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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2012: 1st Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


The research of CFD applications for thermal fluid simulation of building environment

Long Wen Yao, Q.Y.Fan , Y.W.Zhang , Y.B.Xue

Abstract: This paper gives architectural design personnel the guideline in the design phase of the buildings through analyzing two case studies, one is fluid simulation for buildings in a city, the other is thermal fluid simulation for buildings in a residential area. These simulation data are helpful to the actual building layout, green building and choosing building materials. This paper introduces the CFD simulation application in domestic and international advanced design. Especially, this paper introduces the professional building analysis module and the corresponding feature in the relevant software. These modules and features can help designers to finish building environment CFD simulation more conveniently and rapidly. So designers can finish more building CFD simulation in a short-term, and at the same time, designers can improve the building design. These advanced technology includes:Solar radiation used for steady-state analysis; the application of multiple grid technology for complicated buildings;. The commonly used evaluation indexes for foreign building CFD simulation analysis are introduced in this paper, for example: MRT, PMV, SET, Index for Age/Life Expectancy of Air, Inlet/outlet Contribution Rate, Ventilation efficiency and so on.
Pages: 688 - 695