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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2014: 2nd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Plug Loads: Usage and Energy Consumption Analysis

Raghunath Shivram Reddy, Vishal Garg, Niranjan Keesara, Asha Swaroopa

Abstract: The electric load of an office building can be classified into lighting load, HVAC load, and plug load. Monitoring the lighting and HVAC load is relatively simple. However, the product range of plug load devices is diverse and their usages vary considerably making it difficult to understand plug load usage and consumption. Plug loads account for more than 20 percent of energy consumption in a building. Even though the share of plug load in building energy is increasing, very few studies exist on the device level energy usage and consumption in an academic institution in India. Therefore, the study of plug load is done to gain insight on their usage and energy consumption patterns. A total of 93 energy meters were installed on a sample of plug load devices. For each connected device, the current, voltage, and accumulated power are logged along with the timestamp for a period of 4 months. Different analysis like estimation of annual energy usage, average load profiles on different day types, variability in energy consumption among devices and so on were performed. Based on the analysis, the study recommends strategies to reduce plug load consumption and also suggests load schedules which can be used in energy simulation for realistic energy results.
Keywords: MELs, Plug-loads, building energy, power meters
Pages: 196 - 203