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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2016: 3rd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Examination of Performance Improvement method of Air-based Solar Heating system in the demonstration buildings

Youngjin Choi, Kozo Takase, Masayuki Mae, Hyunwoo Roh

Abstract: In this study, the targets of evaluation are the demonstration houses with air-based solar heating system which were planned and constructed in difference weather conditions in the Japan. In these buildings, we aim to reduce the half of heating, cooling and hot water load from existing system by adopting suggested factors. In the light of reviewed contents for improvement of efficiency in previous studies, the main factors are to adopt the high-performance glass in the solar collector and to install the additional heat storage such as water-filled plastic bottles. In addition to these, the performance improvement is promoted by using vacuum thermal insulation material for reducing night-time heat loss in the window, and using phase-change material (PCM) in the floor by additional heat storage. Furthermore, the solar heat utilization desiccant cooling system is installed in the buildings of 3 south warm regions, and is verified about the reduction of cooling energy consumption.
Keywords: Air-based solar heating, Heat storage, Heating and Cooling load, Hot water, Measurement