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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2014: 2nd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


A Study of Shanghai Residential Morphology and Microclimate at a Neighborhood Scale based on Energy Consumption

Cong Yu, Yiqun Pan, Weizhen Chen, Weiding Long

Abstract: This study is to assess the impact of residential morphology and microclimate on energy consumption at the neighborhood scale (200m×150m) in Shanghai. At the 200m×150m scale, based on Shanghai’s common residential forms, five real residential districts are selected as research object, including garden houses, 6-storey flats, 14-storey flats, 28-storey flats and lane houses. The effect of residential morphology (e.g. building distance, density) and microclimatic (e.g. wind speed, temperature) on building energy consumption is quantitatively assessed using a whole-building energy simulation program, EnergyPlus. In sum, the data and analysis of the comparison among the energy consumption of five distinct districts is usable for the optimal design of residential district in energy supply. Furthermore, a case study is conducted to analyze the effects of different morphology index on the energy balance of 14-storey residential districts in the same Floor-area Ratio (FAR).
Keywords: Morphology, microclimate, residence, energy consumption, simulation
Pages: 736 - 743