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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2014: 2nd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Effects by Downsizing of Heat Source Equipment

Tomoya Suzuki, Daisuke Sumiyoshi, Fei Zhao, Chiharu Murakoshi, Tomoji Nagoda, Fumitaka Suda

Abstract: Generally speaking, there are many cases where the equipment capacity are larger than the load that actually occurs, and the energy is wasted. The purpose of this research is to construct a design method to select heat source equipment in order to choose appropriate equipment capacity at the time of renewal. In this report, simulation models of three air-conditioning units renovated by an ESCO business were constructed. The effect of the cases where the capacity of the heat source equipment are made smaller in accordance with the load (the effects of down-sizing) is quantitatively analyzed. As a result, 9% or less energy conservation effect was obtained. It is confirmed that the system which is easy to get effects of downsizing is two conditions. One is the system composed by the less number of heat source equipment. Another is the system composed by only low efficiency equipment at partial load.
Keywords: Renewal, Heat Source Equipment, Downsizing, Energy conversation
Pages: 809 - 816