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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2014: 2nd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Allocating Occupancy Rates to the Micro Census Using Time-Use Data

Marcelo Esteban Munoz Hidalgo

Abstract: The model aims to describe an essential method for simulation of user influence on heat demand of small urban areas. This papers presents first efforts towards a tailored spatial microsimulation model that selects representative households from the micro census for a specific urban area fitted to an aggregated cross tabular demographic information. The selected families are allocated to geo-referenced buildings of the corresponding urban area, see (Munoz Hidalgo & Peters, 2014). The core of the paper deals with the generation of time schedules for the individual occupants based on their demographic characteristics. In order to reproduce a plausible time schedule for the buildings I use the official time-use survey from Germany “Zeitbudgeterhebung”. This data set contains detail demographic information of single families. This information is used to allocate occupational schedules to families in the micro census. The time budget data set contains detail information about the time spend on specific activities. The model generates a simplified sub-hourly time schedule identifying occupancy rates of individual families in the building. This method opens the possibility to further investigate into several fields of application such as the use of demographic characteristics in: (1) thermal simulation models or (2) heat balancing methods, which typically requires the historical profile of individuals and have traditionally been difficult to acquire, leading the community to perform the simulation with standardized individuals. The approach is applied to assess: (1) the effects of user behaviour on heat consumption; and (2) the consequence of this effect in the performance of heat supply infrastructure. The results of this simulation are presented in this paper aiming to establish a discussion platform in both communities: the microsimulation community and the energy simulation community.
Keywords: Occupancy; Sub-hourly schedules; Micro census; Time-use survey
Pages: 641 - 648