Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2012

5th Conference of IBPSA USA

Madison, Wisconsin, USA August 1-3, 2012

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Real-Time Resolution of Conflicting Objectives in Building Energy Management: An Utopia-Tracking Approach
Victor M. Zavala
A Two-Stage Simulation-Based On-Line Optimization Scheme for HVAC Demand Response
Jianmin Zhu, Ling Shen, Rongxin Yin, Yan Lu
Multi-Objective Optimization Model for Building Retrofit Strategies
Ehsan Asadi, Manuel Gameiro da Silva, Carlos Henggeler Antunes, Luís Dias
Mapping HVAC Systems for Simulation in EnergyPlus
Mangesh Basarkar, James O'donnell, Philip Haves, Kevin Settlemyre, Tobias Maile
Development of a Flexible, Multizone, Multifamily Building Simulation Model
Mini Malhotra, Piljae Im
Creating Zoning Approximations to Building Energy Models Using the Koopman Operator
Michael Georgescu, Bryan Eisenhower, Igor Mezić
An Investigation to Optimize the Mechanical Systems to Meet Comfort Criteria in a Large Atrium
Eshagh Yazdanshenas, Annie Marston, Oliver Baumann
Towards Better Modeling of Residential Thermostats
Bryan Urban, Diana Elliott, Olga Sachs
Application of a Stochastic Window Use Model in EnergyPlus
Spencer Dutton, Hui Zhang, Yongchao Zhai, Ed Arens, Youness Bennani Smires, Sam Brunswick, Kyle Konis, Phil Haves
Window-Wall Interface Correction Factors: Thermal Modeling of Integrated Fenestration and Opaque Envelope Systems for Improved Prediction of Energy Use
Mahabir Bhandari, Ravi Srinivasan
Virtual Mock-Up Modeling as Study Model of Building Envelope Performance and Design
Minjung Maing
Thermal Performance of Three-Dimensional Building Envelope Assemblies and Details for Improving the Accuracy of Whole Building Performance Simulation
Christian Cianfrone, Neil Norris, Patrick Roppel, Medgar Marceau
The Database of Egyptian Building Envelopes (DEBE): A Database for Building Energy Simulations
Shady Attia, Omar Wanas
Swimming Pool Hall HVAC Modelling, Simulation and End of Setback Neural Network Prediction: A Detailed Case Study
Raymond Sterling Garay, Andrea Costa, Thomas Messervey, Christian Mastrodonato, Marcus M. Keane
Control-Oriented Dynamic Modeling and Calibration of a Campus Theater Using Modelica
Bryan Eisenhower, Kazimir Gasljevic, Igor Mezić
Practical Techniques for Automated Calibration of Existing Models for Use in Building Operations
Madhav Munshi, Dan Tuhus-Dubrow, John An, Brian Coffey, Atelier Ten
Comparison of Two Different Simulation Programs While Calibrating the Same Building
Sukreet Singh, Andrea Martinez, Karen Kensek, Marc Schiler
Comparative Analysis of Air-to-Air Heat Pump Models for Building Energy Simulation
Hubert Blervaque, Pascal Stabat, Sila Filfli, Cristian Muresan, Dominique Marchio
An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Pre-Cooling in a Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump
A. J. Pertzborn, G. F. Nellis, S. A. Klein
Feasibility of Combined Solar/Heat Pump Systems for Reduced Residential Conditioning Energy Consumption
Greg Marsicek, Sanford Klein, Greg Nellis
The Energy Saving Potential of Membrane-Based Enthalpy Recovery in VAV Systems for Commercial Office Buildings
Liping Wang, Philip Haves, John Breshears
Zonal Approach to Modeling Thermally Stratified Atria
Timothy C. Moore, Peter J. Ouzts
Streamlined Multizone Model Creation
Jason W. Degraw, William P. Bahnfleth, Amy Musser
Application of a Natural Ventilation System Design Tool to a School Building
Steven J Emmerich, W. Stuart Dols, Brian Polidoro
Wind-Driven Natural Ventilation in a Low-Rise Building: A Numerical and Experimetnal Study
Girma Bitsuamlak, Ashkan Rasouli
Assessing Thermal Bridges in Commercial Wall Systems
Andrea Love
A Parametric Study of the Thermal Performance of Double Skin Facades at Different Climates Using Annual Energy Simulation
Emir Aykut Pekdemir, Ralph T. Muehleisen
Conduction Transfer Functions in TRNSYS Multizone Building Model: Current Implementation, Limitations and Possible Improvements
Benoit Delcroix, Michaël Kummert, Ahmed Daoud, Marion Hiller
Passivhaus and Net Zero Energy Residential Designs in a Cold Climate: A Simulation Based Design Process for the Next Generation of Green Homes
Mahdokht Soltaniehha, Jon A. Gardzelewski, Gang Tan, Anthony Denzer
Prediction of the Urban Heat Island Effect to Be Used in Building Energy Analyses
Bruno Bueno, Leslie Norford, Julia Hidalgo, Grégoire Pigeon
A GIS-Based Assessment Method for Mean Radiant Temperature in Dense Urban Areas
Jianxiang Huang, Jose Guillermo Cedeño Laurent, John Spengler, Christoph Reinhart
Generative Urban Modeling: A Design Work Flow for Walkability-Optimized Cities
Tarek Rakha, Christoph Reinhart
Environment Mapping for Fast and Robust Calculation of Indirect Radiant Energy
Lars Schumann, Donald P. Greenberg
Autotune E+ Building Energy Models
Joshua New, Jibonananda Sanyal, Mahabir Bhandari, Som Shrestha
Thermal and Mechanical Systems Descriptors for Simplified Energy Use Evaluation of Canadian Houses
Anil Parekh, Chris Kirney
An Interactive Workbench for Monitoring, Identification and Calibration of Building Energy Models
Pavel Dybskiy, Russell Richman
Estimation of Thermal Parameters of Buildings Through Inverse Modeling and Clustering for a Portfolio of Buildings
Lianjun An, Raya Horesh, Young T. Chae, Young M. Lee
A Framework for Estimating the Potential Energy Savings of Natural Ventilation Retrofits for California Commercial Buildings
Sam Brunswick, Spencer Dutton, David Banks, Kyle Adams, Phil Haves
Annual Coupled EnergyPlus and Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation of Natural Ventilation
Rui Zhang, Khee Poh Lam, Shi-Chune Yao, Yongjie Zhang
Using CFD Simulations to Improve the Modeling of Window Discharge Coefficients
Erin L. Hult, Gianluca Iaccarino, Martin Fischer
Coupled EnergyPlus and Computational Fluid Dynamics Natural Ventilation Simulation
Rui Zhang, Khee Poh Lam, Shi-Chune Yao, Yongjie Zhang
A New Climate & Hourly Data Delivery System Providing Global Support for Precision Modeling and Control
John L Keller, Charles A Khuen
A Framework for Generating Stochastic Meteorological Years for Risk-Conscious Design of Buildings
Benjamin D. Lee, Yuming Sun, Huafen Hu, Godfried Augenbroe, Christiaan J. J. Paredis
Simulating Naturally Ventilated Buildings with Detailed CFD-Based Wind Pressure Database
Bing Wang, Timur Dogan, Debashree Pal, Christoph Reinhart
Tilted Glazing in Building Simulations and Its Effect on Form-Refinement of Complex Facades
Won Hee Ko, Marc Schiler, Karen Kensek, Peter Simmonds
Scripted Building Energy Modeling and Analysis
Elaine Hale, Daniel Macumber, Kyle Benne, David Goldwasser
New Methods for the Construction and Interpretation of High Dimensional Parametric Building Energy Models
David E. Bosworth, Kevin B. Pratt
All the Ways of Meeting a Target: Calculating a Solution Surface Using GenOpt
Brian Coffey, Dan Tuhus-Dubrow, Madhav Munshi
Optimization of Typical US HVAC Systems Through Improved Controls
Chen Luo, Annie Marston, Oliver Baumann
Modeling HVAC Optimization Control Strategies for High Performance Buildings
Patrick Wilkinson, Chris Olmsted
On Inter-Model Comparison Exercises of Whole Building Ham Simulation Using the BESTEST Building
Daniel Cóstola, Bert J. E. Blocken, Jan L. M. Hensen
A Systematic Approach to Hygrothermal Modeling and Compliance with Failure Criteria Using WUFI
Pallavi Mantha, Lois B. Arena
Proposed TRNSYS Model for Storage Tank with Encapsulated Phase Change Materials
Katherine D'avignon, Michaël Kummert
Numerical Thermal Performance Analysis of PCMs Integrated with Residential Attics
Ali Fallahi, Nitin Shukla, Jan Kosny
Fault Diagnosis in HVAC Systems Based on the Heat Flow Model
Alexander Schiendorfer, Gerhard Zimmermann, Yan Lu, George Lo
An Integrated Infrastructure for Real-Time Building Energy Modeling and Fault Detection and Diagnostics
Bing Dong, Zheng O'Neill, ZhengWei Li, Dong Luo, Shashanka Madhusudana, Sunil Ahuja, Trevor Bailey
Efficient and Robust Training Methodology for Inverse Building Modeling
Jie Cai, James E. Braun
Continuous Commisioning Based on Extended Fault Detection and Diagnosis
Gerhard Zimmermann, Yan Lu, George Lo
Building Performance Metrics Calculation and Visualization for K-12 School Buildings in New York City
Young M. Lee, Fei Liu, Estepan Meliksetian, Jane Snowdon, Michael Bobker
Reality Impacts Energy Use: From Dream Time to Real Time for SimBuild 2012 Conference
Jason Steinbock, Jim Douglas, Julia Gauthier, Chris Iacono, Adam Niederloh, David Eijadi
A Process For, and Results From, Whole Campus Energy Conservation by Statistical Extrapolation of Calibrated Energy Models
Matthew Brugman, Paul Erickson
Energy and Cost Savings of Retro-Commissioning and Retrofit Measures for Large Office Buildings
Weimin Wang, Jian Zhang, Dave Moser, Guopeng Liu, Rahul Athalye, Bing Liu
The Renovation and Rehabilitation of Historic Building Envelopes: An In-depth Building Performance and Thermal Comfort Analysis
Thomas Zakrzewski
Scalable Methodology for Energy Efficiency Retrofit Decision Analysis
Yeonsook Heo, Fei Zhao, Sang Hoon Lee, Yuming Sun, Jinsol Kim, Godfried Augenbroe, Diane Graziano, Leah B. Guzowski, Ralph T. Muehleisen
A Demonstration of the Run-Time Coupling Between Esp-R and TRNSYS
Francesca Macdonald, Romain Jost, Ian Beausoleil-Morrison, Michaël Kummert, Timothy McDowell, Alex Ferguson
Validation of the Window Model of the Modelica Buildings Library
Thierry Stephane Nouidui, Michael Wetter, Wangda Zuo
Comparison of EnergyPlus and DOE-2 Detailed Window Heat Transfer Models
Neal Kruis, Chuck Booten, Craig Christensen
Prioritizing Building System Energy Failure Modes Using Whole Building Energy Simulation
Kevin Otto, Bryan Eisenhower, Zheng O'Neill, Shui Yuan, Igor Mezic, Satish Narayanan
Reduced-Order Building Modeling for Application to Model-Based Predictive Control
Donghun Kim, James E. Braun
Automatic Model Reduction in Architecture: A Window into Building Thermal Structure
Justin Dobbs, Brandon M. Hencey
Reduced-Order Modeling for Control of Indoor Building Airflows
Sunil Ahuja, Eugene Cliff, Satish Narayanan
The Impact of Systems Integration on the Daylighting Performance of Skylights in Offices
Ladan Ghobad, Wayne Place, Jianxin Hu
Challenges to Integrated Daylighting and Electric Lighting Simulation Methods in a Whole-Building Energy Simulation Context
Rob Guglielmetti, Jennifer Scheib
Hardware Accelerated Computation of Direct Solar Radiation Through Transparent Shades and Screens
Nathaniel L. Jones, Donald P. Greenberg
Evaluating the Impact of Shading Devices on the Indoor Thermal Comfort of Residential Buildings in Egypt
Ahmed A. M. Ali, Tarek M. F. Ahmed
Urban Daylight Simulation Calculating the Daylit Area of Urban Designs
Timur Dogan, Christoph Reinhart, Panagiotis Michalatos
Performance Modeling for a Sustainable Master Plan
Krista Raines
Towards Validated Urban Photovoltaic Potential and Solar Radiation Maps Based on LiDAR Measurements, GIS Data, and Hourly DAYSIM Simulations
J. Alstan Jakubiec, Christoph F. Reinhart
Preliminary Evaluation of a Daylight Performance Indicator for Urban Analysis: Facade Vertical Daylight Factor per Unit Floor Area
Ji Zhang, Chye Kiang Heng, Lai Choo Malone-Lee, Yi Chun Huang, Patrick Janssen, Daniel Jun Chung Hii, Ibrahim Nazim
An Improved Simple Chilled Water Cooling Coil Model
Liping Wang, Philip Haves, Fred Buhl
Issues Arising from the Use of Chilled Beams in Energy Models
Fred Betz, James Mcneill, Bill Talbert, Harshana Thimmanna, Norbert Repka
A Review of How Different Energy Analysis Tools Address Ventilation in Complex VAV HVAC Systems
Andrew Corney, Simon Gardiner, Connor Jansen
Influence of Design and Operating Conditions on Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) System Performance
Tom Webster, Tyler Hoyt, Edwin Lee, Allan Daly, Dove Feng, Fred Bauman, Stefano Schiavon, Kwang Ho Lee, Wilmer Pasut, Dan Fisher
Cost-Effective Recommendations for 15% Above Code Energy Efficiency Measures Based on the ASHRAE 90.1-2007 for Small Office Buildings in Texas
Hyojin Kim, Juan-Carlos Baltazar, Jeff Haberl
Capital Costs and Energy Savings Achieved by Energy Conservation Measures for Office Buildings in the Greater Philadelhia Region
Liam Hendricken, Kevin Otto, Jin Wen, Patrick Gurian, William Sisson
Building Envelope Optimazation Method and Application to Three House Types in a Proposed Solar District Energy System
Chris Kirney, Anil Parekh, Keith Paget
Application of Integrated Building Simulation and CFD to a Classroom Heating Case Study in a Mediterranean Climate
Miguel A. Campano, Samuel Domínguez, Jesica Fernández-Agüera, Juan J. Sendra
Simple Design Tools for Earth-Air Heat Exchangers
Ralph T. Muehleisen