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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2006: 1st Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Quality assurance and sensitivity analysis for detailed design support

C.J. Hopfe, J. Hensen

Abstract: If using simulation tools for predicting the overallbuilding performance, important decisionsconcerning the input of those tools need to be taken.The input is based on experience but alsoassumptions. It is obvious that this introducesuncertainties on which the quality of the simulationoutput is dependent. It is self-explanatory that thereis a demand for analyzing and quantifying thoseuncertainties regarding their impact on the buildingdesign.Therefore a case study is described to evaluate thenecessity to use uncertainty analysis (UA) andsensitivity analysis (SA) in building performancesimulation (BPS) especially during the detaileddesign. The experimental set-up using an UA and SAperforming tool called Simlab coupled with acommercial and in the Netherlands commonly-usedsimulation tool VA114 is described. Furthermore,some results indicating the impact of UA and SA fordetailed design decision support are presented.Finally, future steps are discussed in terms of howthis research will be accomplished.
Pages: 65 - 67