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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2014: 2nd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Effects of Pipe Network Diameter and Flow Rate on Unused Energy Source System Performances in Large-scale Horticulture Facilities

Jae Ho Lee, Yeo Beom Yoon, In Tak Hyun, Kwang Ho Lee

Abstract: Greenhouses use low U-value skin, such as glass and vinyl, and thus they need to be significantly heated 24 hours as per characteristic of crops, using more heating energy than normal buildings. Recently government has planned to set large scale controlled horticulture, above 100ha in South Korea. Problem in large scale controlled horticulture is large amounts of fossil fuel being used for heating and the increase in the price of oil 10% annually. This paper conducts simulation study of a large scale greenhouse using EnergyPlus simulation program in order the investigate the effects of pipe network parameters on the large-scale horticulture facility heating system performance. The parameters under consideration in this study are pipe diameter and fluid flow rate. Both the distance between heat source and green house and the heat gain and heat loss through the pipe were considered.
Keywords: Unused energy sources, Piping Parameters, Thermal conveyance, Large-scale horticulture facility, EnergyPlus
Pages: 308 - 315