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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2012: 1st Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Data availability and validity issues for dynamic simulation of a high-rise office building

Ki-Uhn Ahn, Deuk-Woo Kim, Seong-Hwan Yoon, Young-Jin Kim, Cheol-Soo Park

Abstract: For better energy management of a high-rise office building, an accurate dynamic building simulation model is required for rational energy management. The dynamic simulation model can answer what-if questions as well as be used for real-time Building Energy Management System (BEMS). Dynamic modeling of an existing building as operated requires much more efforts, insights and understanding than dynamic modeling of that as designed. This paper reports, how the authors (simulationists) developed a dynamic energy simulation model for a large office building (33 stories above ground and 6 underground levels, a total floor area of 91,898 m²). The simulation project, inclusive of modeling, calibration and validation, was finished within a tight time schedule (2 months) by four people (1 M.S. and 3 Ph.D. students). In the paper, the following issues are elaborated: (1) gathering building information (architectural, mechanical, electrical, schedules, etc.), (2) handling disagreement between construction documents and a reality, (3) dealing with absent (unknown) and uncertain inputs, and (4) tweaking the simulation model when the tool can’t simulate as it is. Finally, the paper shows the comparison between the simulation prediction and measured energy use. The tool used in the study is EnergyPlus 6.0. This paper focuses on modeling process and issues, simulation results from the uncalibrated model.
Pages: 450 - 457