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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2016: 3rd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


An evaluation of the thermal environment based on skin temperature of occupants controlling composite heating

Hansol Hansol

Abstract: In Korean residential buildings, most occupants frequently use the floor heating systems together with diverse types of auxiliary heating devices such as heating mat. The skin temperature and TSV at each body parts of occupants were obtained from the field survey for the comparison of two values to evaluate the thermal environment. The distribution of skin temperature was examined through field measurement, and it was revealed the skin temperature on backside of the thigh of occupants 5.7℃ higher than the average skin temperature of 31.33℃. The thermal sensation determined by the skin temperature of occupants was plotted on the scatter diagram and the occupants were found commonly sensitive to the drop of feet temperature and rise of thigh temperature.
Keywords: Non-uniform conditions, Thermal Sensation, Skin Temperature, Heating mat