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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2016: 3rd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Development of a single-zone RC model for predicting hourly load calculation

B. Jeon, S. Park, E. Kim

Abstract: Single-zone modeling has advantages over multi-zone modeling, particularly in simplicity of parameterization and model construction. To account for some multi-zone characteristics such as balcony effects of acting as a buffer and reducing more solar transmitted radiation, modifications are proposed in the single-zone model. The U-value for the balcony window is increased, and the calculation of double-transmitted solar radiation is externalized. In addition, internal walls are also added to the single-zone model. With such modifications, the single-zone model becomes a linear systems, and an RC(Resistance-Capacitance) model can be applied for such a single-zone model. This RC model is more useful as the number of parameters to define is fewer and the calculation is fast. Results show that the proposed single-zone model can predict similar annual loads as the reference multi-zone model. Only 5% of error is shown in annual loads. The RC model is also similar to the TRNSYS model in hourly dynamics, but deviations are important in annual heating loads since the internal walls cannot be included in the proposed RC model. However, it is the most accurate model for cooling load prediction in the presented test case.
Keywords: RC model, Multi zone modeling, Simulation, Annual hourly load