Proceedings of uSim Conference 2020

Proceedings of the second IBPSA-Scotland Conference uSIM2020 Urban Energy Simulation

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. 12 November, 2020

Keynote 1

Building Performance Simulation: Challenges and opportunities for IBPSA in a changing world?
Prof Lori McElroy (University of Strathclyde and IBPSA)

Keynote 2

Intelligent Community Lifecycle
Veda Baliga (IES)

List of topics

Parallel A1: Communities

Assessing residential retrofit measures to reduce the risk of fuel poverty: A modelling approach at community scale
Paraskevi Vatougiou, David Jenkins, Peter McCallum
Grounding urban energy tools in the lived experiences of the urban poor – a case for incorporating participatory methods in urban building energy models
Pamela Jane Fennell, Julia Tomei, Rita Consuela Lambert
Study on the effect of electric vehicle in smart community energy management
Monica Gondokusuma, Yuki Kitagawa, Ayumu Sawamura, Yoshiyuki Shimoda
System of statistical approaches for community energy modelling
Sandhya Patidar, David Jenkins, Andrew Peacock, Kumar Biswajit Debnath, Peter McCallum
Thermally activated building systems for nearly zero energy communities: Influence of the solar thermal heat generation
Tillman Gauer, Matthias Pahn

Parallel A2: Future stock modelling

15 Computational efficiencies and predication accuracy of a physics-based building energy simulation tool for urban energy analysis
Richard Charles Johnson, Mohammad Royapoor, Sara Walker
Developing a 3D geometry for urban energy modelling of Indian cities
Kartikay Sharma, Rajan Rawal, Pamela Fennel, Anmol Mathur, Paul Ruyssevelt, Dru Crawley, Ivan Korolija
Building energy flexibility provision via optimal thermal energy management
Ilaria Salerno, Miguel F. Anjos, Kenneth McKinnon, Juan A. Gómez-Herrera
Potential macro-economic benefits of optimizing building renovation roadmaps towards 2050 on a city scale: A Belgian case study
Glenn Reynders, Ina De Jaeger, Guillermo Borragán Pedraz
Towards bottom-up modelling of the electricity demand of Huntly in 2030
Ryan Gilmour, Sebastian Michalski, Jim O’Donnell, Desen Kirli

Parallel A3: Modelling at scale

Incorporating sociodemographic constraints in multi-objective building stock retrofit optimization
Vincenzo A. Rossi, Bianca Howard, Jonathan A. Wright
Investigating the impact of construction year on the urban-scale energy flexibility potential of single-family houses
Rasmus Elbæk Hedegaard, Martin Heine Kristensen, Steffen Petersen
Limiting energy consumption in Ahmedabad’s central business district using urban energy modelling
Nikhil Singh Yaduvanshi, Rajan Rawal, Anmol Mathur
Balancing accuracy and computation burden – an evaluation of different sensitivity analysis methods for urban scale building energy models
Pamela Jane Fennell, Paul Anthony Ruyssevelt, Ivan Korolija

Parallel B1: Big Data

Modelling domestic heat electrification
Joey Aoun, Carlos Calderon
Short-term forecasting of residential electricity demand using CNN-LSTM
Ashkan Lotfipoor, Sandhya Patidar, David Jenkins
Urban data imputation using multi-output multi-class classification
Pascal Schetelat, Lucie Lefort, Nicolas Delgado
Development of a methodology of validation for urban building energy models and application to French residential consumption
Lucie Lefort, Romain Bonabe de Rougé, Pascal Schetelat, Thomas Berthou, Peter Riederer, Bruno Duplessis, Eric Peirano

Parallel B2: Applications and case-studies

Estimating macroscopic occupant behavior with an end-use simulation model and smart meter data
Yusuke Kurokawa, Yoshiyuki Shimoda, Aiko Ikeda
Including building energy flexibility as an asset in system-wide district heating optimization models
Steffen Petersen, Rasmus Elbæk Hedegaard, Janus Tougaard, Tommy Mølbak
Mapping the technical potential and cost effectiveness of energy retrofits in Oxfordshire
Rajat Gupta, Matt Gregg
Reproducing of energy use differences among households in national residential sector by simulation model
Haruka Matoba, Yoshiyuki Shimoda, Minami Sugiyama, Ryuya Nishimoto, Ayako Taniguchi-Matsuoka, Yohei Yamaguchi
Towards a smart community evaluation and implementation toolkit – low-cost mini-district predictive controls with flexible tariffs
Graeme Flett, Andrew Lyden, Paul Tuohy

Parallel B3: Software developments

The efforts towards development of an energy optimization dynamic simulation tool
Sahar Mirzaie, Mahnameh Taheri, Stephen Oliver, Fernando Gielow, Alan Wegienka
Use of multi-scale dynamic simulation towards the creation of positive energy blocks
Lorenzo De Donatis, Olivier Neu, Ruth Kerrigan, Nick Purshouse
Assessing the ability of roof-mounted photovoltaic (PV) canopies to support electric vehicle (EV) charging in cities
Nick Kelly, John Allison, Graeme Flett, Jon Hand
Control event matrices for stochastic heating use in urban-scale energy simulations
Peter McCallum, David Jenkins, Paraskevi Vatougiou