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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2014: 2nd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Simulation Study of Thermal Sensation Based Control for Single Family Type Distributed Heating Systems

Peizhang Chen, Fulin Wang, Zheliang Chen

Abstract: Single Family type Distributed Heating (SFDH) has a tendency of increase in residential buildings because of its low initial and maintenance cost, suitability to building occupancy and house sale situations, and less energy consumption compared with district heating. Further, the SFDH system can achieve better thermal environment control by considering the room occupants’ thermal sensation to achieve personalized comfort. However, the present room temperature control is based on set points given by room occupants, which might lead to poor thermal comfort and energy waste as well. This article proposes a new thermal sensation based control for SFDH system, which uses an on-line learning algorithm to find out an occupant’s comfortable temperature range and to decide optimal temperature set point. The SVM (support vector machine) model is used for the on-line learning of the comfortable temperature range. Simulation is conducted to study the performance of the SVM model predicted control. The simulation results show that the temperature set point predicted by the model can achieve user satisfied thermal environment quickly and reliably.
Keywords: Distributed heating system, Sensation based control, Thermal comfort modelling, Model predicted control
Pages: 380 - 386