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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2014: 2nd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


The Simulation of Acoustics by ODEON in the Acoustic Design of Assembly Hall


Abstract: Because of keeping the balance of the speech articulation during meetings and the sense of reverberation during theatrical performances, the acoustic design of multi-function assembly hall remains the crucial and difficult points. This essay takes the acoustic design of Beiyang Hall at the new campus of Tianjin University as an example. Aimed at solving the original design defects of the assembly hall, such as the lacking of the first sound reflection and sound absorption quantity, and dealing the contradiction between speech articulation and sense of reverberation, the author utilized the acoustic computer simulation program ODEON which calculated a series of parameters, including the reverberation time(RT30),early decay time(EDT) and speech transmission index (STI). According to the theoretical foundation and datagiven by the simulation results, the author optimized the indoor acoustics design, including adjusting the shape of components, designing the acoustic diffusers and controlling the reverberation time at the appropriate level. After constantly adjusting the indoor acoustic design and changing the sound absorption materials of different positions, which include the side walls, back walls and ceiling of the assembly hall, the simulation program ODEON ultimately carried out an ideal solution of the assembly hall. This essay is an exploration of using the computer simulation software to aid the architectural design practices and solving the practical issues.
Keywords: Acoustic Design, Assembly Hall, Computer Acoustic Simulation, Reverberation time, ODEON
Pages: 555 - 563