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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2016: 3rd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Review of the methodology and challenge in the modelling of home appliance operation

Y. Yamaguchi, S. Fukazawa, Y. Shimoda

Abstract: This paper presents a review of the methodology for modelling the operation of home appliances as an important component of models of residential electricity demand. There have been a number of bottom-up models in which electricity consumption of home appliances is stochastically simulated. The review especially focused on the occurrence of switch-on event developed in these bottom-up models. The authors recognized four types of modelling methodology. One develops a model based on empirical data of appliance operation, whereas the other three use time use data. The authors briefly explain the features of the methodologies and address six issues that have a significant impact on the accuracy of models. Empirical evidence showed that more research is needed to address these issues.
Keywords: Occupant behavior, appliance operation, residential building, stochastic modelling