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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2006: 1st Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


CFD-Studien zur Ermittlung der Effizienz einer Nachtlüftung zur sommerlichen Entwärmung von Büroräumen

T. Voß

Abstract: An energy-efficient possibility of summer warmthdischarge is, to stream colder outside air through buildings at night. Building construction elements, which are cooled down during night ventilation, work as a thermal storage on the following day(s). They extract thermal energy from the room air. The intention of a research project funded by the BMWi is to determinate the efficiency of different structural configurations and global input parameters for the simplified reproduction in thermal building simulation. Parameter studies on the warmth-discharge of model rooms with different inlet- and outlet-configurations are performed by three dimensional CFD simulations. For each model room parameters such as room dimension, position and size of the thermal mass, component- and air-temperatures etc. are systematically varied by the methodology of the statistic experimental design. From the heat flows, determined by the CFD simulations, significant factors of influence on night ventilation efficiency are identified. The heat flow distribution at the room surfaces shows, which parts of the construction units are particularly important for night ventilation effectiveness and which, if necessary, can be thermally decoupled. The results are arranged in a catalogue.
Pages: 208 - 209