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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2006: 1st Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Zukunftsfähige Gebäude – ein integriertes System zur Bewertung der Nachhaltigkeit im Bau

A. Braune, J. Kreißig, M. Fischer, K. Sedlbauer

Abstract: Due to the nature of the building sector to provide long-term products and services with a high socioeconomic relevance, actors in this field are increasingly interested in information on the sustainability performance of buildings. The information needs to be measurable for several reasons; amongst others there are the possibilities for benchmarking, estimation of improvement options, target deployment and validation of achievement of objectives. For different motives, investors, planners, property agents, building managers and occupants benefit from a sustainability assessment. Currently, some building assessment methods exist in different countries which cover only few sustainability aspects. The presentation will give an outline of a comprehensive sustainability assessment system for buildings which is impact oriented and integrates various necessary single aspect quantification methods. It points out why the descriptive part and the valuation and assessment part should to be strictly separated and why a top-down approach meets the needs of the potential users. The system addresses all relevant sustainability issues from a life cycle perspective for the variety of users. It provides a consistent and flexible procedure which integrates scientific sound, agreed upon and current state of the art quantification methods. National and international standardisation activities for the framework construct and the sustainability indicators for building and construction are taken into account. The links with Life Cycle Assessment tools like GaBi4 and the integration of related instruments will be shown.
Pages: 10 - 10