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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2006: 1st Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


WPR – Wetterprognose-geführte Regelung von thermisch aktivierten Decken

C. Sasse, R. Himmler, M. N. Fisch, R. Cerny

Abstract: Concrete Core Activations (CCA) are getting more and more popular in today office buildings due to their low investment cost and their high user acceptance. CCAs are characterised by their slow control reaction rate. In order to reach energy efficiency as well as a high user comfort it is necessary to implement a sophisticated control algorithm for these systems. Highly advanced weather predictions make it possible to close this time gap between starting the control action and reaching the desired control status of CCA-systems. Therefore the IGS works on developing a weatherpredicted-control algorithm in cooperation with Meteocontrol GmbH in Augsburg. Our TRNSYS simulations show that the potential of such a control algorithm lies in a more demandoriented and more efficient charging and discharging of a CCA. In spring and autumn times conventional control strategies often lead to an overlapping of heating and cooling phases. A prediction-driven control diminishes this problem in a great matter. Cornerstone of a weather-prediction-driven control of CCA-systems lies in the alignment between the charged or discharged heat quantity into and out of a thermal zone and the in future times being fed heat quantity into that zone (known by the prediction). In a continuing R&D-project the developed prototype will be tested under day to day conditions to proof its usability.
Pages: 172 - 173