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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2016: 3rd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Heating Energy Saving Potential of a PCM Plastered Wall in Housing for Different Thermal Insulation Performance and Regional Climate Characteristics

Y. Kusama, Y. Akashi, J. Lim, Y. Ishidoya

Abstract: The use of phase change materials (PCMs) in buildings with the aim of both improving the indoor environment and saving energy is a research topic of interest. In many of the previous studies, the use of thermal-storage building materials significantly improved the indoor environment and saved energy. In the present study, a new finishing thermal-storage building material was developed without using the conventionally used n-paraffin (e.g., hexadecane and octadecane) derived from petroleum as an interior plastering materials. We will verify the effects of the PCM plastered wall, which is building thermal storage finishing materials. First, to test their basic thermal performance, thermal-storage building materials (PCM plastered wallboards) were examined via convection heating. A PCM plastered wall comprises plaster, capsulated PCM, and water. The mixing ratio of the PCM is 20 wt.%. The melting point of the material is 23°C, and its thermal storage capacity is approximately 140 kJ/kg. Second, we calculated the energy-saving effects of the PCM plastered wall for different melting point conditions by performing unsteady thermal calculations using a heat box model. We also evaluated the efficiency of the thermal-storage building materials on buildings with high thermal insulation. The effective thermal storage rate of the PCM plastered wall for different melting points, melting ranges, and latent heats was determined. Finally, we investigated the energy-saving potential of PCM plastered walls in different Asian regions (China, Japan, and Korea) by applying the method mentioned above. The energy-savings with different thermal insulation performance were determined in various places to improve the evaluation and design method of building thermal-storage materials.
Keywords: Phase change material (PCM), Energy savings, Thermal insulation performance, Simulation, Solar energy