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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2014: 2nd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


The applicability of the high-performance envelop residence in China

Lishen LIN, Da YAN, Jingyi WANG

Abstract: High-performance envelop residence , such as “Low-energy House”, “Very-low-Energy Building”, “Passive House” and “Near-Zero-Energy Building”, refers to the building which use the technology of super-insulation, super glazing, high-air-tightness, the thermal bridge prevention measurement, highefficiency heat recovery. Nowadays, it’s a trend to develop the high-performance envelop residence. Given this, China has begun to build some similar residence. However, due to the differences between the China and Europe residence, it needs to tested whether taking the high-performance envelop residence is proper to China? The article use the DeST simulation system to compare the energy consumption and operating expenses between high-performance buildings envelop residence and the existing design standard residence. The research shows that, comparing the building heating load and operating expenses, highperformance buildings envelop residence is suitable for cold region in north China (such as Harbin, Qinhuang island and Beijing); however, it doesn’t fit in with south China (such as Shanghai and Gunagzhou). As a consequence, it has to be considered cautiously to apply high-performance buildings envelop residence in south China.
Keywords: high-performance envelop, residence, applicability, DeST
Pages: 180 - 187