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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2014: 2nd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Fundamental Study on the Moisture Desorption Characteristics of Water-Saturated Concrete

Naoki Tani, Akihito Ozaki

Abstract: With global warming, the flooding of houses has spread due to localized unexpectedly strong rain and typhoons in recent years. As for concrete under a floor that has encountered flooding damage, it can be restored using measures such as cleaning, sterilization, and drying. However, the humidity of a crawlspace may become high after measures because measures are insufficient, and wet damage may occur in the crawlspace and living space of houses. This study aims to evaluate the hygrothermal environment of flooded crawlspaces quantitatively and to establish a drying technique. Moisture desorption characteristics of water-saturated concrete are clarified by fundamental experiments and numerical simulation. As a result, quantity of moisture desorption from water-saturated concrete was principal proportion to water capacity of the saturated concrete surface layer regardless of the water-cement ratio in the fundamental experiment. In numerical simulation using the combined heat and moisture transfer model „P-model‟, calculated values accord with measured values well.
Keywords: Combined Heat and Moisture Transfer, Vapor Phase Water and Liquid Phase Water, Concrete, Water-cement Ratio, Pore Volume
Pages: 523 - 530