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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2006: 1st Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Validierung der eindimensionalen hygrothermischen Wandmodelle der Modelica-Bibliothek BuildingPhysicsLibrary

T. S. Nouidui

Abstract: The heat and moisture balance play a major role in the efficiency and durability of building components. The heating and cooling requirements, the comfort of the interior climate, the moisture state of the construction units, the risk of mildew formation and further questions from the building design aspect are associated with the interdependence of the external climate, the building components and their use. So far, there are not enough simulation tools, which are able to analyse cases with strong reciprocal effects between the climate in the room and the behaviour of the building components. Therefore, a Modelica library for Building Components ,,BuildingPhysicsLibrary’’ is developed in the joint research project GENSIM, which together with MOSILAB (Nytsch-Geusen et al., 2004) allow complex hygrothermal analyses for multizonal buildings. This Paper presents the first detailed validation calculations of a 1D- wall model, which has been implemented in Modelica ( This model takes into account the heat, air and moisture transfer through a wall construction. The simulations results of the calculated benchmark cases from the HAMSTAD Project (Hagentoff et al., 2002) are compared with other HAM (Heat – Air - Moisture)Tools. At the moment validation calculations for the hygrothermal building model with the validated wall models are taking place. For reasons of comparison, measurements were performed at Fraunhofer IBP.
Pages: 144 - 146