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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2012: 1st Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Study on wind environment characteristic of different height high-rise residential buildings in Changsha, China

Di Le, Nianping Li, Lin Su

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to analyze the wind environment of different height buildings around a residential district in hot summer and cold winter zone of China. A residential district was selected as the study object in Changsha of Hunan province with a typical hot summer/cold winter climate. In this paper, field tests and numerical simulation had been used to collect data. The relative parameters of the wind environment in this residential district during 2010 winter period were measured on-the-sit, such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and the concentration of inhalable particles (PM10). Distribution of temperature, pressure and wind in the district environment of opening space and its numerical simulation in the typical summer/winter climate condition of Changsha were processed in detail. The analysis results show that: the average concentration of PM10 was 0.3 mg/m3—more than twice the daily average concentration (National Standard) of it. The building-complex arrangement in the north side of this residential areas was helped significantly to stop the icy wind at the winter, related the determinant in a very efficient way. The architectural distributed layout in the south side of it was good for strengthening the architectural natural ventilation in summer and transitional season. Over 75% of the pressure difference before and after plate construction met the requirement to keep a certain value of 1.5 Pa in summer and be not greater than 5 Pa in winter. The values of actual wind speed at 1.5-metre high around the building were less than 4 m/s, far below the standard value of 5 m/s. The simulation result of the wind environment is in line with the data of investigation of it. All of above provided basic data and frame of reference for the analysis to the characteristic of wind environment in different types of space.
Pages: 394 - 401