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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2016: 3rd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Analysis of the consumption and efficiency of different AC system types in residential buildings

Xin Zhou, Da Yan, Xing Shi, Zhichao Tian

Abstract: In residential buildings, the operation and management of AC systems are usually conducted by the inhabitants. Various Air Conditioning (AC) systems have been applied in residential buildings. AC systems would limit the adjustment by inhabitants and influence the AC usage in reverse. Therefore, different AC systems in residential buildings have different features of operations and managements, and few literatures focused on how the consumption and efficiency change among different AC systems. In this study, three different kinds of AC systems (Household central AC system, FCU and split AC system), together with two typical AC usage in residential buildings are compared to figure out the influence of AC systems on the consumption and AC efficiency. Different reactions of AC systems to user preferences in the three systems are analyzed, and their influence on the cooling load distribution, energy consumption and system efficiency are presented in this paper. Firstly, field measurements were conducted in two residential communities. The performance of the AC system, the energy consumption and the AC usage of residents were investigated. In this way, general understandings of user preferences for indoor temperatures, AC use time and so on can be presented. Then simulations were applied to analyze the influence of different reactions of AC systems to user preferences on the performance of systems. Taking the investigated AC usage as input, simulations was used to calculate the energy performance of three AC systems. Through this way, the key elements which lead to the different energy consumption and system efficiency between various AC systems are discussed. This paper preliminarily verified that, at the edge where the feature of the AC system cannot meet the cooling load feature of residents, the problems of high energy consumption or low energy efficiency would easily happen.
Keywords: Residential buildings, AC usage, energy consumption