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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2014: 2nd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Measurement of Summer Outdoor Thermal Environment of Campus Open Space and Validation the Simulation Model

Guang Chen, Lihua Zhao, Qiong Li

Abstract: A field measurement of outdoor thermal environment was carried out in different open space of campus located in the hot and humid zone in summer.From the measurement results of air temperature, humidity, wind velocity and globe temperature at the pedestrian-level, and the typical ground surface temperature, the main characteristics of summer outdoor thermal environment under different open space in hot and humid zone are obtained. Design method,underlying surface materials and sky view factor have a great influence on the outdoor thermal environment. The piloti, which design form adapts the climate in Guangzhou, can effectively improve the outdoor thermal comfort in hot summer. The measurement results are further used to verify the ENVI-met model. The results show that: the ENVI-met model reasonably reproduced the majority of the observed spatial and temporal characteristics of the 2-m temperature field over the simulation period, and the relative errors are within 11.2%, which proved that ENVI-met is a reliable model to simulate the different urban scenarios.Then, discrepancy between measurement and simulation was analyzed.
Keywords: open space; outdoor thermal environment; measurement; simulation
Pages: 284 - 291