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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2012: 1st Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Dynamic simulation of long-term indoor VOC concentrations in a newly renovated residential unit: a pilot study

Jun Guan, Weihui Liang, Xudong Yang

Abstract: Dynamic simulation of indoor volatile organic compound (VOC) concentration variation in the long term would be an economical and effective approach for estimating the long-term exposure and related risk. And yet, most existing numerical studies either neglect the time factor, or only focus on short-term behaviors. In this study, we attempted to build a single zone air quality model of long-term indoor VOC concentration variation. For further analysis, a newly renovated apartment unit was selected for a preliminary case study of simulating the long-term trend of VOCs decay over one and a half years, with on-site measurements done once every one or three months. The results indicated that both previous experiment research and the modeling results show similar long-term decaying trend of VOCs indoors. However, the decay rate of simulated concentration curve was found to be faster than that of the measured trend. Possible interpretations of the above results were given in light of existing knowledge base. The work performed in this paper would be useful to understand the long-term VOC behavior in actual buildings, and offer a preliminary case study how to apply a simplified physical model to simulate the real world complex phenomenon.
Pages: 323 - 330