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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2014: 2nd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Development Of A Fast Simulation-aided-design Method For Office Building In Early Design Stage

Ziwei Li, Borong Lin, Hongzhong Chen

Abstract: Decisions made in early design stage have significant impacts on building performances. In early design stage, most of the parameters, which can greatly influence building performance, are selected. With the promotion of design process, performance optimization possibility is smaller and smaller, and cost of the same benefit is higher and higher. In order to aid making decisions in early design stage which characterized a small amount of information and uncertainty of construction details, this paper introduces a fast simulation-aided-design plug-in, integrated in Sketchup and developed for office building. This paper describes a novel simulation-aided-design process called “simulating while drawing”, which can be implemented by the plug-in mentioned above: Users are guided to model within a predefined modeling process. Then, quickly and easily, the selected performance objective is calculated and evaluated according to some basic information. Finally, results will help designers to modify design scheme in early design stage. The plug-in is expected for the following functions: Building information summary from Sketchup model; Solar access analysis (shadow proportion, sunshine hours and surface radiation) through the self-developed program; Daylight factors and illuminance simulation through combination of Radiance; Thermal-shape coefficient calculation; Scheme optimization according to simulation results.
Keywords: Early design stage, Performance optimization, Plug-in for Sketchup, Simulation-aideddesign process, Simulating while drawing
Pages: 348 - 355