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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2006: 1st Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Sunny research – Entwicklung eines nachhaltigen Gebäude- und Energiekonzepts für ein modernes Bürogebäude

A. Preisler

Abstract: In the project Sunny research a sustainable, high energy performance concept for commercial buildings of basic to medium standard was developed. The focus was set on combining the aspects of renewable energy, thermal comfort and wellness in work. The innovative design includes the north/south orientation of the building with active and passive use of the solar gains by the south facade. The high-standard offices are located in the north space. The south space is open and for flexible use separated by greenhouse-puffer rooms. Regarding the ventilation concept the air handling unit provides the north offices with high quality fresh air. Natural overflow brings the air to the south space. Finally natural air flow by thermal lift along the south facade guides the exhaust air to the roof outlet. During winter the air humidification takes place ecologically by light controlled plants in greenhouse-puffer rooms. The high energy performance is achieved by activation of the thermal mass for heating/cooling and by using the configuration of the south facade for photovoltaics and shading at the same time. The heating and cooling demand is provided by a ground water heat pump and by a ground water heat exchanger. Compared to a current standard commercial building the primary energy use per m² useful area decreases from 245 kWh/a to 54 kWh/a. For designing this innovative concept transient building simulation and computational fluid dynamics were used.
Pages: 161 - 162