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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2014: 2nd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Effect of Window on Building Energy Performance and Indoor Environmental Qquality

Tugce Aker, Cansu Deniz, Altay Tabancacı, Mehmet Selcuk Mert

Abstract: The characteristics of windows have effect on the visual and thermal comfort. Indoor environmental quality has great importance on human health and psychology, especially for school building. Recent studies show that daylighting in schools may significantly increase students' test scores and provide better health and physical development. Moreover, natural ventilation can improve indoor air quality and solve problems such as sick building syndrome that affect human health. Shading devices and natural ventilation strategies are used to provide indoor environmental quality. These strategies decrease cooling load in this way energy performance of building is improved. In this study, windows were changed to provide natural ventilation for university building in Turkey. Moreover, the impact of added shading device on daylighting was investigated. The study was carried out by using daylighting and CFD analysis software. In addition to these analyses, the interaction between natural ventilation, shading device and building energy performance were examined by using energy analysis software. Existing building and proposed building was compared according to their energy performance and comfort conditions.
Keywords: Natural ventilation, Daylighting, CFD, Energy performance
Pages: 531 - 538