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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2014: 2nd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Optimization of solar fraction in a PV/T system applied to a liquid desiccant-assisted evaporative cooling system

Eun-ji Lee, Seung-Yeon Ko, Jae-Weon Jeong

Abstract: The main thrust of this research is to propose an optimal solar fraction design method for the photovoltaic-thermal (PV/T) system applied to the established liquid desiccant and evaporative cooling-assisted 100% outdoor air system (LD-IDECOAS). The PV/T system provides the electric power and hot water simultaneously, which are required to operate the liquid desiccant unit in the established system. Optimal solar fraction determination process for the PV/T applied to the LD-IDECOAS was established via detailed energy simulation performed by integrating the commercial equation solver program with TRNSYS 17. The design variables, such as weather and system operating conditions were changed to find conditions returning the optimum solar fraction at a specific location. This study suggests the process to find optimal solar fraction providing energy savings and CO₂ emission reductions.
Keywords: PV/T system, Solar fraction, LD-IDECOAS, energy savings, CO₂ emission reductions, Optimization
Pages: 459 - 466