Paper Conference

Proceedings of ASim Conference 2016: 3rd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Smart Energy Management of Building Energy Systems for Smart Grids

S. Wang, F. Xiao, W. Gang, C. Yan

Abstract: Buildings, as major consumers of power grids, play a significant role in demand side management. Appropriate management of energy systems of buildings will improve the efficiency and stability of grids. It would accordingly promote the development/application of smart grids. Three management methods for building energy systems are proposed and tested in this study, aiming to achieve high efficiencies, low costs, smooth electricity demand profiles and balanced energy supply. The methods include: 1) to integrate the individual cooling systems in areas with a high density of buildings; 2) to implement fast demand response measures such as shutting down certain chillers in very few hours in a month; 3) to optimize the flowrates of chilled water/air systems during demand response periods, aiming to balance the energy supply for different areas. All these methods are tested and results show that these methods can enhance the smartness of buildings and then promote the grid-friendliness of buildings with very limited (or even none) additional investment. They are recommended to be adopted extensively in planning new buildings or communities, retrofitting energy systems of existing buildings and developing smart grid.
Keywords: Demand side management, District cooling system, Demand response, Supply-based control, Smart grid