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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2012: 1st Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Study of dynamic thermal performance of active pipe-embedded building envelopes based on frequency-domain finite difference method

Qiuyuan Zhu, Xinhua Xu, Jinhua Yu

Abstract: Active pipe-embedded building envelope is a building external wall or roof in which pipes are embedded in the wall slab or roof slab for allow water circulating in these pipes for heat transfer. This structure may utilize low-grade energy sources due to the enlarged heat transfer surface between the slab mass and water in the pipe allowing for substantial heat flow for relatively small temperature difference. It may actively intercept heat to reduce the heat transfer for the ambient air to indoor space in summer and coolth to reduce the heat loss of the indoor air in winter season. This paper presents the thermal performance of this structure under various disturbances in frequency domain by using Frequency-Domain Finite Difference (FDFD) method since frequency characteristics may well represent the dynamic characteristics of dynamic systems. In the meantime, the frequency characteristics of this structure are also compared with other numerical results which are obtained in time domain.
Pages: 110 - 117