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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2014: 2nd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Characteristics of Cold-air Release from Air-conditioned and Open-entrance Shops to Outside Street Spaces in Summer

Takashi Asawa, Yuki Kugimachi

Abstract: This study clarifies the characteristics of cold air release from open-entrance and air-conditioned shops, and the microclimate formed in the outside street space during the summer, using both field measurements and a numerical simulation. Two streets in Tokyo were selected for comparison measurements. One street is comprised of a line of small shops that have large open entrances, and the other is comprised of a line of various small shops with closed entrances. The air temperature in front of open-entrance shops was much lower than that in the spaces with closed entrances. In particular, an accumulation of cold air was observed near the ground. A numerical simulation was then applied to quantitatively analyze the effect of spatial geometry and surface temperatures on the release of cold air from open-entrance shops. A coupled simulation method with a 3D CAD-based thermal environment simulator and a CFD simulation was applied to the microclimatic analysis. It was clarified that the accumulation range of cold air was concentrated in the spaces close to the shop entrances, and that the quantity of waste cold air released from the shops decreased when the ground surface temperature decreased by applying a water-retentive pavement and awning, and also when outside shelves provided a shield against the surrounding airflow.
Keywords: Microclimate, Open-entrance shop, Air conditioning, Field measurement, CFD
Pages: 235 - 242