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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2006: 1st Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Sollten für den sommerlichen Wärmeschutz spezielle Dämmstoffe gewählt werden?

M.H. Spitzner

Abstract: The paper discusses the influence of various parameters on operative room temperature of a living / sleeping room in the roof floor of a residential building. Analysed parameters include building mass (masonry building, pre-fabricated and on-site manufactured timber structure building), roof construction, size of windows, user behaviour (ventilation regime, use of sun shade) and various thermal insulation materials (various mineral wools, wood fibre, foamed plastics, cellulose fibres). The investigations concentrate on the currently most used constructions. The effect of the aforementioned parameters on operative room temperature is discussed. The opaque roof section delivers only limited part of the overall heat input into the room so the transient behaviour of the opaque roof is of rather limited influence. With respect to the type of thermal insulation materials − with comparable U-values of the constructions under test − it can be shown that in masonry buildings the type of thermal insulation material is with no practical effect on summertime room temperature. In light weight wooden structure buildings the type of insulation material influences the summertime room temperature by around 1K in the analysed cases. A modified inner wall layer can compensate differences without increasing the building costs above that of the reference structure.
Pages: 194 - 195