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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2014: 2nd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Government Office Buildings Energy Consumption Index Research – by Means of Comparing Simulation and Real Energy Consumption

Yichao WANG

Abstract: For a better result of building energy conservation, the reasonable building energy index is necessary. Considering there are so many differences among buildings, it’s unreasonable that we only give a certain energy index to all kinds of buildings, even they are the same kind of buildings, the differences like the area, the number of people, the kinds of light will make the reasonable energy index different. On the other side, we can know a reasonable energy index of a building by do some detailed research, however, it’s too complex so it’s impossible for us to research every building. This paper, based on several investigations and simulations for government office buildings, gives out a new method: on the basis of one or more building models, and some important information by a simple investigations of the building, ignore those differences which are not important, and then calculate with the typical building model and the results of the investigation, make out the reasonable energy index, which is differ from energy index of other buildings. And it’s possible that we can use the same method to give other kinds of buildings just like schools, hotels, hospitals and so on. What we need is just to do the same research like government office buildings. What’s more, in the process of research, we also answered another question: what are the important factors of building energy index. By comparing the real energy consumption which is provided by the respondents with the calculate result, we can found those factor which have an influence on building energy consumption. When those results are close enough, we can know that the factors we have found are important factors. The more building we research, the more factors we will found, the better energy index we give out.
Keywords: Energy Index; Simulation; Calculation Method; Affect Factors
Pages: 572 - 577