements on the Fast Fluid Dynamic Model for Indoor Airflow Simulation
Wangda Zuo, Qingyan Chen