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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2016: 3rd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Basic consideration on improvement of efficiency of heating system using absorption heat pump

Kenta Sakakibara, Hideki Tanaka, Masaya Okumiya

Abstract: In Japan, further energy saving is needed than the current state for achieving a greenhouse gas reduction target shown in COP21. Substantial reduction in energy consumption of residential/commercial sectors is required as a basis of a target and further improvement of efficiency of the airconditioning system is needed. Based on the above mentioned background, in this study efficient utilization of absorption chiller is investigated. Absorption chiller is usually used as a boiler in heating season, therefore the coefficient of performance is the boiler efficiency and it is less than 1. This study focuses on absorption chiller heater which used as heat pump in heating season. It is called as an absorption heat pump in this paper and its performance is studied by a system simulation (LCEM tool which is system simulation program developed under supervision of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport). In this paper, performance of the absorption heat pump was discussed especially for heating season. Well water is used as heat source of absorption heat pump. It causes the increase of energy consumption because well water pump consume additional energy. While COP (coefficient of performance) of absorption heat pump become much higher than that of boiler, therefore total energy performance can be improved. From the results of simulation it was confirmed that absorption heat pump system with well water heat source can reduce the energy consumption.
Keywords: Absorption heatpump, LCEM tool, Energy conservation, Well Water