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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2014: 2nd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Random Walk’ Pattern of occupant presence

Deuk-Woo Kim, Pieter de Wilde, Ki-Cheol Kim, Young-Jin Kim, Cheol-Soo Park

Abstract: Building performance simulation has been widely used for evaluating performance of designed or existing buildings. However, use of building performance simulation is quite limited especially for existing buildings. A major barrier is uncertainty caused by occupants who hold strong stochastic nature. The presence of building occupants is prerequisite for occurrence of occupant behavior; hence this study firstly investigates random nature of occupancy pattern in a building. Firstly, the authors monitored occupancy patterns in two laboratories. Next, a ‘random walk’ assumption was tested based on the observed data. A statistical testing method, normalized cumulative periodogram was employed to verify the degree of the randomness. The result shows that the occupancy pattern of two laboratories follows the random walk. It implies that the reproducibility (or prediction accuracy) of the occupancy pattern of existing buildings is quite low. In other words, it is difficult to predict transition probability from a space to a space of each individual.
Keywords: Occupant presence, Occupancy pattern, Random walk, Normalized cumulative periodogram
Pages: 602 - 609