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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2012: 1st Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Evaluating commercial building retrofit energy saving by using a building retrofit tool-case studies in Shanghai

Yiqun Pan, Zhetian Xu, Yuming Li, Mark Levine, Wei Feng, Nan Zhou

Abstract: Building energy efficiency is a very important government policy in China. Retrofitting existing commercial (or called public) buildings, especially large scale public or government office buildings, is one important issue. To better help practitioner assess retrofit energy saving and cost-effectiveness, a COMmercial Building Analysis Tool (COMBAT) for energy efficiency retrofit has been developed. This study applies the developed COMBAT tool to a couple of commercial shopping mall and hotel buildings in Shanghai, China. The energy conservation measures (ECMs) are analyzed in terms of their energy saving and cost effectiveness. Simulated energy savings are compared with buildings’ actual measurement number. General conclusions and suggestions on building retrofit work for shopping mall and hotel in Shanghai.
Pages: 490 - 497