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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2014: 2nd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Solar Energy Collection Units’ Setup Simulation And Capability Estimation For Urban Designers’ Building Forms

Chengyu SUN, Qunyu LI, Peng TU

Abstract: Solar energy has become an important issue which pushes the urban energy network to transform from centralized model to distributed model. Urban planners started to develop new energy simulation models based on 2D land-use information, meanwhile, architects started to innovate building integrated photo-voltaics components based on facade details. However, as the linkage between these two aspects, the building forms in neighborhood haven't received enough attention.When buildings extending their position from energy users to producers, new energy oriented evaluation method for building forms is necessary for the designers. This study focuses on the forms at a neighborhood scale. With the 3D geometrical and functional information of these forms, urban designers can predict the solar energy collection capability of any specific design alternative in a much reliable way, which serves as an energy index for comparisons of multi-setup plans or multi-scheme designs. It also demonstrates how an urban design alternative can be evaluated with their potential energy output by parametric generation and evaluation technology. With each alternative's capability estimated, multi-scheme design can also be compared, which is very helpful in solar energy age for the designers when his alternatives have various properties.
Keywords: Solar energy, Performance evaluation, Urban design, Shading, Neighborhood
Pages: 744 - 751