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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2014: 2nd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


BIM-based Simulation Tool for Building Thermal Performance in Built-up Areas

Hidenori Kawai, Asawa Takashi

Abstract: This study focuses on the development of tools that link solar radiation calculation, building thermal simulation, and building information modeling (BIM) to simultaneously progress architectural design and assessment in built-up areas. First, simulated model generation methods compatible with BIM are displayed. These methods not only display modeling methods for a target building by composing 3-D windows, walls, and roofs, but also those for the surrounding geometry. The 3-D geometry of the surrounding buildings is simplified by the user operation on BIM software. Additionally, methods to extract the parameters for solar radiation calculation and thermal simulation from BIM are presented. Next, building thermal simulation considering the surrounding geometry is connected with BIM. This simulation considers the effect of surrounding geometry on solar radiation and long-wave radiation on the building’s external surface, which is especially influential on the building thermal environment and energy consumption. Finally, the results of test calculations, assuming the architectural design in an actual site confirm that this tool can show or compare the effect of surrounding geometry on the building heat load to determine building volume and window location.
Keywords: Building information modeling, Building thermal simulation, Passive design, Design support tool
Pages: 752 - 759